Make Your Way For the New Ms. Universe

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					Make Your Way For the New Ms. Universe

Cheers for the new Ms. Universe Leila Lopes of Angola !

She has really stunned the crowd with her captivating
beauty and wit that stood out on the 2011 Ms. Universe
beauty pageant last Monday night held in Sao Paulo in
Brazil. Ms. Lopes, who is a 25 year old native of Angola
was the first women to bring home the prestigious title
of Miss Universe to her country. Now, that really is
history for them.

Now as much as people are cheering for the wins and
buzzing about who should have won instead, there are
still a lot of people who cannot even bear to watch the
most awaited pageant because they are still having
problems with their hip implants that was affected by
the controversial DePuy recall hip.

Considered as one of the biggest issues that have shook
the world of medical devices production, DePuy hip replacement recall has affected more or less 93,000
patients all over the world. Since there are a lot of patients who values their rights, there had been a lot
who chose to act legally on the matter by filing hip recall lawsuits with the help of DePuy hip recall

It seems that if it is history for Angola to bring home the crown for Ms. Universe for the first time, the
pain, suffering and losses that the patients have experienced because of the defective hip replacement
devices would also be something that they would never forget for their entire life. Much more if they
would let the chance of getting proper compensation from the manufacturing company of the defective
hip replacement product pass.

Of course, as much as the winner of the Ms. Universe 2011 is deserving of the crown, the patients
affected by the hip replacement recall are also deserving of a proper compensation for all the losses and
sufferings that they have experienced because of the malfunction of the device. It was their health and
safety that was put to risk and the expenses that they have to shoulder just to be sure that they are
alright is no joke, so they should definitely be able to get what they deserve.

The sufferings, pain, and sufferings that they have suffered because of the defect in the hip replacement
device that was implanted on them is not something that they can just ignore, so they should be able to
take action in pursuing their rights with this very important matter.