Telephone Reference Check by X8gz7Qgd


									                                 DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                             DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES

                                  TELEPHONE REFERENCE CHECK
 Applicant                                      Job Applied for

 Employer Contacted                                   Date

Employment/Performance Verification

Person Contacted                                     Title            Phone

Business Relationship to Applicant
(Personal friends, workplace friends or family are not sufficient professional reference checks and will
not be accepted as reference checks).

Check Made by                               Title                               Date

Applicant Employment Dates: From                     To          Final Base Pay

Job Held/General Duties

1. Excluding absences due to disability or absences covered by Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA),
how many days of work did <<applicant name>> miss in the last six months of employment? Explain.

2. May I read from the application the part describing <<applicant name>>'s responsibilities while
working for your organization? (Read resume or application summary.) Does this sound accurate? Are
there any omissions or corrections?

3. If you had an opening today for the same job, would you hire <<applicant name>>’s Why or why not?

4. If we were to extend an employment offer, what suggestions would you give us to help contribute
towards his/her success of this new position? Any specific areas of professional development needed?

5. Are you aware of any workplace misconduct by <<applicant name>>while in your employment? If yes,
please explain.
6. Are you aware of any intimidating, threatening, or violent conduct by <<applicant name>> while in
your employment? If yes, please explain.

7. Is there any reason why this person should not work around children? If yes, please explain.

8. If you had to rate <<applicant name>>'s overall performance, would you rate it as above, at, or below
expectations? Why?

9. For whom did <<applicant name>> work prior to joining your organization?

10. Who else would you suggest we talk to in order to learn more about <<applicant name>>'s work

11. Is there anything else you think would be helpful for us to know about <<applicant name>> in making
our hiring decision?


12. Describe his/her communication skills both written and oral.

13. How did he/she adhere to district curriculum?

14. How does he/she facilitate the development and implementation of student learning?

15. How does he/she handle classroom behavioral issues?

16. How well is he/she able to follow directions and accept feedback, and how does he/she respond to

17. Does he/she have any extraordinary skills or major accomplishments that stand out?

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