IBM WebSphere Portal Technical Sales Mastery v3 by CesarLMcBee


									   IBM •000-M83
IBM WebSphere Portal Technical Sales Mastery v3

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             Questions & Answers: 10
                                          Question: 1
Which configuration would allow a customer to provide load balancing across multiple server machines,
fault tolerance, and the capability to provide 24x7 support while applying minor server fixes?

A. Vertical clustering
B. Horizontal clustering
C. Deployment Manager
D. Session Persistence Clustering

                                             Answer: B

                                          Question: 2
Which of the following options will allow you to search for users AND edit their profile attributes that
are stored in the LDAP Server used by WebSphere Portal?

A. Manage User and Groups portlet
B. Profile Portlet
C. People Finder portlet
D. Self Care portlet

                                             Answer: A

                                          Question: 3
The HTML output of a portlet includes user ID's that have been tagged to provide a contextual menu.
When end users click on these IDs in the browser, they are automatically presented with a display of
that person's Lotus Connections profiles, blogs, bookmarks, and community memberships. What feature
in WebSphere Portal was used to provide this functionality?

A. Tagging
B. Collaborative Services
C. Live Text
D. Templates

                                             Answer: C                                                             Page 2
                                         Question: 4
What function does the AJAX Proxy in IBM WebSphere Portal provide?

A. Allows asynchronous requests from portlets or web pages to be made to servers other than the
originating portal server.
B. Provides caching of requests to portal pages for faster response time to users.
C. Exposes portal functions as REST services.
D. Handles requests for rendering portal pages asynchronously.

                                            Answer: A

                                         Question: 5
A portal administrator would like to move a page from a Portal development server to a Portal staging
server where only a selected group of users can see and test the new page. After testing is complete, the
administrator would then like to promote the new page so additional users on the target server with the
appropriate access rights can view the new page. What portal feature can the administrator leverage in
order to accomplish this?

A. Theme Customer
B. Site Wizard
C. Virtual Portals
D. Site Management

                                            Answer: D                                                           Page 3
                                         Question: 6
Which of the following is a valid package type when deploying a portlet application via the Portal
Administration page?


                                            Answer: C

                                         Question: 7
A customer would like to modify the navigational layout of the portal page. Which of the following items
can be customized to allow these changes?

A. Personalization Rules
B. Themes
C. Skins
D. Page Parameters

                                            Answer: B

                                         Question: 8
Which of the following features enables administrators to create multiple distinct portals, but share the
resources (themes, portlets, etc) of the existing portal installation?

A. Virtual Portal
B. Composite Application
C. Portal Cluster
D. Portal Scripting

                                            Answer: A                                                              Page 4
                                          Question: 9
What portal feature allows for self-service creation of Virtual Portals?

A. Site Creator
B. Site Wizard
C. Virtual Portal Manager
D. Site Construction Portlet

                                             Answer: B

                                         Question: 10
A customer requirement is to allow the creation of business rules to profile users and to control the
content that is displayed in specific areas of a portal page. What feature can be used to meet this

A. Page Customizer
B. Personalization Engine
C. Rules Builder
D. Content Customizer

                                             Answer: B                                                            Page 5
   IBM •000-M83
IBM WebSphere Portal Technical Sales Mastery v3

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