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									 CORVETTE CLUB OF ILLINOIS NEWSLETTER!                                                                           SEPTEMBER 2011

                             President’s Message
       As I have been saying all year long we       I want to THANK everyone for taking the time             Next Meeting
need HELP!!! I just got the news that we are        to come to Hickory River for the TV spot. We
full of teams for the Golf Outing, if we get over   had good turnouts for two other events with        7:00 PM September 13, 2011
28 teams they will have to walk because there       Bunker Hill Car Show and the El Toro Display
are not enough Golf Carts for anymore that 28       in Rantoul. THANKS for all the support from
                                                                                                       Sullivan-Parkhill Automotive
teams. This is the kind of news that we LIKE        the members.
TO GET!!! If you have something that you                  The next event was a DOUBLE WOW it
                                                                                                       Champaign, Illinois
would like to donate for the Silent Auction         was the National Corvette Museum Hall of           wear your name tag!
please bring it to the Golf Outing on the 11th      Fame Induction. As we have been talking
and Linda Smith will find a place for it to be in   about for about a year, Ray Quinlan was
the auction. We will need help the day of the       inducted in the Hall of Fame and what a
                                                                                                              Officers 2011
Golf Outing and we do not know for sure if we       banquet this was for all who attended. I talked
will be having the Putting Game this year           with all of our members who attended and
                                                                                                       President: Doug Hanner
because they are reseeding their practice           they also said WOW. One thing that was a              "    217 354-4542
putting green. If we are able to have the           downer was the GREEN BEANS (they tasted
Putting Game this could turn-out to be a lot of     like the stems). We met some of the heroes of
FUN!!! I want to also take this time to THANK       the Corvette Racing World and other higher-
everyone for all their help on this club            ups in the Corvette World. This could be           Vice President: Art Rapp
undertaking. Please plan on attending this          considered one the best times at the National
Golf Outing so you can BID on the Silent            Corvette Museum.
                                                                                                       "       217 469-7466
Auction Items! THANKS!!!! THANKS!!!                       Let's all be thinking about having a 
THANKS!! THANKS!                                    WORK DAY at BETHS Place at this
       What can I say but WOW about the             September meeting, so we can set a date.           Governor: George Dick
Corvette Tribute to the 100th Anniversary of        Barb told us that it might work out better if we
Chevrolet. Delora and I left on August 20th for     have a work day in the October time-frame          "       217 678-8259
Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI in the Rain        because of cleaning the gutters, yard, and
through Chicago (What a Trip). Delora about         other items before winter hits.            
had a cow when our GPS took us right down                 We got through another parade at the
past Union Station in the rain with our 24 foot     Hoopeston Sweet Corn Festival and the
                                                                                                       Treasurer: Cynda Dick
car trailer in tow. We were sure glad to get        Queens on Saturday. Our members did it             "       217 678-8259
back on the interstate. Anyway about the            again - we had just enough Corvettes for the
Corvette Tribute at Road America you talk           parade. The only problem was the HEAT.     
about a racing facility this was the first time     That was the hottest Hoopeston Parade that
that I have ever been to Road America and           we have done in a lot of years. THANKS to all      Secretary: Doris Rich
this has to be one of the Premier Road              the members who helped to make this
Courses in America. We got to park right next       another GREAT PARADE!!!!
                                                                                                       "       217 841-3840
to some of the most famous Corvette                       Remember that 16-18 September is     
Racecars in the Corvette World. Then there          FunFest in Effingham. I plan to leave from the
were all kinds of Corvette racing during the        Old Hobby Lobby on Friday the 16th at 8:00                Web Address
Show and the best part Delora and I got to          am, so that we can get to Mid America a little
make two laps around the 4-mile Road                early.     We will make a decision at the  !!
Course. I was in 7th Heaven and Delora was          September meeting about when members will
taking videos plus holding on at the same           leave on Saturday the 17th. Art will email         Webmaster: Megan Weeks
time. WHAT A GREAT TIME!                            everyone with the times for the caravan on
      The TV spot on Monday the 29th went           Saturday.
                                                                                                       "       217 352-3295
Great and we had 30 Corvettes in attendance.
                                                                                                       Newsletter: Carol Castellon
                                                                                                       "       217 688-2728

