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									Obviously the focus of the week was testing, the ACT on Tuesday and the Work Keys on
Wednesday. I think everyone is well aware of the importance of the ACT for individual students.
Right or wrong, it is an important measure for college entrance. However, we had a speaker
yesterday at our CTE Awards who talked to everyone about the importance of the Work Keys. Pat
Hayes owns Fabric Images and they have locations around the world, and the headquarters are
here in Elgin. He reported that Work Keys scores are a big deal in his company. He stated that
anyone who achieves the Gold Level is qualified to do 92% of the jobs within his company.

Other things going on this week besides all the sports, were the boat trip, CTE Awards and the
World Summit. It sounds like everyone had fun on the boat trip besides the fact that it was kind
of cold. The CTE Awards were organized well by Linda Heyden, and I am grateful to the teachers
for being willing to honor our students for their work in preparing for the future. That definitely
aligns with our mission. I spoke to one student who is going to college and needs to earn some
money to pay the bill. She received her CNA license and will be able to find work during school
because of it. She will be able to make a little more money than most students who are
performing work study jobs. She is marketable right now, even as she prepares for a medical
career in the future. It was a nice event to honor our CTE students, and see so many proud

The World Summit was a unique opportunity for some of our U-46 students. This was an event
held in Chicago, and we could send 38 Larkin students. I took some teacher recommendations
and created a list of 38 students. It was kind of a random opportunity, but we worked quickly so
that some of our students could participate. There were many former world leaders who spoke
on world leadership.

I want to let people know about some important dates coming up. These are not the only
important dates, but three that I want to emphasize. This doesn’t count all the AP testing that
will be going on almost everyday throughout May. We will work extra hard to list all the
important events coming up for the week in my Friday Reflections as well.

Next Tuesday, will be our Boosters/LPA meeting at 7:30 in the library. This is a really important
group that needs your help. This is a group of parents who support many extra-curricular
activities, including prom, homecoming and all sports. This group needs about 30 active parents
to really do the work that is needed and right now going into next year there may be less than
10. We have a school of 2,000 students and probably half of them participate in activities which
are supported by the Boosters/Larkin Parent Association. With more parents helping, the load to
carry is much less. We need people who are willing to give a little bit of time to different events
throughout the year. We do need to fill leadership positions for next year, but don’t let that scare
you. We mostly need people willing to do some of the little things. We just need you there!

I also want to let people know that our Senior Recognition will be Wednesday, May 16 at 9:00.
(This also happens to be an early release day at 2:00 for teacher PLC work.) We don’t have room
for everyone because the students fill a chunk of the auditorium, but we do have room for many.
We will give out scholarships and awards for seniors who stood out among their peers while at
Larkin. (This day was selected because it has the least amount of testing occurring for seniors.)

The others date I want to emphasize is June 1st. This will be our last day of school! The district
will be doing a lot of construction this summer and they want to get a jump on the work. If we
end June 1st, then they can start that weekend. I know our students are really disappointed that
they can’t come back on Monday the 4th , but I felt it was important to get the construction
underway in preparation for next year. We will have finals on Wednesday, May 30th, Thursday
May 31st and Friday, June 1st. Each day will end at 12:40 with bus transportation available.
(Seniors last day is May 23rd, Graduation practice on Friday, May 25th and Graduation at 8:00 AM
on May 26.)
This year has flown, and we are into the part of the calendar where almost everyday brings some
kind of closure, recognition or celebration. We have worked hard this year and there is still more
work to do, but it is also good to celebrate.

Have a great weekend!


Dr. Jon Tuin
Larkin High School Principal

Larkin Alumni

Graduates of Larkin, we hope you are having a productive and prosperous life. Use the
information on this site to promote your activities and celebrate the experience you had as
a Larkin Royal. By demonstrating your success and pride, the current students will know
that greatness is achieved by Royals. Examine the links to the left and discover old
friends, renew school spirit and enjoy the fellowship of a Royal community.

Monday April 30th

Rotary Luncheon – 11:15-1:30 pm – Judson University
VPAA – Field Trip to the Art Institute

Tuesday May 1st

VPAA Welcome – 4:00 pm – Auditorium
Superintendent’s Scholarship Awards – 6:00 pm – Kenyon Woods
Booster Meeting – 7:00 pm – Library
4:30 pm – Boys (V) Baseball vs. Streamwood @ Larkin
4:30 pm – Girls (V) Softball vs. St. Charles North @ Larkin
6:00 pm – Girls (V) Soccer vs. Elgin @ Memorial Field
6:00 pm- Boys (V) Volleyball vs. Streamwood @ Larkin

Wednesday May 2nd

Student Government – 7:00 am
Junior Prom Assembly – 2nd Period – Auditorium
Senior Prom Assembly – 3rd Period – Auditorium

Thursday May 3rd

7:30 pm Orchestra Concert – Auditorium
District Retirement Dinner – 6:00 pm – Seville – Streamwood
CTE Open House – 4:00 pm – ECC
4:15pm – Boys (V) Tennis vs. Streamwood @ Larkin
4:30 pm – Boys (V) Baseball vs. Streamwood @ Larkin
6:00pm – Boys (V) Volleyball vs. South Elgin @ Larkin
Friday May 4th

Saturday, May 5th

15th Annual Connie-A-Thon - 10:00am til 2:00 pm
Adalante Awards Dinner – 4pm -6pm @ Larkin
10:00am – Boys (V) Baseball vs. St. Charles East (DH) @ Larkin

Sunday, May 6th

Cubs Rooftop Game /Baseball & Softball Fundraiser

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