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Enfield Erdenheim Home and School

             Welcome to Enfield Elementary School

       The EEHSP (Enfield Erdenheim Home and School
Partnership) wants to welcome you and provide you with this guide
                                                                       WHAT A GREAT WAY TO
as a way to inform you of events, activities, general procedures
and information. Please feel free to contact your Kindergarten Co-          MAKE FRIENDS
Chairs Stephanie McNeil sblj216@verizon.net / 215-688-6545
and Sharlyn Price Sharlyn_Price@comcast.com / 484-994-9067
with any questions you may have. Don’t forget to become an
                                                                     FOR CHILDREN AND PARENTS
EEHSP member for $10.00. This fee will purchase a School
Directory and will allow you to vote at meetings and volunteer for
any EEHSP sponsored event.
                                                                           WELCOME TO THE
      What does the Enfield Erdenheim Home and School
                  Partnership do for your child                       SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP
       The EEHSP is an essential part of the school community.
                                                                          SCHOOL DISTRICT,
All of the money raised goes directly back into the school. We
sponsor assembly programs, Family Fun Nights, annual Mini-Grant
funding for classroom activities, parent education, and much more!   ENFIELD ELEMENTARY
There are many ways that you can get involved. The most
significant thing you can do is to come to an EEHSP meeting. All
meetings are on the district and EEHSP calendars, and the
location alternates between Enfield and Erdenheim. All meetings
begin at 7:00 PM and are held in each of the school’s libraries.                 TO THE
There are many committees you can sign up to assist or chair.
Please look at the committee list to see what interests you and                 EEHSP
your family. Send in your e-mail address and let us put you on our
EEHSP server mailing list, a great way to stay informed. Visit our     ENFIELD ERDENHEIM HOME & SCHOOL
EEHSP website, http://www.EEHSP.org and look for continual
updates to inform you of up and coming details and events.
       Feel free to ask questions!
4/19/12 -- EEHSP Meeting –7:00 PM Erdenheim
          #5 Spring Classroom Party – Some classrooms plan a Spring Party                     2011 – 2012 School Year EEHSP Board Members
        right before we break for Spring Break. This party is usually organized
        by a Room Parent.                                                           Nancy McDonald:          Co-President                     presidents@eehsp.org
4/4/12 until 4/9/12 – school closed – Spring Break.
4/16/12 until 4/20-12 -- Spring Fundraiser – Cherrydale Bulbs                       Donna Bailey:            Co-President                     presidents@eehsp.org
4/24/12 until 4/26/12 -- Kindergarten Registration and Round up
                                                                                    Stacie Perkins:          Co-Vice President            vicepresidents@eehsp.org
                                                                                    Kristyn Roessler:        Co-Vice President            vicepresidents@eehsp.org
5/17/12 -- EEHSP Meeting – 7:00 PM Enfield
5/11/12 – Enfield Color Day 9:30 until 11:30 – Early Dismissal 12:15
                                                                                    Tricia Kaercher:         Treasurer                        treasurers@eehsp.org
         – Every child is put onto either the Blue or the Grey
         (steel) team. Students will compete in a variety of activities to          Adrienne Smythe:         Assist. Treasurer                treasurers@eehsp.org
         determine which team wins. Students enjoy wearing their Spirit wear or
         other clothing in their team’s color. Some students even go so far as to   Laura Bauder:            Communications        communicationsliaisons@eehsp.org
         dye their hair for the day or paint their faces.
5/19/12 -- May Carnival – time TBA                                                  Dina Davidson:           Communications        communicationsliaisons@eehsp.org
         Games, prizes, inflatables, raffles and other fun activities will be
                                                                                                             Recording Secretary      recordingsecretary@eehsp.org
         available. This EEHSP event requires many volunteers, so please plan on
         helping the committee or volunteering for a short time that day. This is
         the most popular event of the year and one of the largest fund raisers.
5/9/12 -- Festival of the Arts and Spring Concerts 9:30 – 10:30                                     2011-2012 Committee Chairs (to date)
         Kindergarten will have a musical performance on May 9 at 9:30 for
         parents, so please make time to attend. Teachers will send home            A.P.P.L.E. (Enfield only)
         information as to how your child needs to dress. After the show,           Laurie Cipolla, Lac02@comcast.net
         parents are welcome to return to the child’s classroom to view their
         artwork displayed around the halls.                                        Artist in Residence
5/7/12 until 5/11/12 – Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week – To thank the               Cindy Hamilton, cdhamilton24@gmail.com
        Enfield Staff for all of their hard work, the EEHSP sponsors a              Laura Bauder, denight@bellatlantic.net
        wonderful luncheon. Each grade is responsible for sending in different
        items from sodas to paper products. You will receive a flyer via
        backpack mail with the request for donations.                               Author/Illustrator
5/24/12 -- Kindergarten Orientation – for students in kindergarten 2012-13          Hillory Chybinsky, hchybinski@comcast.net
5/29/12 – School Closed – Memorial Day                                              Karen Naghski, jenaghski@aol.com

