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									{All banks that render online banking services claim that they have
strong firewalls that will prevent unauthorized entry into your account.
You should not get carried away, for these claims have been proven false
more than once by hackers. Make sure you sign out properly from your
online account once you are through with it, to prevent entry by someone
else.|Keeping your online account safe can be done by combining different
online account safety tips. Such tips include not storing your bank
account details on shared computers and regularly changing your password.
Also, you should not write down your passwords on paper, memorize them
instead. If you lose or forget your password, don’t worry much as
contacting your bank will either retrieve the old one or get you a new
one.|Online banking is not limited to PCs and laptops only; you can carry
out Internet banking by using your phone too, so far as it’s connected to
the Internet. Mobile Internet phone banking is like having your bank’s
branch in your pocket. You don’t have to wait till you get to your
computer at home or your office before you can carry out online banking.
Using mobile phone to access your account is fun and easier than the
computer as the phone interface is usually constructed to be more user

{Having a mobile account can be more beneficial than you think. Some
banks offer mobile phone banking free to attract more customers. It is
like a bonanza feature in the banking services rendered. Also, the risk
of fraud is lessened by mobile phone banking as there is always immediate
notification and alert when there are any activities on your account.|If
you are a young American who is tired of doing things the traditional
way, here is good news for you; you can bank differently with online
banking account. Online banking account is a smart way of carrying out
banking activities without the usual conventional queuing up, signing
checks and answering questions from bank tellers. }

{Online banking is a smart way of banking because you can easily balance
your records at any time by just checking out your bank statement anytime
you need it. You don’t have to be good in calculus before you balance
your online account. By keeping regular check on your account through the
internet is smarter than waiting for your statement at the end of every
month.|Smart banking, as they refer to online banking, can help you
monitor your accounts from anywhere. You can monitor the status of your
loan, mortgage and other credits in your name by simply using online
banking. Using online banking ensure you are again in line with the new
and latest technology in the world. Banking smartly will give you that
edge over your peers. |As an online account holder you can avoid the fees
usually charged for check writing or other transactions. Also, online
banking offers better deals such as reduced or no monthly charges. Many
online banks also now even allow online trading; giving you the
opportunity to use their systems for other financial needs.}

{Making deposits in an online account from check payment is often longer
than the usual banking methods. You may have to post your check or first
pay into another bank account before electronically transferring into
your online account. That’s why it takes longer time and attracts charges
from other institution like the post office or the other bank account
charges.|Online banking or cyber banking is posing a lot of problems for
revenue auditors, who presently grapple with lack of control over the
cash economy. Their regulation will further be reduced with financial
activities that are not carried out in the physical. But who is
complaining when our lives are now much better with online banking than

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