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How Blepharoplasty Is Performed

Learn How Blepharoplasty Helps Restore Youthful Looking Eyes

The suppleness of the skin is lost as one ages. And you feel as if a small fatty
bag is drooping from your upper or lower eyelid. There could be two reasons
for this. Once the elasticity of the skin vanishes, there is a steady haul from
the gravity it creates, resulting in the collection of excessive skin around
your eyes. Are you bothered about the way you look? No hassles! A reliable
and experienced plastic surgeon can help you. Read on to find out how
Blepharoplasty is performed.

Safe and Effective Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that is safe and ensures
excellent aesthetic results.

    •   Upper Eyelid Surgery: The plastic surgeon will make a small
        incision on the upper eyelid crease and excess fat is removed carefully
        through the hairline cut. However, to clear wrinkles, skin and a small

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        amount of muscle are removed. Healing of the incision is fast and the
        scar is not visible at all.

    •   Lower Eyelid Surgery: Here, as far as the elimination of fat is
        concerned, the method is the same as that used in upper eyelid
        surgery. The incision is made below the lower lashes, through which
        excess skin, muscle and fat are removed. The incision can be made
        inside the lower eyelid also, in which case no external incision is
        required. However, excess skin cannot be removed with this approach.

    •   Laser in Eyelid Surgery: The latest advancement in cosmetic eyelid
        surgery is the use of laser technology. The laser forces the blood to
        thicken or clot preventing bleeding and swelling during plastic
        surgery. This method is becoming increasingly popular to tighten the
        skin and minimize bleeding and swelling during and after the
        operation. This relatively new approach can tighten the skin and
        improve wrinkles below the eyes.

Blepharoplasty helps remove excess fat and dark circles around the eye. The
results of blepharoplasty are permanent and local anesthesia is used during
the surgery. However, general anesthesia can be used if one so desires.

Hardly any pain is felt during or after this cosmetic surgery, which normally
takes one to three hours to complete. Whatever minor post-operative effects
appear, will disappear in a couple of weeks. The plastic surgeon who uses
the latest techniques and has outstanding surgical skills will tell you how

Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery                    Call: 713-791-0700

blepharoplasty is performed and provide you with a safe and effective
procedure and great aesthetic results.

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