Prophetic Judgment of the Towers of New York City by ProphecyFactory


									Prophetic Judgment of the Towers of New York City
Given through Brian Charles

“I MUST destroy it! It is an eyesore in My face! The world of money must come to an end, so that My Kingdom can
come.” --One World Trade Center, New York
“See them building those buildings taller? I shall bring them flat!”
“Towers will come down in an instant.” -Manhattan
"I’ll tear it down with My bare hands." --Word of judgment for the Empire State Building
“I’M gonna tear it down. Great shall be her destruction! You shall see.” --Chrysler Building, NYC
“It all MUST be destroyed by My hand!” “Mighty shall be her destruction!” --New York City
“Blasted away by the power of My hand, for I AM A Consuming Fire!”
“Look at that—it’ll be gone in a flash!” --Manhattan
“It’ll be gone in an instant, in a thermonuclear flash! Great is My anger against that place!” --NYC
“It’ll be blasted off the face of the Earth!” “Blasted away by the fire of My wrath!” --New York City
“I’M gonna destroy that town!” “I’M gonna nuke that place!” “I’M gonna nuke it with sudden force!” “It MUST go!”
“I’ll destroy it in a matter of seconds!” “I’M gonna blast it apart suddenly!” “It’ll all be gone in a flash!” --New York City
“Terrorists will nuke New York City!” “It’ll all be gone!” “It will happen!”
“All this must be history. It will happen.” “Destroy New York with your word. They won’t obey Me.”
“I’ll judge for that.” “I’ll definitely judge for that!” --nobody protesting Bank of America’s fraud
“Don’t be mad at My people. Let the New World Order punish them.”
“Few will be saved.” --the Jews
“It will happen. You’ll see. Prepare.” “Money will be worthless.” --bank failure
“I’ll be with you when the world ends.”

“In the day of great slaughter, when the towers fall, streams of water will flow on every high
mountain and every lofty hill.” Isaiah 30:25
“The LORD Almighty has a day in store for all the proud and lofty…for every lofty tower and every
fortified wall” Isaiah 2: 12, 15

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