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									           7th annual Radical Organizing Conference
           March 17, 2012 from 9:30 to 6:00, SEIU/1199, 150 Mt. Vernon St., Dorchester (near the JFK/UMASS
           stop on the Red line)
           We are pleased to announce the 7 annual Radical Organizing Conference (ROC), where participants will
           once again have the opportunity to discuss how we can do our work in a way that brings about radical
           change (gets to the root causes of problems). The 2012 ROC offers workshops to build understanding and
           skills, theater to help explore issues, and good food, song, and opportunities to connect with other organizers.
           It will be a day of fun, learning, sharing, and building relationships across our various movements and
                 struggles. Please come!
                  Handicap accessible. Childcare and Spanish interpretation provided. Delicious lunch and snacks served.
                   Write to us at radicalorganizingconference@gmail.com or call 617-524-3541 (ext. 306) and tell us which
                  workshops you want to take. Registration not required but we would like to hear from you if possible.

                                 Sign Up Sheet for ROC 2012 Workshops
           Check the workshops you would like to take, fill out the form below, and turn this page in or send it to
                                  City Life, 284 Amory St., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130!

              Morning Workshops (Pick One)                                         Afternoon Workshops (Pick One)
□ The "Law" of supply and demand; The "Religion" of the               □ Challenging market ideology while doing practical
free market                                                           organizing
How are these ideas used to defeat progressive change?                We want to offer practical help to people who need it, but we
What's wrong with the "law" of supply and demand? Why is the          want to organize in a way that undermines the system that
"free" market not quite so free? What is our response?                caused the problem. Come learn about City Life's organizing
                                                                      model, which aims to undermine market ideology while it helps
                                                                      people fight for their homes.
Steve Meacham, CLVU                                                   Steve Meacham, CLVU
□ Start by Telling Your Story                                         □ Organize to Overcome Fear
In this workshop, we will explore how the power of your story         Sometimes, the obstacles and opponents we face seem
can support organizing. Learn how to frame your story and help        insurmountable. Creating real social change--from fighting
others tell their stories in a way that is empowering and builds      eviction and foreclosure, to organizing at work, to strengthening
the movement.                                                         the community in your neighborhood-- IS possible. In this
                                                                      workshop, we will help people move from "I can't" to "we can!"
Leaders from UNITE HERE, the hospitality workers union                Leaders from UNITE HERE, the hospitality workers union
□ Who Broke the Economy?                                              □ New Kinds of Labor Organizing
Learn who really drove the economy into the ground.                   As attacks on workers increase, unions are developing
Participants will play Jenga and gain a hands-on understanding        innovative new strategies to build alliances with com-
of what went wrong with our economy.                                  munities to fight corporate greed. Come hear about local
                                                                      campaigns taking on Verizon, Walmart and others as part
                                                                      of the "99% Spring" as well as campaigns supporting
Darrin Howell, MassUniting                                            public services like the Post Office and teachers.
                                                                      Jobs with Justice
□ What’s Happening to our Cities?                                     □ Short-term Demands/Long-term Transformation for Our
People in cities across the U.S. are fighting displacement and        Cities
gentrification. Neo-liberalism and the privatization of land have     At this workshop we’ll discuss how we can fight for short-term
turned our cities over to developers. The issues we are fighting      reforms while at the same time empowering working people,
for are all related: housing, transportation, education, LGBT         people of color, queer people, immigrants, youth and all others
rights to space, and rights of culture. At this workshop we will      committed to a truly democratic society. We who live in the cities
discuss how diverse groups can come to gether to build local          should have he power to determine the future of our cities.
power toward a national agenda for our cities.
                                                                      Robbie Clarke from Causa Justa and Right to the
Robbie Clarke from Causa Justa and Right to the                       City/Oakland, CA)
City/Oakland, CA)
□ Creative protests and street performance for radical organizing
In this three hour workshop participants will get an introduction to the use of arts and theater for protests, experiment with the use of
performing objects, and participate in theater exercises to generate creative material for the street.
Jorge Diaz, AgitArte (a non-profit organization dedicated to generating workshops and art projects in working class
communities and communities of color engaged in the struggle for social justice)

                                                                                                          More workshops on back…
                    Morning Workshops                                                 Afternoon Workshops
□ Youth Power and the Fight for Jobs                                □ Creative, energetic strategy and tactics
Young people in Boston are mobilized and fighting back against      Explore the ways you can bring song, the telling of “freedom
a political and social environment that discriminates against       stories,” spoken word, and relationship-building into your
youth, leaves them with few job options, and regularly silences     movements to strengthen them and help people stay involved
youth voices. Come learn about how young people are engaged         for the long term.
in the struggle for justice in Boston.
City School youth and staff                                         City School youth and staff
□ Radical Faith and Justice (part 1)                                 □ Radical Faith and Justice (part 2)
     Explore with other activists the role of spirituality in our social justice work.
Mary Wright (CLVU), Annie Fox (Kavod), Stewart Lanier (Bikes Not Bombs) and rep. from Northside Islamic community

□ THIS SLOT OPEN                                                    □ Occupy: What worked? What didn’t?
                                                                    This workshop will look at two key aspects of the Occupy
                                                                    movement: 1) The tactic of occupation, some history of other
                                                                    occupations (Tent City, Take Back the Land, factory
                                                                    occupations, etc.), and the specifics of Dewey Square; and 2)
                                                                    The slogan “We are the 99%.” What works about that call to
                                                                    action? What gets hidden?
                                                                    Nicole Sullivan + Katie Gradowski
□ African Americans and Immigrants of Color on the                  □ Student Immigrants Fight Back!
Question of Immigration                                             Come learn how immigrants in Boston are organizing to fight for
Come and discuss how African Americans and immigrants of            the Dream Act and against unfair deportations. See their skit
color can resist the pressure to pit one group against the other.   and discuss the connections between immigration justice and
What do we have in common? How can we join forces?                  economic justice.
Trina Jackson and Antonieta Gimeno, Network for
Immigrants and African Americans in Solidarity (NIAAS)              Student Immigration Movement
□ Part 1: Housing for People, Not for Profit                        □ Part 2: Community Strength and Self-Determination
We will share experiences with how housing co-ops have              Through Cooperative Economics
created permanently affordable, resident-controlled homes for       We will share successful examples of worker-owned co-ops in
families in our cities. Learn about new opportunities to bring      our neighborhoods and around the country and the world. Hear
stability and economic justice to our neighborhoods and our         about local initiatives to create green jobs for unemployed
lives, through organizing for cooperatively-owned housing.          workers. We will also learn about the role of consumer co-ops.
What are the advantages of collective vs. individual                How does a cooperative business model keep economic
homeownership? How does this strategy fit into the foreclosure      resources in the hands of workers and communities? How does
struggle?                                                           it also support international worker solidarity and fair trade?
Discussion leaders: CL/VU, JPNDC, DSNI                              Facilitators: CL/VU, BWA, Dot Comm Co-op, Grssrts Intern’l
□ [Your Workshop Here!]                                             □ [Your Workshop Here!]
Are you interested in proposing a workshop? If so, please let us
know. Send an email to cyn.peters@gmail.com with a short
description of the workshop and your name and affiliation. We
will see if we can fit it in! Please note, the workshop must be
accessible in both Spanish and English, so please bring an
interpreter. Thank you!

Put a check in the box next to one morning workshop and one afternoon workshop. Fill out the below. And return it.

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