Please identify parts of speech for each word in the sentences below by X8gz7Qgd


									                              Diagnostic Test: Basic Parts of Speech

Please identify the part of speech for each word in the sentences below. Write the correct
letter(s) neatly above each word.

       N-Noun              PN-Pronoun            V-Verb          Adj-Adjective
       Adv-Adverb          P-Preposition         C-Conjunction   I-Interjection

1. The little dog ran.

2. Oh! You scared me!

3. The snow fell softly.

4. Pat and Joe quickly raked the leaves.

5. With great joy, Mom and Dad welcomed the new baby.

6. The boys fished in the gurgling stream.

7. Mary finished her reading assignment.

8. The earth travels around the sun.

9. I like humorous stories.

10. Math or English is my favorite subject.

11. In July, my family visited Washington, D.C.

12. My puppy is named Max.

13. Sam and Mary swept the sidewalk for Mrs. Johnson.

14. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.

15. Ice cream, cake and cookies were served at the picnic.

16. John, Joe and Tim built a fort in the backyard.

17. Teresa cleared the table while Katie washed the dishes.

18. Mom put a silver star on my spelling test.

19. On the wall in our classroom, Dad hung a colorful poster of the alphabet.
Underline the NOUN(s) in each sentence.                      Underline the ADVERB(s) in each sentence.

                                                                   1. Our family seldom has enough money to go out of
   1. Please put these new books in the bookcase.
                                                                      state for our vacation.
   2. A computer can store and retrieve information.
                                                                   2. I can barely hear what you're saying because of
   3. Ms. Enriquez believes wealth cannot buy happiness.
                                                                      the loud fire alarm.
   4. Her loyalty and honesty made her a great friend.
                                                                   3. Victoria beautifully glided across the floor as she
Underline the VERB in each sentence.
                                                                      danced with Daniel at the Valentine's Dance last
   1. Joey ran to the store.
   2. The boxer is strong.
                                                             Underline the PREPOSITION(s) in each sentence.
   3. The teacher helped the student with her homework.
                                                                 1. The library will hold the book until tomorrow.
   4. Thick clouds cover the planet Venus.
                                                                 2. The meeting of the Security Council took place at

                                                                    ten o’clock in a private area of the building.
Underline the PRONOUN in each sentence.
                                                                 3. The prompter sat behind the scenery with a small
   1. A spotted coat helps the leopard hide from its prey.
   2. Snow covered the ballpark earlier, but it melted.
                                                             Underline the CONJUNCTION(s) in each sentence.
   3. Many artists built their studios in old warehouses.
                                                                   1. We went fishing last Saturday, but we didn't catch
   4. Whose class won the award for perfect attendance?

Underline the ADJECTIVE(s) in each sentence.                       2. Mary went to the amusement park and rode a huge

   1. The huge crowd appeared excited and restless.                   roller coaster.

   2. Two old prospectors trudged across the desert.               3. Breaking in new shoes is sometimes painful, yet

   3. Our European guests were weary after the long trip.             it's worth it in the end.

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