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Florida Statute 288.770, effective July 1st, 1993, created and funded the Florida Export Finance
Corporation (FEFC) as a not for profit corporation with an economic development mandate to
expand employment and income opportunities for Florida residents.

Fulfillment of the mandate is to be accomplished by increased exports of goods and services
resulting from informational, technical, and financial assistance given by FEFC to small and
medium sized Florida domiciled businesses. No specific Florida content is required for the
exported items but preference is given to Florida value added transactions.

Information and technical assistance to business is offered and the FEFC will cooperate and
work with other organizations to enhance the ability of Florida exporters to increase their access
to programs designed to assist them. However, financial assistance is the primary service offered
by the FEFC. FEFC financial assistance is available to small and medium sized companies
registered to do business in the State of Florida; with less than 250 employees and less than
$6,000,000 net worth; only for direct export transactions; only for goods and services being
shipped from Florida; and only when the inability to obtain financing elsewhere is demonstrated.

FEFC financial assistance is in the form of a loan guarantee generally for short-term transactions.
The FEFC may have guarantees outstanding at any one time not greater that 5 times the FEFC
Fund amount at such time.

In order to make full use of its leveraging authority FEFC financial assistance to exporters is in
the form of guarantees given to commercial lenders who make loans to exporters to support a
verified foreign order. The exporter may apply directly to the FEFC for a loan guarantee or a
lender may apply on behalf of an exporter. The maximum amount FEFC will consider
guaranteeing is $500,000 and the FEFC guarantee may not exceed 90% of the loan value. The
loan is to be secured by the foreign receivable generated by the sale. Ex-Im Bank or other
acceptable foreign risk insurance should be obtained where possible.

The FEFC does not make grants, nor will is issue loan guarantees unless they can be secured in a
manner, which assures a high probability of repayment. The FEFC paperwork will be the
minimum necessary and its fees and rates will be as low as possible. FEFC loan guarantees will
require the lender to follow all customary and prudent lending practices.

The agreement of lenders to accept the FEFC guarantee is dependent on many factors. The
question of safety is paramount and is reflected by FEFC’s credit policy, the risk mitigation
arrangements which the FEFC might have, and the size of FEFC Fund. Where possible FEFC
will use the risk mitigation programs of Ex-Im Bank or other acceptable means. FEFC’s credit
policy and procedures, and its operations policy and procedures have been formulated by FEFC’s
Board of Directors to evolve based on FEFC’s delineated market and acting as an economic

development entity. These individual all have extensive experience in commercial lending,
export sales and trade finance representing and blending the expertise of banks and exporters,
both large and small.

FEFC’s Board of Directors recognizes the wide gap between the financing needs of small and
medium sized exporters and the conservative approach required of conventional lenders,
especially when it concerns trading companies who by many lending definitions are viewed as
being undercapitalized with insufficient collateral. The bridging of this financing “gap” and the
mandate to assist and nurture the growth of qualified Florida exporters is the guiding principle of
FEFC’s Board of Directors. Application of FEFC’s credit policy and procedures will always
consider this factor.

FEFC accounts and books are maintained by the Corporation with annual audits by independent
auditors and regular reviews by the State of Florida. The FEFC Fund, initially funded with
$1,000,000 from the State of Florida, is under the full control of FEFC’s Board of Directors and
is separated from any other funds. Additional funding may be appropriated each year by the
State of Florida or from other sources, both public and private. The Corporation’s administrative
expenses are allocated from the FEFC Fund in accordance with an operating budget approved by
the Board of Directors. All fees, interest income, investment income or any other income is
deposited directly to the FEFC Fund. Investments are made under rules established in Florida
Statutes and in accordance with policy established by FEFC’s Board of Directors.

The policy of the Board of Directors is to operate the FEFC in a sound and prudent manner,
which will accomplish the purposes, and requirement of the Corporation as set forth in Florida
Statutes while safeguarding and increasing its assets. The Board has established and credit
committee, an audit and examination committee, an asset and liability committee, a management
review committee and an executive committee. Each committee has specific responsibilities
concerning establishing and overseeing policies and procedures of the Corporation.

                            FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE CRITERIA

FEFC financial assistance is available only for exporters and transactions which meet the
following requirements:

The exporter/borrower must be registered to do business in Florida and be able to produce a
current corporation, partnership or proprietorship registration.

The exporter/borrower must have less than 250 employees. Full and part time employees are
included in this requirement.

