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									Fixing Your Leaning Chimney Properly
Anyone that is dealing with a chimney that is settling or pulling away from a home needs to consult
with a professional chimney repair company at once. There are many reasons why chimneys begin to
detach from the rest of the home. The most cited reason is that the home is built on unsettled ground.
This can ultimately cause the heaviest part of a home, which is usually the flue, to detach as the
ground or base begins to settle. This occurrence will make the vent very unstable and it does cause a
significant safety hazard. Individuals that have chimney structural issues will need to consult with a
professional company to fix the problem.
There are a number of solutions for a leaning chimney and some are better than others. One way to
address the issue is with metal bars or cables. The contractor may suggest strapping the flue to the
rest of the house for stability. This process involves adhering the flue to the rest of the home using a
very strong material such as a metal strap.
While this method may work temporarily, many professional contractors with years of experience with
leaning chimneys do not recommend this repair method. Ultimately, strapping the flue to the home
does not resolve the issue of the settling with causes the movement of the chimney. This is a
temporary fix that is not likely to offer long term success for some leaning chimneys.
There are more permanent, reliable options for leaning chimney repair. In order to determine the best
method for repair the contractor will have to identify the cause of the settlement. Determining the
source of the settlement is important to helping the contractor suggest the best method to fix the
problem on a permanent basis. Those chimneys with very little foundation damage may be able to be
repaired with the insertion of pins or stabilized with the insertion of a flue.
There are other more comprehensive methods of repairing a leaning flue which include totally
rebuilding the chimney and reconstructing the fireplace. The pros and cons of each option should be
thoroughly considered by people that are looking for ways to effectively fix the problem of a leaning
flue on a permanent basis.
In all, the method that one chooses to fix a leaning vent is very important for long lasting results.
When dealing with structural issues with a home, it is always best to consult with licensed,
professional companies that will be able to provide valuable, reliable advice regarding leaning
chimney repair.

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