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					                             Taking over as Battalion CBRN NCO?...
Step 1: Visit your Battalion’s CBRN Rooms. See what and who you are working with. Take a copy of the
last “CBRN Point of Contact List”….or make one. Get numbers or cell numbers. Find out who has a
Microsoft Outlook account and who doesn’t. Help them get one. It is a must have for updates from
Battalion, Brigade, Division, or SBCCOM.

Step 2: Ask when the last inspection was conducted on their room and by whom. Get a copy if they have
one. You need to coordinate with them when is the best date to do a quarterly inspection on them.
Ensure you take a copy of the inspection with you. (Get it from your Brigade or Division Chemical)

Step 3: CDE Reports….ensure they have a copy of the CDE Report How To (which is posted) and a blank
one to turn-in.

Step 4: It is time to square yourself away. It is a pretty easy process. Get a copy of the most up to date
Inspection Checklist from Brigade or Division Chemical. Start with the regs and then work through the
sections. Build yourself a binder. Every section on the inspection should have a section in your binder.
Battalion has a pretty small checklist but, if your units under you are failing, then so will you…..i.e. not
conducting training. Your best bet when it comes to training is schedule a mass CS Chamber for your
battalion. I even posted an OPORD to use.

Step 5: Don’t reinvent the wheel. There is an example that you can manipulate for your Battalion…you
can even ask your inspectors…prior to the inspection day.

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