The exporter/borrower must have less than $6,000,000 of net worth.

The equity owner of the exporter/borrower must sign the FEFC application, all loan documents,
and personally guarantee the loan.

The exporter/borrower must have a specific and verified order from a foreign buyer and the loan
must be made to support the order

The goods or services must be shipped from Florida.

The maximum FEFC guarantee amount is 90% of the loan or $500,000, which ever is the lowest.

The maximum term for guarantee is one year.

The maximum cumulative FEFC financial assistance available to any one exporter/borrower in
any five-year period is $500,000. The FEFC Board of Directors may exempt an exporter
from this requirement upon proof of need.

If the exporter/borrower applies direct to the FEFC for an FEFC loan guarantee the exporter
must demonstrate the inability to obtain funding elsewhere. (Lender loan denial letter must
accompany the application).

An application for an FEFC guarantee which is submitted through a lender must include a lender
application stating the loan will be made only with a guarantee from FEFC.

The items included in this checklist should provide the necessary information for FEFC to fully
evaluate and process your loan guarantee request. Please submit the following requested
information with your application:

1.     Borrower’s FEFC Application form

2.     $250 Processing Fee (payable to FEFC)

3.     Resume of principals and key employees;
       copy of Business plan (if new business); FEFC Exporter Profile form

4.     History of Business (please see attached guideline)

5.     Explanation of use of proceeds and benefits of the loan guarantee, including
       Details of the underlying transaction(s) for which loan is needed.

6.     Copy of Letter of Credit and/or copy of buyer’s order/contract

7.     Foreign risk insurance-related materials (policy, application, buyer credit limit)
       *if applicable

                                   FINANCIAL INFORMATION
8.     Business financial statements (Balance sheet & Income Statement for the
       last three (3) years. *if applicable

9.     Current financial statement (interim) dated within ninety (180) days of the date
       of application filing.

10.    Aging of accounts receivable and accounts payable, as of last balance sheet date

11.    The most recent federal and state income tax returns for the business.

12.    Personal financial statement(s) of the major shareholder(s)/partner(s)
       of the company (over 20%) and their most recent federal income tax return.

                           BUSINESS HISTORY GUIDELINES
1. How they started, how many employees, background of the borrower (registered as a
   “C”, “S”, “LLC” or other), competitive edge, what NAICS (Industry Classification), is
   this a single sale or revolving.

2. Who are the stockowners with 20% or more? Background of key management (title,
   professional experience, contact info i.e. email, address, phone)

3. Borrowing and financing experience (listed by financial institution, including any
   existing liens, previous experience with FEFC (if any) and credit insurance coverage,
   CILC). Who does the business bank with, is this depository relation or what kind of
   relation? Do you have any credit lines and if so what are the terms and what is the

4. Product(s) to be exported, explain: (if manufacturer; do they manufacture from the
   ground up or they just buy components and put them together? What countries do they
   export to and who are their most important clients? What are the terms to their buyers?
   Are they wholesalers or distributors, what kind of terms do they have with suppliers,
   provide list of suppliers with address, do they have representation or a private label, etc.

5. Transaction Sequence: Example only- Each deal could be different
      a) Exporter/Borrower receives purchase order from foreign Buyer
      b) Lender disburses funds to Borrower’s Supplier (s)
      c) Products are shipped to Buyer
      d) Buyer pays according to terms (What are the terms?)

                          STATUTORY COMPLIANCE CHECKLIST
Application: A2011-06

The company applying at this time for export financing assistance from FEFC meets the
following application criteria:

Applicant is registered to do business in the State of Florida.         Yes             No

Applicant employs less than 250 people                                  Yes             No

Applicant has a net worth of less than $6,000,000.                       Yes            No

       Applicant has sought export financing from a conventional lender (check one)

               Applicant referred to FEFC by lender
               Applicant turned down by the lender in writing (letter in file)
               Applicant turned down during interview with lender.

