step by step procedures checklist by gAvZoT


                 Writing and Submitting a Grant Proposal
                  or Funding Request/Letter of Interest
Faculty Name: ______________________ Phone:___________________________

Email: _____________________________ Proposal Deadline: _____/_____/_____

Step 1:

          Six (6) weeks or more before deadline, Contact Ravi Khatra in our college to
          set up a meeting to:
          1. Alert her to the fact that you intend to submit a grant,

          2. Give her the url for the RFP or Call for Proposals, the funding agency name,
             and the deadline for proposal submission and,

          3. Begin budget discussions for your grant.

          Ravi Khatra can be reached at or x 5-4539

Step 2:

          Six (6) weeks before deadline go to Office of University Research (Forms) and
          complete and submit Notice of Intent.

Step 3:

          Three (3) weeks before deadline proposal abstract and budget should be
          completed with budget assistance from Ravi Khatra. Upon budget and abstract
          completion, you should submit both electronically to Ravi Khatra at

Step 4:

          Two (2) weeks before deadline: Initiate contact with Carolyn Dersch @
 to begin internal clearance, or telephone the Office of
          University Research @ 985-5314 for assistance.

          Two (2) weeks before deadline: Submit all letters of support to Carolyn Dersch in
          PDF format.

Step 5:

          Two to seven (2-7) days before deadline: All necessary documents, including
          budget, budget justification, proposal, proposal abstract, senior personnel
          biographies and letters of support should be submitted to Carolyn Dersch for
          uploading/sending. If you are uploading documents for yourself, you should do
          the uploading little by little in these days prior to the deadline.

Step 6:

          One to five (1-5) days following proposal submission: Submit one full copy of
          your proposal, including ALL elements listed below, in hard copy form to Ravi
          Khatra in the College Office within 5 days of proposal submission:
              Proposal
              Proposal Abstract
              Budget
              Budget Justification

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