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    CORVETTE CLUB OF ILLINOIS NEWSLETTER!                                                                    SEPTEMBER 2011

    Minutes of the August 9, 2011 Meeting                              We need to get to Bowling Green before 4:00 pm to pick up our
    The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Doug       packets. Charlie gave Art an article that was written on Ray in
    Hanner, 63 members were present.                                   2002.
    Doug introduced Alex Head from the U of I to talk to us about      Presidents Report- Doug will haul chairs in his trailer to Bowl-
    the Homecoming Parade.                                             ing Green if you need more room, just get them to him. Doug &
    New Member or Prospective new members: Tom & Linda                 Delora going to Elkhart Lake Wisconsin August 20th, Let Doug
    Finger 2002 Blue Coupe. Barb & Bob Utterback Daughter Ni-          know if you are going to the Corvette Tribute.
    cole joined us.                                                    New Events:
    Friendship Report: Doug – Can smell again.                               Dinner Dash – This Thursday to Gibson City for German
          Curtis Heck- Hurting but doing OK                            food leaving Mahomet 5:45
          Chuck Cain- Doing pretty good                                      Car Display - Rantoul El Toro 11-4
          Bob and Pam Weeks are here and doing great.                        Mystery Cruise-August 20
          Jerry Weise - doing ok.                                            Mystery Cruise-September 24th
    Past Events:                                                             Hoopeston Parade – Sept 3, leave Champaign from
          Dinner Dash- At Dewey’s in Farmer City we had 12 cars.                  Meijer’s @ 8:00, parades start at 10:30
          Dinner Dash-At Monticello we had 11 cars and some peo-             Mystery Cruise-September 24th
    ple ate at El Toro and some at Dairy Queen.                              Corvette display- for kid Sept 25th
    Webmaster Report: Email pictures to Megan for the website                Beth’s Place Work Day: We will wait till fall.
    Treasurer report: Cynda gave the treasures report.                 Golf Outing: We need goodie bag items, teams, hole sales.
    Secretary report: Motion mad by Dave Crull to dispense with        Carl Smith spoke about sponsoring golf carts. We would like for
    reading of the minutes Dick 2nd. I am working on the Updated       everyone to participate. You can have a picture of a corvette
    Member List.                                                       golf cart and your corvette. If you sponsor the winning or 2nd
    Governor Report: Upcoming car shows are :                          place team’s golf cart you will receive a prize also. To sponsor a
          Aug13 Bunker Hill                                            golf cart is $25.00. We would like to get the whole club in-
          Aug 14 Wheeling                                              volved. Sponsor a cart, buy raffle tickets, or come to the silent
          Sept 3 Hoopeston Sweet Corn Festival                         auction your participation will help out Beth’s place. Please eve-
          Sept 10 Gilman                                               ryone support our Fund Raiser for Beth’s Place. We also have
          Sept 10 Paxton                                               Raffles for golf clubs and golf bag. Pick up tickets from Carl and
          Sept 17 Savoy                                                help sale raffle tickets. We still need hole sponsors. PUTT FOR
          Sept 17 Illinois Antique Car                                 DOUGH- $5.00 For 3 balls, if you get in the circle or make a
    You can view cars in car shows at    hole you will go to the Championship. 50% goes to Beth Place,
    Carol-Let Carol know if you are not receiving the Newsletter.      30% to 1st, 20% to 2nd & 10% to 3rd. We need all of our club
    She also showed a blanket with a picture from the South Dakota     members to attend and help make this Benefit successful. Don’t
    trip.She is going to donate a blanket and wanted to know if peo-   forget to donate to the silent auction. We had 64 silent auction
    ple would like personalize or of the trip. If you bought a month   items last year and so far this year we only have 5. We need
    for the calendar, make sure you pay Carol                          more goody bag items, door prizes. Sullivan’s will sponsor the
    Chicago Jewelry Show –October 21st                                 hole-in-one insurance this year. Sullivan’s is also giving a
    Vice President: Art has Memphis pictures if anyone wants a         $50.00 gift to Callaway’s for each golf player if they come in and
    copy $5.00. The NCM wants us to do a Seminar in Chevrolet          test drive. Art & Carol will do a segment on SpotLight on 08/18.
    Theatre regarding Ray Quinlan on Thursday Morning. If anyone       We are having a remote at Hickory River August 29th. We will
    has ideas contact Art. Any stories you can share about Ray are     meet there @ 7:00 am. Doug & Art will do a segment on What’s
    needed. Members make sure you have signed the picture that         Happening on 9/6.
    is being donated. We are leaving Ogden at 7:00 am on August        50/50 Drawing; Collected $172.00, $86.00 to Ray Gonzalez.
    31st. We will stop at Vincennes and take a tour of the George      Motion to adjourn by Delora, Terry second.
    Rogers Clark Memorial and have lunch @ the Dogwood BBQ.            The meeting adjourned @ 8:25 pm.

