FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENT by jennyyingdi


									                      FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENT                                               OFFERTORY GIFTS AT HOLY CROSS
                           March 18, 2012                                                 In gratitude for God’s many gifts, the
                                                                                          members of Holy Cross Parish Community
                                                                                          have returned the following resources in
God pardons and raises up those who have been unfaithful, those who have loved the
                                                                                          support of our Parish and its Ministries.
darkness rather than the light. For God so loved the world that He sent His only Son
to deliver the world from exile.                                                              Collection for March 11 – $6,474
                                                                                               Thank you for your generosity.
We ask God to return to eternal life: Dorothy Angers
                                                                                          THIS WEEK AT HOLY CROSS
OPEN PANTRY – Next week we ask that you please bring spaghetti sauce.
                                                                                          Mon., Mar. 19 – Franciscan Reflections
                                                                                          1:30pm in the Rectory.
             LENTEN SACRIFICIAL MEALS – Fridays of Lent
               5:30pm Soup/Salad/Bread in the meeting room                                Tues., Mar. 20 – JustFaith 7pm in the youth
                 7:00pm Stations of the Cross in the Church                               room. Single Parents 7pm. Prayer Shawl
 We appreciate those who volunteer to prepare a soup, salad, and bread for                Ministry 7pm in the gold room.
 our meals. If you would like to help prepare this meal, please contact                   Baseball/softball signups 7pm in the gym.
 Maureen at 783-6428.
                                                                                          Wed., Mar. 21 – Luncheon Group at noon.
                                                                                          JustFaith 7pm in the youth room.
                                                                                          Thurs., March 22 – Yoga 5:30pm in the
                                                                                          gym. Brownies 6pm in the gold room.
Christians throughout the Springfield Diocese are invited to take part in the
                                                                                          Parents’ Prayer Group 7:30pm in the School
international 40 Days for Life effort going on now through April 1st. In addition to 40
days of peaceful prayer and fasting for an end to abortion, please consider
volunteering to pray outside of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic located at 3550
                                                                                          Fri., March 23 – Sacrificial Meal 5:30pm in
Main Street, in Springfield, during the 40 days, and spread the word to others about
                                                                                          the meeting room. Stations of the Cross 7pm
this important life-saving effort. Our Parish will be represented at the clinic on
                                                                                          in the Church.
March 21st, fittingly, the first day of spring. Contact Ginny Garrity at 734-0047
if you would like to volunteer an hour or more of your time for this important
                                                                                          Sat., March 24 – JustFaith border crossing
cause, or if you would like more information. All are welcome to join us, no matter
                                                                                          8am. Baseball/softball signups 10am in the
how much time you can be there for. If you would like to volunteer to help another
                                                                                          gym. RCIA 5pm in the youth room.
day or want more information, please call 413-342-0403, or email, or visit                All are
                                                                                          Sun., March 25 –      Religious Education
                                                                                          9:30am in the classrooms. Sandwiches
                                                                                          11:50am in the meeting room. Youth
                                                                                          Ministry Adult Core Group 7pm in the youth
                                                                                                 HOLY CROSS LOTTERY
                                                                                                  CALENDAR WINNERS
                                                                                             Our winner of $50 on March 11 was:
                                                                                                         Sue Williams
                             THE EASTER BUNNY!!!!!                                          Our winners of $100 on St. Patrick’s Day
Join us on Sunday, April 1 (Palm Sunday), for a wonderful pancake and bacon breakfast                  Joan and Ed Taft
to be held from 9:15am to 12 noon in the gym. There will be crafts and activities for             CONGRATULATIONS!
kids as well as our wonderful pancakes and bacon! We are also looking for plastic egg
donations. If you have any extras, please drop them off at the Rectory. You can have
your picture taken with the Easter Bunny for $5. We will have a raffle as well. Come
enjoy a great breakfast with your family and friends! Breakfast is $5 for adults and $3   Let us keep in our prayers our hospitalized
for children. Tickets may be purchased in advance by calling Frank at 782-5730 or         and homebound Parishioners and those
Diane at 733-7220. Checks should be made payable to Holy Cross Church. Tickets            who depend on our prayers.
may also be purchased after all Masses, as well as at the door on April 1st.

The Outreach to the Poor Committee will be collecting canned food at all Masses           The remaining second collection dates for
the weekend of March 24/25 for families who will be receiving Easter (Ham)                2012 are: April 14-15; June 9-10; August
dinners from our Parish. We are in need of coffee, tea, corn, green beans, peas,          4-5; October 6-7; December 1-2.
sliced pineapple, brown sugar and boxed scalloped or au gratin potatoes. Please
leave your donations in the open pantry baskets at the entrances of the Church.
