The zebra by mrhasansalem53


									The zebra
The plains zebra, if it had this colorful, would differ little from their
family horses.

Live in family groups consisting of one male and several females and
their offspring. These groups, they may gather in larger flocks, but
maintain a strong structure.

In the mating season, stallions precidas to engage in struggles of the
horses, which attempt to bite his neck and knockdowns. Shortly after
birth, foals are able to follow her mother and already have the peculiar
pattern of stripes that characterizes them., But are are light brown, the
capo of the key adult adobpa month. The lacatancia occurs during the
first five or six months, although protrillos soon begin to eat grass.

Of the species of zebra is the most widespread common or Burchell's
zebra (Equus quagga), and thick-striped Grevy's (Equus grevyi), which
has thin stripes. Another species of mountain (Equus zebra) has a brown
hue and striped lesser extent.

Its length is 250 cm. It reaches a height of 150 cm. Its weight of 250 to
330 kg. Litter: 1 breeding.

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