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from prose to better prose


									              Writing Based on Prose Article

Article: Students can’t write (or read)
        In the article “Students can’t write (or read)” by Stephen Tollefsonv, talks about a significant

decline in overall reading and writing skills, in all ages , including in college or university students. There

are many good writers and readers, but he showed this process started a long time ago, back in 1896

and it continues to this day. I agree with this article. I have seen it myself. In Kwantlen, there are

subjects to prepare you for the lowest level of English (ENGQ 1097-1099, ABE 0091 and ABE 0091). As

well as, the total number of students increasing in Kwantlen, studying a variety of subjects, the numbers

of for these university preparatory courses have greatly increased to. Even though this is definitely true,

it is not all too bad, because the statistics have shown that these courses are working, because very

students fail English 1100, which is the lowest first year English course in Kwantlen. Now, you may

argue, what if English 1100 is too hard. The most logical rebuttal to this would be, universities are

supposed to be preparing us students for the real world of work. Universities do much research before

teaching students. The research is based on what the real world requires to do. To finish this thought, in

Kwantlen, Phillip Ho, who is a marketing professor, said, “Before adding a new marketing degree,

Kwantlen did one year worth of research.” This is the same for English reading and writing skills. So to

sum up, the world of writing and reading well, is changing and may eventually come back, however, it is

too far away to say it will happen anytime soon.

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