Thank you for making the Easter holiday special for those in our Parish family
experiencing financial difficulties.
      FROM YOUR PASTORAL                                   MINISTER
Our next Franciscan Reflection Program        by 7:30am (796-7675 ext.121).       In       Source: HEALTHbeat, a weekly
(Experiencing the Goodness of God)            addition      to    this, cancellation       newsletter. Harvard Medical School
will be held on Monday, March 19, in          announcements will be broadcast over
the rectory at 1:30pm. The program            television stations WGGB-TV News 40          1/3/12
will run from 1:30 until 3:00pm. We           and WWLP Channel 22 TV.
will meet on Mondays (except when                                                          Vocations - Jesus told Nicodemus that,
there is no school due to snow). All are      Religious Education Classes for Pre-K        when we find our calling in life, we are
welcome.                                      through 10 remaining in March are:           reborn.     We really become a new
                                              March 18 and 25. Please note class           person, fired with a new love, aimed in a
Our next Yoga session will be in the          times are 9:30-10:50am. Children in          new direction, with purpose and love.
gym at 5:30pm on Thursday, March 22.          grades Pre-K through 3 must be picked        Listen to Jesus’ voice within you. If He is
The cost for the series is $50.00.            up by a parent or guardian after classes.    challenging you to a Church vocation,
Scholarships are available for those who                                                   give Fr. Gary Dailey a call at 413 452-
are not able to afford the fee. Please call   The next Confirmation class is               0816       or      email:      g.dailey@dio
Cheryl at 782-5314 to register.               scheduled for March 18. Candidates, if www.
                                              you have not already turned in your
Our Single Parent Support Group will          Baptism information, it is due at the
meet at 7:00pm on Tuesday, March 20.          meeting on the 18th.                         Anniversary Mass for Married
If you are a single parent and would like                                                  Couples -     Bishop     Timothy      A.
the support of other single parents,                                                       McDonnell cordially invites all engaged
please call Sr. Cindy at 796-7675 ext                   PARISH NURSES                      and married couples to celebrate either
117 for more information.                                                                  their upcoming nuptials or any
                                              Sometimes it seems that everyone is          significant wedding anniversary in 2012
Our luncheon group will gather at             talking about the daily pressures of their   with a special Mass on Sunday, April
noon on Wednesday, March 21. Please           busy lives. Most of us would agree that      22nd, at 2:00 p.m., at St. Michael’s
call Marjorie at 782-6382 by Tuesday to       stress reduction seems to be a growth        Cathedral, Springfield. Many couples
register. This is a great opportunity to      industry. Nonetheless, there are several     celebrating 25th and 50th anniversaries
get out and enjoy the company of other        approaches to the effective management       attend every year, but any couples
parishioners. Rides are provided for          of stress. Three popular suggestions are     wishing to remember their anniversary
those who are not able to get there on        meditation,     exercise    and    social    with this special liturgy are also most
their own. Each person pays for his/her       interaction.                                 welcome. Please notify the parish office
own meal.                                                                                  of your name and address before
                                              Meditation, as an example, can reduce        Wednesday, March 21st to receive a
SAVE THE DATE: Our next Dine &                stress as countless studies show. It may     personal invitation from Bishop
Learn will be on Saturday, April 21, at       also help a person to be more mindful of     McDonnell.
5:00pm.       The topic will be               food choices. By making meditation a
ophthalmology. More information to            habit someone intent upon improving                  Holy Cross Social Club
follow.                                       their food choices may be able to pay        It was so good to celebrate the wearing
                                              better attention to the impulse to grab a    of the green with our great St. Patrick's
Attention Extraordinary Eucharistic           fat and sugar loaded comfort food and        Day luncheon on March 13th.
Ministers and visitors to our confined        control the impulse.
parishioners:             Our      Easter                                                  Save the date!!! We're celebrating the
remembrances        for   our    confined     Studies of the many benefits of exercise     arrival of spring on Tues., March 27th,
parishioners will be in the sanctuary         are also promising. In 2010 researchers      at 1:30 in the school meeting room.
next weekend. If you will not be able to      at the University of California reported     Lisa Pernice will be our entertainment
deliver these gifts by Easter, please         that vigorous exercise may blunt some        with her beautiful voice. All are
make arrangements for someone else to         of the negative effects of stress. There     welcome. Refreshments will be served.
take care of this for you. As always, we      are also alternative practices such as       We'll have a 50/50 raffle.
thank you for your ministry to those who      yoga and tai chi that have elements of
are not able to be with us in church.         both exercise and meditation.