June                                                                                Book Fair
                                                                                    MJ DeCarlo, mjddjd@hotmail.com
6/13/12 – 6/14/12 – 6/15/12 – Early Dismissal 12:15
                                                                                    Book Swap-Need one for each school
6/15/12 -- #6 End of Year Classroom Party – Teacher Gifts (aids, student
         teachers) – This is usually organized by a Room Parent.
Bulletin Boards-                                 12/16/11 -- K & 1 Winter Concert – 9:30 – 10:30
Erd- Hillory Chybinsky, hchybinski@comcast.net   12/22/11 -- Sing-A-Long –1:30 – 2:30
Lisa Day, lisaday.educate@gmail.com              12/22/11 -- #3 Holiday Party – Most classes have a party on this day organized
                                                 by a Room Parent. Some parents organize a classroom teacher gift.
Carnival                                         12/23 – 01/02 – Winter Break
Kristyn Roessler, roessk@pjm.com
                                                 TBA - Winter Coat Drive – a collection for new and gently used coats which will
Laurie Cipolla, Lac02@comcast.net
                                                       be donated to charity

Color Day-Need one for each school
                                                 1/12/12 -- EEHSP Meeting – 7:00 PM Enfield
Community Service
                                                 1/16/12 – Martin Luther King Day – District wide multi-cultural events to be
Julie Ebner, julieebner@verizon.net
                                                         announced that will take place on the Monday schools are closed.
MaryLou Rittenhouse, Ritt41@comcast.net
                                                 1/24/12 -- Report Card Information night – 6:30 – 7:30
Dad’s Committee                                  1/27/12 – School closed – teacher in service

Directory                                        February
Susan Kantor, Susan.Kantor@right.com             2/9/12 -- EEHSP Meeting – 7:00 PM Enfield
Joann Hastings. joannhastings@comcast.net        2/10/12 -- K-3 Movie Night – 7:00 – 9:00 PM
                                                 2/14/12 -- #4 Classroom Party – Valentine’s Day – Teachers will determine
Goblin Gala                                              whether or not to have a Valentine’s Day Party or activity. This party
Kristyn Roessler, roessk@pjm.com                         may be organized by a Room Parent.
                                                 2/15/12 -- Kindergarten Curriculum night – 6:30 – 7:30 – this is an evening
Mini Grants                                              put together by the school district and our Kindergarten Teachers to
Kris Casabon, aznarusa@msn.com                           better explain how the Kindergarten Curriculum is put into place, things
                                                         that can be done at home to help the learning process,
Performing Arts                                  2/17/12 & 2/20/12 – school closed – Presidents’ weekend