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"         "       "      "       "      "
"         "       "      "
Video for Ray Quinlan: On August 21, a video crew from the National Corvette Museum came to make a video about Ray
Quinlan for the Hall of Fame induction banquet on September 1. Pictured above are Ray’s children Peggy, Ellen, Joe and
Bob and their spouses beside Ray’s 1963 Corvette. (center) row of Club cars at the video shoot. (right) Art Rapp became a
celebrity at the video shoot when they used all 5 minutes of his interview for the banquet video ... ask Art for his autograph!

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  CORVETTE CLUB OF ILLINOIS NEWSLETTER!                                                                     SEPTEMBER 2011

 Sharon Pearson all smiles when starting a new Corvette on the       Even though skies threatened rain, the car display at El Toro in
 plant assembly line (rare photo on assembly line - no cameras!).    Rantoul was fun (but hot) on August 14.

                                              "      "       "       "      "      "
                                              "      "       "       "

                                              "      "       "
 Doug was the movie star at the Hickory River car display on
                                           "       "                 Hickory River managers Brian Ennis and Mike Madigan were
 August 29.                                                          pleased with the 24 cars which showed for the car display.

The Club makes an impressive show for the Hoopeston parade          It’s all about having fun together! The Club at the George Rogers
on September 3. At least 40 cars are needed for this parade.        Clark memorial in Vincennes on August 31.

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 CORVETTE CLUB OF ILLINOIS NEWSLETTER!                                                               SEPTEMBER 2011

     September Birthdays                              Club Calendar
                                            Sept 3            Hoopston Parade
 Sept. 2	


     Larry Howell
                                            Miss America beauty queens! 10 AM;
 Sept. 5	


     Tammy West              leave Farm&Fleet 7 AM.
                                            Sept 6                   Stuffing Party
 Sept. 7	


     Linda Finger            at Carpenter’s Hall - stuff goodie bags for
                                            Golfers. 6 PM. Pizza afterwards.
 Sept. 11	

        Larry Warf
                                            Sept 11         Charity Golf Outing
 Sept. 11	

        Scott Walter            at Willow Pond Golf Course in Rantoul;
                                            shotgun start at 9 AM
 Sept. 12	

        John Pangburn           Sept 13                  Club Meeting
                                            7 PM at Sullivan-Parkhill in Champaign
 Sept. 12	

        Roxann Moss
                                            Sept 16-18     	

 Sept. 15	

        Karen Brian             at MAMW. Club tent & parking.
                                            Sept 24           MYSTERY CRUISE              2011 Grand Sport Coupe, $63,490
 Sept. 15	

        Lisa Lemenager          TBA
 Sept. 20	

        Dan McKenzie            Sept 25       	

       CAR DISPLAY             Sullivan-Parkhill Automotive
                                            fun day for kids, Church of Nazarene,            is a proud sponsor of the
 Sept. 22	

        Mike Castellon          West Kirby Ave, 2:00                             CCofI Charity Golf Outing
                                            Sept 30         U of IL Homecoming            providing Hole-in-One Insurance
 Sept. 22	

        Judy Martin             be at !st & Gregory Streets at 4:30 PM          and sponsoring a golf team
                                            for parade line-up
 Sept. 22	

        Paul Kuehl
                                            Oct 1-2 WINE&ARTS FESTIVAL                           Call George Longfellow
 Sept. 30	

        Linda Ogle              in Palestine TBA                                     217-352-4275
                                                                                                 ask for special Club pricing
                                            Oct 1-2 NEWPORT HILL CLIMB                 
 Sept. 30	

        Connie Strehlow
                                            Newport, IN - on your own.

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