Your visits are very meaningful in their                                                   BASEBALL/SOFTBALL/TEEBALL
lives.                                        Recent research has shown that social
                                              support seems to have a buffering effect
If you are interested in becoming a           on the stress people experience. As an
Eucharistic Minister at Baystate              example, health care workers in              The     last     two      sign-ups    for
Medical Center, please contact Sr.            emergency departments have better            baseball/softball/teeball will take place
Cindy at 796-7675 ext. 117.                   mental health when encouraged and            in the gym on: Tues., March 20, 7-
                                              assisted by co workers.                      8:30pm; Sat., March 24, 10-noon.
                                              Admittedly, stress is unavoidable.
The POLICY for cancellation of
                                              However, it can be managed. Learning
Religious Education classes: If the
                                              to do so can help prevent negative
weather conditions are poor, a message
                                              effects on health.
of class cancellation will be left on the
Religious Education answering machine
Young Adults Ages 16 - 35: St. Michael's Cathedral is hosting a Good Friday                        ANNOUNCED MASSES
Evening Retreat on April 6, from 5:30 - 9:00 pm. Bring a friend to break bread at a                  FOR THE WEEK
simple Lenten meal, spend time in quiet reflection and prayer, and experience the                  March 17th – March 25th
ancient Good Friday Tenebrae liturgy with music provided by the Cathedral Choir of
Boys & Adults. Retreat will be facilitated by Dewey Szarkowski and Joseph Leone of
Echodown Ministries. Suggested donation is $5.00. To register, please contact Jessica      Saturday – March 17th
Hill at (413) 330-6354 or                                               +3:00 p.m. – Rite of Reconciliation
                                                                                           +4:00 p.m. – Lawrence Martel requested by
Annual Catholic Appeal - Your donation, whatever the amount, reaches individuals           his family.
and families, from the very young to the elderly. If you wish, you may direct your gift
to a specific agency by making a notation on your pledge card. Thank you for your
continued support!                                                                         Sunday, March 18th
                                                                                           +8:30 a.m. – Mark Anthony Toro requested
                              Holy Week Volunteers                                         by Patience O’Connor.
If you are interested in joining the Liturgical Environment team in decorating             +11:00 a.m. – Albert Proulx (4th
our Church for Holy Week and Easter, please call Bob Tyer at 782-6017 (leave a             anniversary) requested by his family.
message) or email at                                                +6:00 p.m. – For the living and deceased
                                                                                           members of Holy Cross Parish.
                                Trip to the Berkshires
If you are interested in joining us for a trip to the Berkshires to visit the Visitation   Monday, March 19th
Monastery in Tyringham and possibly the Devine Mercy Shrine in Stockbridge on              +7:00 a.m. – Norma Festa requested by her
either June 10th or 24th, please contact Bob Tyer, by April 1, at 782-6017 or email at     family. Further information will follow if we have sufficient interest.
                                                                                           Tuesday, March 20th
                       Open House – St. Michael’s Academy
You are invited! St. Michael’s Academy will host an Admissions Open House for              +7:00 a.m. – Communion Service
inquiring families on Tues., March 27, from 6-7:30pm, at our two campuses: Pre-
School (ages 3-4), 80 Arvilla St., 783-3532; Grades K-8, 153 Eddywood St., 782-            Wednesday, March 21st
5246. Come and find out what we’re all about. Spending time with us could positively       +7:00 a.m. – Clifford Nason requested by his
impact your child(ren) for years to come! Meet our teachers, tour our facilities, and      family.
learn about our faith-based program that promotes academic excellence while
cultivating moral, mental, physical and social development.                                Thursday, March 22nd
                                                                                           +7:00 a.m. – Greg Egan requested by his
Volunteers are needed for helping with, and making costumes for our Living Stations        family.
of the Cross, which takes place on Good Friday at 3pm. The youth in the Parish will
be performing. If you would like to help, please call Jean at 788-7929.                    Friday, March 23rd
                                                                                           +7:00 a.m.
                                   FAITH AND FUN
Join Jesuit Father James Martin at the 5th annual Catholic Women's Conference, April       +5:30 p.m. – Sacrificial Meal
21, 2012, at the Bellamy School in Chicopee. The author of "Between Heaven and             +7:00 p.m. – Stations of the Cross
Mirth" will talk on joy in the spiritual life and Ignatian spirituality. Sister Mary
Johnson of Emmanuel College also will speak. They will bring laughter and a renewed        Saturday – March 24th
spirituality to the diocese. To register call 452-0812 or log onto the diocesan web site                                                                    +3:00 p.m. – Rite of Reconciliation
                                                                                           +4:00 p.m. – Joseph Cunning requested by
10th ANNUAL CATHOLIC MEN’S CONFERENCE: Saturday, April 28th at                             his family.
