The wolf by mrhasansalem53


									The wolf
The wolf is the animal most legendary European fauna, the most hated,
most feared and therefore probably the most secretly admired. Always
present in the traditions, legends and stories have been passed from
generation to generation, the wolf was the real competitor of our hunter.

Like the man, the wolf hunting in groups, preferring large dams and
cemented his power in his intelligence and strength of the clan. Given this
convergence of skills the clash between the two hunters who once
inhabited Europe was inevitable, and the wolf went missing. Today, out
of Eastern Europe, is only found in Spain and some parts of Italy, where
the isolation of their populations portends a promising future for the

The wolf is a social animal that lives in small groups which are
sometimes joined together. Check the mating season the flocks break up
and breeding pairs are isolated while the other components remain
together or attached to other groups that are in the same circumstances.
Gestation lasts about two and a half months, after which a number varies
born puppies. It is customary to oscillate between four and seven cubs
who are breastfed by his mother until five weeks, at which time and begin
to strengthen their tusks eating prey their parents bring to the den. Today,
in some inaccessible mountains of northern and central Spain wolves take
out their latest litters.

The wolf is widespread in Eastern Europe. It is an outstanding runner.
Displacements have been found nearly two hundred miles without a halt.

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