       Name of lender:
       Contact person:
       Contact number:

Have the principals or the company filed for protection under any bankruptcy laws?
           No                    Yes (if yes, attach details)

Are there pending lawsuits/judgments/tax or other liens against the principals or the company?
           No                   Yes (if yes, attach details)

Have any of the principals ever been convicted of a felony?
          No                      Yes (if yes, attach details

This is to certify under penalty of law that the above information is true and correct, and is
offered as a material inducement for Florida Export Finance Corporation to consider offering
export financing assistance to the applicant, and that I am authorized to sign on the applicants

By: ___________________________                       Name/ Office: _______________________

Witnessed by FEFC Credit Officer: ______________________ Date: ___________________
                              FLORIDA EXPORT FINANCE CORPORATION


Date:                                                         Application No.             (for FEFC use)

1-      Company Information
              a.       Name and address of Exporter:
              b.       Name and title of contact person:
              c.       Telephone No.:              Fax No:
              d.       Legal status of exporter (Ind., P/ship, Corp):
              e.       Principals’ Names/ Address/ Social Security Number:

2-      Product(s) to be exported:

3-      Name and address of Foreign Buyer(s), (attach list as necessary):

        Note: FEFC’s guarantee may be requested to support extension of credit relating to: (a) a single sale;
        (b) a particular series of sales; or (c) a continuing flow of sales on a revolving basis.

4-      Terms of Buyer payment: Cash

5-      Contract/ Lender
                 a.      Export sale contract value:
                 b.      Terms of Sale (FOB, CIF, etc.):

6-      Amounts/Payments
               a.     Amount of lender credit requested:
               b.     Proposed final payment date of lender credit:
               c.     Nature of lender credit (loan, standby or domestic L/C):

7-      Type and value of proposed collateral (company assets/export product):

8-      Purpose of guarantee requested:
            Pre-shipment Working Capital        Post-Shipment (AR financing)

9-      Documents attached relating to export sale(s):
           Copy of letter of credit, if available
           Copy of contract or purchase order(s)
           Copy of EXIM policy, or EXIM Special Buyer Credit limit application/approval
                                FLORIDA EXPORT FINANCE CORPORATION

10-      Content Certification: If U.S. content exceeds 50% show percentage here-                %
         The undersigned hereby certifies that the export goods being financed have a U.S.
         Content in excess of 50% of total FOB doc value. Total content to be measured can
         include labor, materials, freight, direct service, profit, overhead and other direct or
         allocated cost.

         If less than 50% please show U.S. content percentage here-             %

11-      Is a validated export license required?       ; If yes, status?

12-      Percentage of export sales to total sales:    Last 12 months         % Next 12 months (estimate)           %

13-      Number of employees in Florida at present         ; (full and part time)

14-      Have the principals or the company filed for protection under any bankruptcy laws?
                     Yes               No If yes, please attach details

15-      Are there any pending lawsuits/judgments/tax or other liens against the principals or company?
            Yes               No If yes, please attach details

16-      State why a FEFC loan or guarantee is required; i.e., have you attempted to secure related
         financing? If so, list bank(s) contacted and results. Attach lender denial letters.

17-      Please see attached checklist for material to support this application, including the $250
         non-refundable processing fee.

         Return completed application to:     FLORIDA EXPORT FINANCE CORPORATION
                                              10400 NW 33RD Street, Suite 200
                                               Miami, FL 33172-5902

We hereby certify that the representations made and the facts stated in this application are true, to the best of our
knowledge and belief, and that, we have not misrepresented or omitted any material facts relevant to said
representations. We understand and agree that such representations shall form the basis of approval, if granted by
the Florida Export Corporation and that the truth of such representations and facts contained herein or attached
hereto shall be a condition of any commitments or guarantees extended.

                                                                              By: _________________________
                                                                                   Authorized Signature

                                FLORIDA EXPORT FINANCE CORPORATION

                                              EXPORTER PROFILE

TELEPHONE:                                     FAX:

                                             BACKGROUND SUMMARY
Type of Business
Check one-              Corporation                Partnership               Sole Proprietor
Check one-              Manufacturer               Distributor               Services
                        Trading                    Agriculture

Date and Jurisdiction Incorporated/Registered:

Duns Number:
Federal Employer Identification Number:
Social Security Number (if Sole Proprietor):

Number of Employees:                   Full Time                 Part Time

Years of Exportation:

   Products:                =      % of Export Sales

   Services (please explain)

Buyer Types                            % of Export Sales


Sales              20                  20              20


Countries Exported to                                            % of Export Sales
                             FLORIDA EXPORT FINANCE CORPORATION

Banking Information

Bank Name:
Telephone:                        Fax:

Parent, Subsidiary or Affiliated Companies
Name                                       Location                          Relationship

Do you now use or in the past two years used any government export assistance programs?
   Yes               No            If yes, please give type of usage and program name:

Ownership and Management Information- Attach resumes for each.
Name                           Position                              % Ownership

Please attach most current company Financial Statements and any company marketing literature.