Playground                                       March
                                                 3/15/12 -- EEHSP Meeting –7:00 PM Enfield
Publishing Center                                3/2/12 until 3/9/12 – Spring Book Fair Week – this runs like the Fall book fair.
Jennifer Singer, rjwl@comcast.net                3/16/12 -- Conferences –Parent Teacher Conferences. School closed
                                                 COOKIES & MILK NIGHT - DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED –The night before
Star of the Week                                          the Meet the Author/Illustrator day, students come in wearing pajamas
Stephanie McNeil, sblj216@verizon.net                    to hear teachers read from the books written by the selected
                                                         author/illustrator. Cookies & Milk are served as a treat. K-2, but
Teacher Appreciation Luncheon                            siblings are welcome.
Lisa Day, lisaday.educate@gmail.com              AUTHOR ILLUSTRATOR DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED –Our librarian invites a
                                                        children’s author/illustrator to come and visit the schools. A program will
                                                        be held for students to meet the author/illustrator and ask questions.
                                                        Parents will have a chance to pre-purchase books.
                                                 3/23/12 – School closed – Parent Teacher Conferences
                   Important EEHSP Dates and Events
                                                                                    Talent Show- Erdenheim Only
September                                                                           Kristyn Roessler, roessk@pjm.com
9/6 & 9/7 -- First day of school & early dismissal – 12:15
                                                                                    Teacher Appreciation Week
9/8 -– Picture Day– helpful for nurse and lunch to have these pictures done
                                                                                    Chair: Lisa Day, lisaday.educate@gmail.com
         so early.
9/14 -- Back to School Night –6:30 to 7:30 A chance to come and meet your
          child’s teacher.
                                                                                    Nancy McDonald and Donna Bailey, president@eehsp.org
9/19 -- Fall Fundraiser – Cherrydale Fundraiser kicks off.
9/15 -- EEHSP Meeting –7:00 PM Open House - Erdenheim
                                                                                       Box Tops/eScript/Target
9/29 & 9/30 – School closed for Rosh Hashanah
                                                                                       Cherrydale-Need one for each school
10/13 -- EEHSP Meeting – 7:00 PM Enfield                                               Kid Stuff
10/7 – Early Dismissal                                                                 Stacie Perkins, sperkins2177@gmail.com
10/10 – KidStuff Coupon Book Sale – fundraiser kickoff
10/28 -- Goblin Gala – 6:00 PM                                                         Market Day
10/31 -- Students are to bring in their Halloween costumes. At approximately           Katie Smith, smith_20262@comcast.net
         10:30 they parade through the playground. Parents are invited to
         attend. A classroom party is usually organized by a Room Parent from          Square One Art
         11:30 until dismissal. This is a half day with dismissal at 12:15.            Kim Briggs, briggskim@verizon.net
10/31/11 until 11/1/11 - CANDY DRIVE – collection of candy sent in after trick or
          treating to be given to a local food bank                                 GRADE LEVEL CHAIRS