Bellamy School in Chicopee from 8:30am to 6pm. In addition to the renowned Fr.
Mitch Pacwa, we have Tony Melendez returning with his band. Tony was at our 7 th           Sunday, March 25th
Annual Conference and wowed the entire assembly. Tony, as you may know, was
                                                                                           +8:30 a.m. – Doris Plante requested by her
born with no arms and has become famous playing his guitar. His career really took
off after he played for Pope John Paul II in Los Angeles back in 1987. Tony is not
only an amazing entertainer but he has a powerful witness story. This and so much          +11:00 a.m. – Our recently deceased:
more will be part of our 10th Anniversary celebration. We will have an Anniversary         Edmund Duggan, Harding Stewart, Judith
booklet for everyone as a memento of this celebration.            Watch for more           Mesick, Claire Hatfield, Eldon (Al) Nelles
announcements in the bulletin. Brochures are available at the doors of the church.         and Marie Bergeron.
Sign up now! This year once again we invite the Latino men of the diocese. Tony            +6:00 p.m. – For the living and deceased
Melendez will address the Latino men during the conference in a separate venue. For        members of Holy Cross Parish.
more information, please call 549-0300 Ext. 36 or on the website at
                                                                                           Mass Stipends – When mailing Mass
Please consider volunteering for Divine Mercy Sunday weekend, April 14-15, at              stipends, please give us the date of the
the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, MA. We have many areas             Masses on either the check or in a note.
in which to volunteer including crowd control, usher, and many others. Please call
413-298-1242 for more information, or email them at, or visit
the website,
                                                                          Administration and Finance
PARISH GOALS                       appointment.
                                                                          Richard Allen ……………..734-6292
                                                                          Altar Servers
                                   Sacrament of Marriage                  Maureen Garner……………783-6428
       Goal One                    The policy for the Diocese of          Athletic Association
                                   Springfield requires a period of       Connie Begley…...................739-2685
                                   preparation for the Sacrament of       Cursillo
Create                additional   Marriage, which includes sessions      Deacon Bill Toller..Ext.116..796-7675
opportunities      to      build   with the Parish Priest and             Eucharistic Ministers
                                   participation at either the Pre-Cana   Loretta Gaffney…….............301-8562
community in our Parish,                                                  Family Life
                                   conferences or the Engaged
reaching out to involve            Encounter weekend.            Please   Patty Ferrarini…………...…782-3509
young      adults,      singles,   contact the Priest a minimum of six    Girl Scouts
                                                                          Glenda Pons…………(413) 329-6845
families, and seniors.             (6) months prior to setting any
                                   dates      to     allow     adequate   Cathy Daniel ……..796-7675 ext. 121
                                   preparation.                           JustFaith
                                                                          Deacon Bill Toller...Ext116..796-7675
                                                                          Knights of Columbus
       Goal Two                    Pastoral Care
                                                                          Randy Bianchi……………..218-6612
                                   Arrangements for the reception of
                                   the Sacraments at home can be          Lectors
                                   made by contacting the Rectory.        Mary Hosmer........................782-6054
Increase the number of                                                    Liturgical Environment
                                   Please also notify the Rectory
opportunities for spiritual                                               Bob Tyer…………...…........782-6017
                                   when a Parishioner is in the           Ministry of Motherhood
growth in our Parish.              hospital or otherwise confined. If     Vira Craig..............................782-0382
                                   you have an emergency sick call,       Pastoral Council
                                   please call the Rectory.               Jane Virgilio………………..782-2842
                                                                          Parish Nursing
     Goal Three                    Sacrament of Baptism                   Maureen Marotte...................796-1638
                                   Baptism is celebrated on the           Prayer Line
                                   second Sunday of each month at         Joyce Carty………………....783-7687
Provide       support      and     12:30 p.m. Expectant parents           RCIA
outreach to families       and     should call the Parish office and      Mary Cheney…………….....537-8902
                                   speak with Deacon Bill Toller to       Single Parent Support Group
individuals in need.                                                      Sr. Cindy……… ..Ext 117..796-7675
                                   make arrangements.
                                                                          Sister Parish
                                                                          Kevin McCarthy……….......783-9160
                                   Baptismal preparation takes place      Social Club
                                   on the first Monday of the month at    Lila Johnsen..........................783-7043
                                   7 p.m. in the church.                  Soup Kitchen
                                                                          Ginny Garrity………............734-0047
                                   Religious Education                    Spiritual Life
                                   Classes are held from September        Bob Tyer...............................782-6017
                                   through April.                         Ushers
                                                                          Ron Dion…………...............782-4359

Sacrament of Reconciliation
                                   Parish Leadership
Saturdays 3 - 3:30 p.m. and by

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