Signed by: _______________________________            Title: __________________________

Signature: _______________________________            Date: __________________________
                               FLORIDA EXPORT FINANCE CORPORATION

                               AUTHORIZATION TO RELEASE INFORMATION

I hereby authorize Florida Export Finance Corporation to release the financial and company information provided by
me, to a financial institution that may serve as a lender for the company’s export transactions.

This information may include, but is not limited to, business plans and projections, business and personal financial
statements and tax returns.

___________________________________                            ___________________________________
Authorized Signature                                           Date

___________________________________                            ____________________________________
Name of Officer                                                Title

Name of Company
                            FLORIDA EXPORT FINANCE CORPORATION

                               --Export Loan Guarantee Program—
                                     Borrower Certification

Borrower Information
Company Name: ________________________________________________________
Company Address: ______________________________________________________
Phone Number: _____________________ Fax Number: ________________________
Email Address: _________________________________________________________
Tax ID Number: ________________________NAICS Code: ____________________

Estimated Job Creation
Number of current employees:                            _____________________________
Estimate of new jobs created in next two years:         _____________________________
Estimate of average annual wage for the new jobs:       _____________________________

Tracking Information
Answers to the following four questions are not required; however, an either “Yes” or “No” answer to the
following questions is requested for tracking purposes:

Is the company minority-owned? __________If so, what ethnicity? _______________________
Is the company women-owned? ___________________________________________________
Is the company veteran-owned? ___________________________________________________

Borrower’s Certification and Acknowledgment
Borrower certifies and acknowledges that:
      1. The loan proceeds will be used for a “business purpose”. A business purpose includes, but is
           not limited to, startup costs, working capital, business procurement, franchises fees,
           equipment, inventory, as well as the purchase, construction renovation or tenant
           improvements of an eligible place of business that is not for passive real estate investment
           purposes. The definition of business purpose excludes acquiring or holding passive
           investments such as commercial real estate ownership, or the purchase of securities; and
           lobbying activities (as defined in Section 3(7) of the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, P.L.
           104-65, as amended).

        2. The loan proceeds will not be used to:
              a. repay a delinquent federal or state income taxes unless the borrower has a payment
                  plan in place with the relevant taxing authority; or
              b. repay taxes held in trust or escrow, e.g. payroll or sales taxes; or
              c. reimburse funds owed to any owner, including any equity injection or injection of
                  capital for the business’ continuance.

        3. The principal shareholder(s) is not:

         a. an executive officer, director, or principal shareholder of the financial institution
            lender; or member of the immediate family of an executive officer, director, or
            principal shareholder of the financial institution lenders; or
         b. a related interest of such executive officer, director, principal shareholder, or member
            of the immediate family.

4. The company is not:
      a. a business engaged in speculative activities that develop profits from fluctuations in
          price rather than through normal course of trade, such as wildcatting for oil and
          dealing in commodities futures, unless those activities are incidental to the regular
          activities of the business and part of a legitimate risk management strategy to guard
          against price fluctuations related to the regular activities of the business; or
      b. a business that earns more that half of its annual net revenue from lending activities;
          unless the business is a non-bank or non-bank holding company Community
          Development Financial Institution; or
      c. a business engaged in pyramid sales, where a participant’s primary incentive is based
          on the sales made by an ever-increasing number of participants; or
      d. a business engaged in activities that are prohibited by federal law or applicable law in
          the jurisdiction where the business is located or conducted. (Included in these
          activities is the production, servicing, or distribution of otherwise legal products that
          are to be used in connection with an illegal activity, such as selling drug
          paraphernalia or operating a motel that knowingly permits illegal prostitution); or
      e. a business engaged in gambling enterprises, unless the business earns less than 33%
          of its annual net revenue from lottery sales.

5. No principal of the company has been convicted of a sex offense against a minor (as such
   terms are defined in section 111 of the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (42
   U.S.C 16911)). For the purposes of this certification, “principal” is defined as “if a sole
   proprietorship, the proprietor; if a partnership, each partner; if a corporation, limited liability
   company, association or a development company, each director, each of the five most highly
   compensated executives, officers, or employees of the entity, and each direct or indirect
   holder of 20% or more of the ownership stock or stock equivalent of the entity”.

