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									2 — The Clemmons Courier, Thursday, May 3, 2012

                   Editorial Page
Dale Folwell,
An Easy Choice
For Lt. Govenor
   Voters next week will face a battery of choices among
obscure candidates for state races that unfortunately generate
little publicity or attention. There is one race, however, that we
can safely make an enthusiastic and confident recommendation:
N.C. Rep. Dale Folwell of Winston-Salem for the Republican
nomination for Lieutenant Governor.
   He is a rare, outstanding public servant with good sense and a
common touch.
   I’ve watched him for years, first as a member of the Winston-
Salem/Forsyth County Board of Education and later as a
                                  member of the State House.
                                     He has weathered personal
                                  tragedy that would have crippled
                                  lesser men. Unlike too many
                                  politicians these days, he has his
                                  priorities in order. He went to
                                  Raleigh to make things better
                                  for the people of this state, not to
                                  serve as a whipsaw against the
                                  other party.
                                     With bipartisan support, he
                                  sponsored and received approval
                                  for a laundry list of legislation. “I
                                  never wanted to come home and
                                  say I couldn’t get anything done

                                                                          Finding joy at SW Little League
                                  because I was in the minority
                                  party,” he told me recently.
                                     He has gotten a lot done, and
                                  the GOP made him the House
                                  pro tem last year.
                                     “For all our lives we have                  One of the treasures in our fair town of Clemmons may            as Wilson Park, which adjoins the Clemmons Public Works
                                  seen people divide this state by        be unknown to many folks living in and around the town. It has          grounds and is also on Dillon Industrial Drive. This complex
                                  east and west, Republican and           been a fixture since 1963 when the late E.K. Whitener, moved            has two more laser-grated fields and an indoor batting facility.
                                  Democrat, city-country, black-          from New Jersey to Clemmons, and had a vision of establishing                                       Who needs the big league teams
                                  white, liberal-conservative. But        a Little League association for the youngsters living in western                                  for sports entertainment? Come to
                                  we’re staring down the barrel of        Forsyth County.                                                                                   Poindexter fields for the best games.
                                  debt that is going to prevent us          That Clemmons treasure happens to be Poindexter ball field                                      Watching the local young people
N.C. Rep. Dale Folwell            from doing the things we need to        complex on Dillon Industrial Drive, south off idols Road.                                         compete, no matter the team, and
                                  do in this state. There is a dam        Saturdays are the busiest day of the week, beginning at 9 a.m.                                    witnessing their efforts, progress,
                                  of disgust in North Carolina,           and with play ending around 9 or 10 p.m. During the week,                                         successes and yes, their errors and
and the gap between the people and government has never been              games are scheduled every evening. Over 600 youth, boys and                                       disappointments, is a special experience.
wider. Somebody has got to fix it, and that’s what I do,” he said.        girls from 5 to 16 years old, are signed up in the spring and
   Folwell was a less-than-average student at West Forsyth                fall programs, which include T-ball, coach pitch, baseball and                                      Not only are there hundreds of
High who checked out every morning at 10 a.m. to work at a                softball.                                                                                         youngsters playing ball, but there are
Clemmons motorcycle shop as part of a business curriculum.                  Southwest Forsyth Little League began with no outstanding                                       hundreds of spectators (that include
He didn’t catch fire until age 21 when someone directed him to            complex like Poindexter Field, which came much later in                                           parents, grandparents, kinfolks and
college to support his family. Working impossible hours on the            the history of the league. Early in the program, teams were                                       neighbors) filling the bleachers and lawn
side, he finished school in less than four years and earned his           organized from Clemmons, Lewisville, South Fork school                                            chairs and cheering on the teams of their
CPA on the first sitting. He still rides motorcycles, and he still
listens to people. His mind races with ideas. He’s humble. He
                                                                          districts and also from Jonestown, with players beginning at
                                                                          age 9 and going through 16. There were no t-ball , coach pitch
                                                                                                                                                  Ann                       choice. The coaching staff gives their
                                                                                                                                                                            time unselfishly.
credits those early years working with his hands in a motorcycle
shop as the formative days he needed.
                                                                          or softball teams. Girls did not play in the league until 1974,
                                                                          when softball was added. SWFLL has become the model
                                                                                                                                                  Sheek                      In each game, players face one of the
                                                                                                                                                                          biggest challenges on controlling their
   “In this country, where you start has no bearing on where you          Little League in regards to the organizations’ regulations and                                  pitches, from the mounds, bases and
end up — in either direction,” he said.                                   successful accomplishments.                                             outfields. Then comes the challenge of facing the pitchers, bats
   We need more like him to serve in public office. He would be             Today, Poindexter Field has some seven ball fields, with              held correctly and attempting to slug the ball. Not an easy feat,
an outstanding Lieutenant Governor.                                       artificial turf on four fields, outdoor lights, bleachers and a         particularly with the audience looking on the entire procedure.

