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					{Unlike the U.S., what constitutes legal evidence that your car is
insured in the UK is a piece of paper that your insurance company gives
you. It is called your insurance certificate or your cover note. You can
never lose this piece of paper; your car would probably be impounded… and
I somehow think that would be the least of your problems.|Traffic laws in
the UK, unlike the US, permits any authorized person to ask you to
produce your insurance certificate for inspection. If you cannot present
it immediately on request, you get what is the equivalent of a ticket.
You have one week to get your papers to the police station, or you may
then get arrested. We may get to that point too in the U.S.A…. who
knows!|A HORT/1 is some piece of paper that you are given in the United
Kingdom when you cannot present evidence that you have auto insurance. It
like a parking ticket. Within seven days, you must take a valid insurance
certificate to any police station you like and present it. You’re baked
if you don’t.}

{Unlike our dear old U.S.A, if you fail to produce an insurance
certificate for your automobile in the United Kingdom at any time that
some cop stops you, it is an offence. Some other parts of the world have
such rules, even a couple of states in the U.S. But I doubt that any of
them are that mean.|Everywhere in the world, we have people who stick
with the law, and we have those who flout it. Then again, we have people
who play games with the law. Take in the UK, for instance, you can’t own
a vehicle without auto insurance; and you must have the certificate of it
on your windshield like all the time. }

{The United Kingdom, unlike the United States, has a Motor Insurers
Bureau. This organization arranges compensation for victims of road
accidents when the accidents are caused by persons uninsured. They are
also the ones who take care of hit-and-runs. In addition, they operate a
Motor Insurance Database, which contains details of every insured vehicle
in the country. That way they can trace you if they have to.|Almost every
state in America has traffic laws that ensure auto insurance covering
liability for injuries and property damage done to others. However, the
way it is enforced may vary from state to state. Some states in fact are
more lenient than others, but you might want to be careful here. You
don’t want to run in with the law simply because you ‘thought things were
different here.’ If you don’t know, take the trouble to find out.|Most
states in America make auto insurance compulsory at some level. New
Hampshire, as a point of fact, is not very particular about liability
insurance, but the state of Virginia is. There is no short cut; you have
to acquaint yourself with the laws of each state before you drive
actively there.}

{Residents in the State of Virginia are required by law to pay an annual
fee of $500 to the state for every car that they own. In a sense, this is
some kind of auto insurance that is similar to what is practiced in the
UK. You won’t have to pay this fee if you have insurance on that car.|In
some states, you have to pay an annual fee per vehicle if you are not
going to get an auto insurance coverage for the car. Specifically, a
state like Virginia is particular about liability insurance. You get it,
or you pay… or you don’t get to keep your car.}
{Everywhere in the United States there are penalties for not purchasing
auto insurance. This notwithstanding, the consequences of non compliance
vary from state to state. Sometimes you get a slap on the wrist,
sometimes you pay a fine, and sometimes… well, let’s just say that
sometimes you get to have a word with a very irate judge.|It is not every
state in America that requires you to pay a substantial fine because you
don’t have auto insurance on your car. Some give you a license or
registration suspension or revocation, and some send you to jail. Imagine
doing jail time because you don’t have auto insurance.|Almost everywhere
in the world, you must have insurance on your car before you can drive
it. Many U.S. states have it that you must purchase a minimum of third
party insurance. And then, if you’ve got dough to spend, you can extend
your insurance coverage to anything else you want.}

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