White Rhino by mrhasansalem53


									White Rhino
The white rhino is the largest mammal after the elephant in Africa, and
is now on the brink of extinction. With weighing over three tons and a
length of nearly four feet, spend the day grazing peacefully in the more
humid savanna safe from predators if we except the man who has had a
role in its current sad situation.

It usually lives in small herds of six or seven individuals led generally by
an adult male animals and are relatively peaceful and confident. During
the rut, males are very aggressive towards other individuals of the same
sex, expelling from the pack and not allowing them to intervene in the
reproductive cycle of the group. One of the main obstacles to the
regeneration of their people is their limited ability to multiply, normal,
on the other hand, in an animal of this volume.

After a gestation period of a year and a half single calf is born, to which
the female will have to breastfeed for at least two years, after which you
can return to be covered. It is easy to understand that with a low birth
rate as the population of white rhinos remain in very poor levels even in
areas where it has a high level of protection.

The white rhino usually live in open areas of Sudan, Uganda and parts of
South Africa. Its horns are highly valued in the East pharmacopoeia.

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