Iris beauties in bloom
                                                                          concession/pavilion area. Volunteers provide management,                Following the words of the official Little League pledge, given
                                                                          fund-raising and coaching staffs. Businesses and individuals            at the beginning of each game, all the players strive to “win or
                                                                          sponsor the teams with shirts and caps.                                 lose, I will always do my best!”
                                                                            Recently the SWFLL purchased an additional 17 acres known
   After doing everything wrong for several years, I have finally

                                                                                                                                                                 Write the Editor
gotten it almost right with my irises. Flowers, not eyes. I have

a beautiful array in the garden this spring. One group of deep
purples that I transplanted from Mocksville to Advance 14 years
                                                                                                                                                                 P.O. Box 765, Clemmons, NC 27012
ago didn’t flower this year, but everything else is in magnificient
   Prior years weren’t so pretty. After reading and consulting
with experts, I learned not to mulch iris bulbs. They need to
absorb sunlight. I cleaned out the beds last fall and am now
enjoying the results.
   Irises come in a multitude of colors. They are easy to
                                                                          Curious endorsement                                                     bid fails at least it will mean that Clemmons still has an excellent
                                                                                                                                                  Mayor that knows Clemmons needs additional funding to resolve
                                                                                                                                                  its existing problems NOW not maybe sometime in the future when
transplant, easy to grow and even challenged gardeners like me            To the Editor:                                                          it’s too late,
can usually have success.                                                    It was extremely interesting and somewhat amusing to read in                                                              C. Robin Dean
                                                                          last week’s Courier where former Clemmons Councilman Jim                                                                         Clemmons
                                                                          Hayes endorsed Mayor John Bost to become a Forsyth County
                                                                          Commissioner and praised Mayor Bost for being a progressive and
                                                                          forward thinker with respect to his plans for Clemmons future.
                                                                             I’m not sure of Mr. Hayes motivation for praising Mayor Bost
                                                                                                                                                  For John Bost
                                                                          because at last year’s November election, Mr. Hayes ran as a write      To the Editor:
                          USPS 564-300
                                                                          in candidate for Mayor to replace Mayor Bost, but fortunately Mr.          Entering into the 2012 election, my sincere hope is that the citizens
                           P.O. Box 765                                                                                                           of Forsyth County will choose candidates with proven leadership
                       3600 Clemmons Road                                 Hayes was defeated.
                                                                             For Mr. Hayes and the other write in candidates, their action was    skills, a clear vision for where our community needs to go and the
                       Clemmons, NC 27012
                                                                          their way of saying they had no confidence in Clemmons’ existing        political courage to do the right thing. I believe one such person is
                    Published weekly by the                               Mayor or the three Council members that were up for re-election, all    John Bost, the current Mayor of Clemmons and candidate for County
                DAVIE COUNTY PUBLISHING CO.                               of which were defeated.                                                 Commissioner. I first met John in 2010 while serving on a steering
                                                                             With the sad loss of Councilman Chris Jones whose replacement        committee that developed a long range, comprehensive plan for the
                 Dwight Sparks — Editor-Publisher                         will be decided by the Council, all those of us that want to see        future development of Clemmons. During the year it took to create
                  Chris Mackie — Sports Editor                            Clemmons safety, traffic flow and other existing problems resolved      the plan, I got to know John well. I learned he is a person of integrity
                 Christy Clark — Advertising Sale                         can hope for is that common sense prevails.                             who has a strong vision for how to make our community more
                    Julie Mackie — Secretary                                 The three dedicated Council members, Ms. Nan Holland, Mr.            vibrant, livable and prosperous. I saw him advocate for an open,
                                                                          Larry McClelland and Mr. Jack Ingle, were all voted off the Council     dialogue rich process based on the assumption that all viewpoints
           The Clemmons Courier was founded in 1960                       last November by the “don’t raise my taxes” brigade that are out of     have merit and deserve a hearing. Finally, I watched as he took
                   by the late Myrtle Tomlinson.                          touch with Clemmons problems and the need of additional funding         the politically courageous step of suggesting a solution to our most
         Periodicals Postage Paid in Clemmons, NC 27012                   to resolve them.                                                        pressing problem in Clemmons-fixing the Lewisville-Clemmons
                                                                             All three defeated Council members were progressive thinkers         strip. Recently, John announced his intention to run for Forsyth
                         Subscription rates:
                                                                          and it would be ludicrous for the new Council not to appoint one of     County Commissioner. He’s running on a thoughtful, forward
                       Single Copy, 50 cents
                                                                          them as Councilman Jones replacement as they have all earned the        thinking platform that will simultaneously promote economic
               $15.00 per year inside North Carolina
                                                                          taxpayers respect.                                                      growth and quality of life in Forsyth County. I believe John has the
              $20.00 per year outside North Carolina                                                                                              skills, experience and values that will allow him to make that vision
                                                                             Before my critics write letters to The Courier I need to point
                                                                          out that I’ve already tried to meet with Mr. Hayes to discuss our       happen. I also believe that vision will greatly benefit the citizens of
                                                                          differences but so far he doesn’t seem willing, as is the case with     Clemmons and Forsyth County, so I will be voting for John Bost in
          Send address changes to The Clemmons Courier
               P.O. Box 765, Clemmons, NC 27012                           most of my critics, to meet with me presumably because they are not     the upcoming primary election. I urge all my fellow citizens to do
                    Telephone: (336) 766-4126                             an elected official and therefore don’t have too.                       the same.
                  email:                              Personally I’ve always been a Mayor Bost supporter and wish him                                                                Scott Rhodes
                                         well in his bid to be elected to the County Commissioners, but if his                                                                Clemmons

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