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									                          GET TO PAGE 1 OF GOOGLE IN 1 HOUR

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I have prepared a PowerPoint Slide Show document:
Online Personal Branding: The Effective Ways to Build Brand MindShare, High Visibility and
Discover-ability. And I uploaded it into Docstoc, a content sharing website with a Page Rank
of 6, Alexa Rank 551. A high powered site...

One hour later, it was ranked in Page 1 No.8 of Google out of a listing of 76 millions.

“Results 1 - 10 of about 76,200,000 for online personal branding”

The keyword: Online Personal Branding
I registered a username of onlinepersonalbranding to match with the keyword.

In the Slideshow document, the keyword “Online Personal Branding” is repeated many times.
In anchor text, it is repeated 3 times.

Tags: Personal Branding, Personal Brand, Social Media, giap, online personal branding,
online profile, personal brand online, social networking, superself branding, unisuccess space

SEO is exciting.... The anchor texts build inbound links to 2 of my web sites. Thus, I am
getting inbound links from a Page Rank of 6, Alexa Rank 551 site. And the Personal Profile page
also build inbound link to my 2 listed sites. The advantages:     SEO and Traffic.

Where to build inbound links...

• Magnetic Web Sites
• Article Directories
• Social News Sites
• Social Content Sharing Sites
• eZine Publishers
• Press Release Sites
• Social BookMarking Sites
• Web Directories
• RSS Feeds
• RSS Feeds Directories
• Forum Postings
• Guest Posting in Blogs
• Blog Comments
• Link Exchanges
• Video Posting Sites         for more info

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