Borrower:        ________________________________________

Signature:       ________________________________________

Printed Name: ________________________________________

Title:           ________________________________________

Date:            ________________________________________
                                      FLORIDA EXPORT FINANCE CORPORATION

                                             PERSONAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT

                                                                                                                As of:          , 20
Complete this form for (1) each proprietor: or (2) limited partner who owns 20% or more interest and each general partner, or (3) each
stockholder owning 20% or more of voting stock, or (4) any person or entity providing a guaranty on the loan.
Name:                                                                                          Business Phone:
Residence Address:                                                                             Residence Phone:
City, State & Zip Code:
Business Name of Applicant/Borrower:
                    ASSETS                                                                LIABILITIES
Cash on hand & in banks                               $            Account Payable                                                       $
Savings Account                                       $            Notes Payable to Banks & Others (describe in                          $
                                                                   section 2)
IRA or Other Retirement Account                       $            Installment Account (Auto)                                            $
                                                                     Mo. Payments $
Accounts & Notes Receivable                           $            Installment Account (other)                                           $
                                                                     Mo. Payments $
Life Insurance-Cash Surrender                         $            Loan on Life Insurance                                                $
Value Only (complete section 8)
Stocks & Bonds (describe in                           $            Mortgages on Real Estate (describe in section                         $
section 3)                                                         4)
Real Estate (describe in section 4)                   $            Unpaid Taxes (describe in section 6)                                  $
Automobile-Present Value                              $            Other liabilities (describe in section 7)                             $
Other Personal Property (describe                     $            TOTAL LIABILITES                                                      $
in section 5)
Other Assets (describe in section 5)                  $            NET WORTH                                                             $
TOTAL ASSETS                                          $            TOTAL                                                                 $
SECTION 1: Source of Income                                        Contingent Liabilities
Salary                                                $            As Endorser or Co-Maker                                               $
Net Investment Income                                 $            Legal Claims & Judgments                                              $
Real Estate Income                                    $            Provision for Federal Income Tax                                      $
Other Income (describe below)                         $            Other Special Dept                                                    $
Description of Other income in Section 1

Alimony or child support payments need not be disclosed in “Other Income” unless it is desired to have such payments counted
towards total income
SECTION 2: Notes Payable to Banks & Other
(Use attachments if necessary. Each attachment must be identified as a part of this statement and signed)
Name & Address of Note         Original    Current     Payment          Frequency           How Secured or
Holder                         Balance     Balance     Amount           (monthly)           Endorsed/Type of
                               $           $           $
                               $           $           $
                               $           $           $
                               $           $           $
                               $           $           $
                                 FLORIDA EXPORT FINANCE CORPORATION

SECTION 3: Stocks & Bonds (Use attachment if necessary. Each attachment must be identified as a part of this
statement and signed)
  Number of          Name of               Cost             Market Value              Date of          Total Value
     Shares         Securities                          Quotation/Exchange Quotation/Exchange
                                    $                   $                                            $
                                    $                   $                                            $
                                    $                   $                                            $
                                    $                   $                                            $
 SECTION 4: Real Estate Owned (list each parcel separately. Use attachment if necessary. Each attachment must
                                  be identified as part of this statement and signed)
                                      Property A                      Property B                  Property C
Type of Property
Date Purchased
Original Cost                 $                               $                            $
Present Market Value          $                               $                            $
Mortgage Account
Mortgage Balance              $                               $                            $
Amount of Payment per         $                               $                            $
Status of Mortgage
SECTION 5: Other Personal Property and other Assets (Describe, and if any is pledged as security, state name and
address of lien holder, amount of lien, terms of payment and if delinquent, describe delinquency.)

SECTION 6: Unpaid Taxes (Describe in detail, as to type, to whom payable, when due, and to what property, if
any, a tax lien attached.)

SECTION 7: Other Liabilities (Describe in detail.)

SECTION 8: Life Insurance Held (give face amount and cash surrender value of policies- name of insurance
company and beneficiaries.)

**I authorize FEFC to make inquiries as necessary to verify the accuracy of the statements made and to determine my
creditworthiness. I certify the above and the statements contained in the attachments are true and accurate as of the
stated date. These statements are made for the purpose of either obtaining a loan or guaranteeing a loan. I understand
FALSE statements may result in forfeiture of benefits and possible prosecution by the US Attorney General.
Signature:                                     Date:                    Social Security Number:
Signature                                      Date:                    Social Security Number:
**Please complete, print/sign and submit with complete application packet

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