November                                                                            Kindergarten
11/16 -- EEHSP Meeting – 7:00 PM Erdenheim                                          Stephanie McNeil, sblj216@verizon.net
11/2 until 11/14 - Square 1 Art Fundraiser – The children prepare artwork, which    Sharlyn Price, Sharlyn_Price@comcast.com
          is then turned into special memorabilia to purchase as gifts for the
                                                                                    First Grade
          holidays or to keep for themselves.
                                                                                    Joann Hastings. joannhastings@comcast.net
11/4 until 11/11 -- Book Fair – Students are given a day to preview the Book
                                                                                    Amy Wojeck, amywojeck@gmail.com
         Fair’s selections and to make Wish Lists that are sent home to parents.
         Parents can send in money with their child to buy books during their       Second Grade
         lunch period. The Book Fair is open during school hours, as well as one    Tina Donnelly, donnelly515@comcast.net
         evening, to enable parents to visit the Book Fair with their child and
         make pruchases. Volunteers are needed to help this run smoothly. This      Third Grade
         year’s Book Fair will be open the day of Enfield’s Parent/ Teacher         Kim Briggs, briggskim@verizon.net
         Conferences.                                                               Candy Maggioncalda, candymagg@aol.com
11/8 -- Conferences – Parent Teacher Conferences, School closed
                                                                                    Fourth Grade
11/17&18 -- Breakfast Buddies – 7:30 – 8:45 AM
                                                                                    Maria Thorp, mariathorp@verizon.net
         During American Education Week, the EEHSP hosts Breakfast Buddies.
                                                                                    Sabrina Harrison, Sebreez9@aol.com
         This event invites parents into the school to have breakfast with their
         child between 7:30 and 8:45 am. Parents are then given the opportunity     Fifth Grade
         to visit their child’s classes. Breakfast is provided                      Ann Gozzard, anngozzard@yahoo.com
11/23 -- Thanksgiving –break for holiday 11/23 until 11/25; Possibly #2             Denise McKelvie, cdmckelvie@verizon.net
          Classroom Party
        IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO GET YOU STARTED                                        BACK PACK MAIL Each child will be given a TAKE HOME FOLDER that will be
                                                                                       sent home in backpacks daily. Check this everyday for homework, school district
    In September, parents should go to the school district web site and                       or EEHSP info and more. Items can be returned in this folder too.
    read/print the Enfield Student/Parent Handbook which gives essential
                                                                                         RECESS Unless it is raining, snowing, or weather advisory, your child will be
                 information on school policies and procedures.
                                                                                       outside for recess. Make sure to dress your child appropriately for the weather.
Enfield Building: All exterior doors are locked so parents coming to the school go         Whenever possible, label garments and lunch bags with your child’s name.
to the front door to enter the school. There is a doorbell and intercom inside the
                                                                                        METZ & ASSOCIATES is the District’s food services provider. Students can
entryway. Mrs. Smith, the secretary in the main office, buzzes the front door to
                                                                                       purchase lunches, beverages or healthy snacks. Each student will have an account
open allowing parents to enter. All parents and guests must report to the office
                                                                                       to which money can be deposited for food purchases and for parents to monitor
when arriving in the school. Volunteers will be asked to sign in and wear a badge.
                                                                                         purchases. Although payment can be sent in daily, the easiest and preferred
  DISMISSAL time is at 3:25 on full days; 12:15 on half days. Due to loading           method is to pre-pay and deposit funds into the account. If pre-paying by check
busses or car line traffic, some students will be dismissed from classrooms a few      or cash, send via backpack mail in a clearly marked envelope. Check made out to
minutes earlier. Please be aware and prepared to meet your child at the bus stop,             the SDST Food Services. Parents can pay by credit card on-line to
car line or walker door a few minutes early, to avoid a long wait at dismissal time.   www.cafeprepay.com for an additional $2.50 each deposit. Accounts must be set
CAR LINE Drop off/pick up entrance is to the left of the building off of Church        up, using the student’s i.d.# . When the account gets low, parents will be notified
Rd, and runs around the back of the building, Walkers are dismissed at the door        and may deposit more money. A link to Metz & the Monthly Lunch Menu is on the
that faces Paper Mill Rd. Please correspond with the teacher in writing as to the         School district website. Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their child.
            specific day(s) and how your child needs to be dismissed.                   Simply sign in at the office, get a visitor’s pass, and inform Mrs. Smith you are
                                                                                         there to eat lunch with your child. Debbie Gaydos, Debbie_Gajdos@sdst.org,
APPLE HOTLINE When your child is going to be absent or late, please call 215-                       Enfield Food Services, can be contacted for questions.
233-6080, ext. 2 and leave a message. EEHSP volunteers come in every morning
   to check it, to inform the office of which students will be absent or late. A       TO VOLUNTEER in school, parents need to have a CRIMINAL HISTORY CHECK
  representative will call the home of any child who is absent and is not on the          AND CHILD ABUSE CLEARANCE on file with the office. See the School
Apple Line to make sure the child is okay and supposed to be absent. Parents may        District website www.sdst.org for details. Once you receive clearances, bring
request on the APPLE HOTLINE for homework to be sent home with a sibling or            them to the office for Mrs. Smith to view the original and make a copy for filing.
neighbor. Following any absence, a note from home must be provided in order for          It takes several weeks for processing so submit as soon as possible. Unless
                    the absence to be excused, see handbook.                           policy changes, these clearances should be good until your child moves on to the
                                                                                                    Middle School, at which time you will need to file again
   STAR OF THE WEEK Every week a child is picked from each class by the
teacher to be Star of Week. Every child will have a turn. Students will prepare a      KID VIEW is a before and after school program in the building, but is not run by
  poster, featuring photos and/or any other things the child wants to include.         the school district. If interested, you can contact them at www.kidviewinc.com .
 He/she may be asked to share the poster and other items with the class. The                  They also have child care available for days when school is closed.
  Stars of each week will eat lunch with Mrs. Alston in her office for one day.
                                                                                          REPORT CARDS – Kindergarten students do not receive report cards. At
    Children will be notified the week prior to serving as Star of the Week.
                                                                                         conference time parents are given a written review of their child’s progress.
   HEAD ROOM PARENTS and ROOM PARENTS Volunteers sign up for each
                                                                                       NURSE – Our school nurses are Cathy Murphy Cathy_Murphy@sdst.org or ext.
classroom. Head parents plan parties, organize teacher gifts and help with other
                                                                                         4029 and Liza Marino. Contact them for information, questions or individual
 events. Room parents may help organize or volunteer for activities. They also
                                                                                                                       medical concerns.
 may contact you with information your teacher or the school needs you to have.

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