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curriculum vitea by aqeelyousaf143


curriculum vitea

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									                   CURRICULUM VITAE
                                                               Muhammad Akmal
                                                        C/o Hassan Estate Agency,
                                                        St#01, H#03, Sheraz Garden,
                                                        Lahore Road, Sheikhupura,
                                                        Punjab, Pakistan,
                                                        Contact No: +923326841797
                                                        Phone No: +923324561764
                                                        Email Address:

Subject Requested for: Utility Operator

 My Mission Statement:

                  To pursue a progressive career in a dynamic organization that provides
                  opportunities for both professional and personal growth, and develops skills to
                  expand the organization’s performance. I will provide quality work to that
                  organization by hard work and determination.

                  Name                  :      Muhammad Akmal
                  Father’s Name         :      Muhammad Razzaq
                  Date of Birth         :      21-08-1986
                  N.I.C.N               :      35404-7385808-5
                  Nationality           :      Pakistani
                  Religion              :      Islam
                  Marital Status        :      Single


                     Degree/         Major           Year Of         Name of             Board /
                     course         subjects         Passing     institute/College      University
                                                                                      Board of
                   “C” Class   Boiler and
                                                                Govt. of Punjab.      Examining
                   Boiler      pressure               2008
                                                                  Pakistan            Engineering,
                   Engineering vessel
                                                                 Punjab Polytechnic       P.B.T.E
                     D.A.E        Mechanical          2006
                                                                Institute, Lahore.        Lahore
                                                                Govt. Islamia High
                     Matric.        Science           2003           School,           BISE Lahore
                                                                 Shani Computer
                   Computer        Software           2003
                      B-Tech (Mechanical) pass result waiting

Present Service:
                      Now I am working as Boiler Operator (Especially Boiler, STG, Water treatment, cooling
                      towers) in Liberty Power Tech Ltd. Faisalabad with the contract management of
                      Wärtsilä Pakistan since 18-10-2010. Plant Capacity 200 MW,

EXPERIENCE:           Total Experience: 06 years

                          2 years experience as Field Plant Operator in Nimir Industry Chemical
                           Ltd. (Petro Chemical), Pakistan. No. 03 STG at steam pressure 50 bar and
                           temp 400 c, Boiler 60 ton/h , Deminralized water plant 70m³/h, Air
                           compressor 8 bar, Cooling Tower 2400 m³/h, Raw Water Turbines, Waste
                           Water pumps
                          2 years and 5 month experience as Assistant Plant Operator of boiler and
                           Gas Turbine ( Power House) in Nishat Mills Ltd. Shiekhupura, Pakistan.

                   As a Plant Operator following responsibilities/jobs performed.
                          Maintaining shift Log, reading sheets, local control room operations
                           and field operations
                          Keen monitoring and controlling of different parameter of the plant,
                           recording data on data sheets and take appropriate actions in case of
                           any abnormality.
                          Surveillance of all equipments and raising work request in case of any
                           maintenance required.
                          Supervision of maintenance work to ensure plant, equipment and
                           personal safety.
                          Maintaining chronological detailed operation log of all operational
                          Handling of different operational emergencies with quick and effective
                           operational response.
                          Isolation & Normalization of all systems.
                          Fully involves in the plant start up, plant normal power operation, power
                          I have good skill for preparation and execution of OTOs (Order to

                             I have sufficient computer skill in following.
                                  Microsoft Ward
                                  Microsoft Excel
                                  PowerPoint
                                  Internet Surfing


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