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									  BROOKS A. YOUNGBLOOD                              422 Coventry Ln., Mason, MI 48854
                                                  Email: brooks.youngblood@gmail.com
                                                                    Cell: (616)292-2417

OBJECTIVE       To apply my desire to influence adolescents and my knowledge of
                chemistry and mathematics in order to lead students to academic and
                societal success by becoming a classroom teacher.

EDUCATION       Michigan State University                              East Lansing, MI
                Secondary Teaching Certification            To be completed Spring 2007
               Certified to teach chemistry
               Certified to teach 6-12 grade level mathematics

                Michigan State University                              East Lansing, MI
                Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry                             Summer 2006
               Chemistry and Math courses were Bachelor of Science level
               Maintained a 3.0 GPA, while balancing the chemistry workload along
                with the College of Education content
               Achieved recognition on the Dean’s List for two semesters
               Herbert T. Graham Chemistry Scholarship Recipient

EXPERIENCE      Holt High School                                                  Holt, MI
                Chemistry Teacher/MSU Intern                 To be completed Spring 2007
               Taught one section of chemistry for the entire 2006-07 school year under
                the supervision of an experienced mentor teacher
               Completed 14 weeks of lead teaching where I was responsible for
                planning and implementing lessons for up to four sections of either
                general chemistry or honor’s chemistry
               Participated in all of Holt High School’s professional development
               Worked alongside administrators, counselors, fellow teachers and
               Initiated a student help room
               Science Olympiad coach

                Okemos High School                                            Okemos, MI
                Student Teacher                                    Fall 2005 – Spring 2006
               Spent six hours a week in the classroom assisting a teacher
               Time was spent observing, grading papers, helping students with
                homework, and familiarizing myself with the daily classroom setting

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                Was responsible for preparing and teaching various lessons throughout
                 the year

EXPERIENCE Young Life                                              East Lansing, MI
            Volunteer Leader and Student Staff                            2002 - 2006
           Met individually with high school students in mentoring relationships
           Communicated with fellow teammates, parents, committee members,
            and students

                 Michigan State University Department of Chemistry East Lansing, MI
                 Student Safety Advisory Committee             Fall 2005 – Spring 2006
                Volunteer Committee Member

                 Michigan State University College of Education       East Lansing, MI
                 Assistant to Professor                         Fall 2004 – Spring 2005
                Secretarial work

                 Chemistry and Math Tutor                                 East Lansing, MI
                                                                   Fall 2004 – Spring 2005
                Tutored a junior at East Lansing High School in chemistry and pre-
                 calculus four hours a week

INTERESTS I participated in high school athletics and have always loved sports. I am
          excited about the possibility of coaching in the future.

                              REFERENCES ATTACHED

                                 Brooks Youngblood p.2
REFERENCES   Additional references are available upon request.

            Dave Foy                                                Chemistry Teacher
               Holt High School                                              Holt, MI
               Mentor teacher during internship
               Phone: (517) 699-6427
               Email: dfoy@hpsk.net

            James Granger                                               Area Director
                East Lansing Young Life                              East Lansing, MI
                Phone: (517) 324-3294
                Email: jamesgranger5@gmail.com

            Charles (Andy) Anderson                   Professor of Teacher Education
               Michigan State University College of Education       East Lansing, MI
               Working group professor for the duration of education program
               Phone: (517) 432-4648
               Email: andya@msu.edu

            Trudy Sykes                                Professor of Teacher Education
                Michigan State University College of Education       East Lansing, MI
                Professor during my internship year.
                Phone: (517) 353-5529
                Email: sykes@msu.edu

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