Triple Tic-Tac-Toe by FDUq5KH


									Triple Tic-Tac-Toe
Materials Needed:
   o Laminated Tic Tac Toe Boards
   o red water soluble pen
   o black water soluble pen
How to play:
   o One player uses the black marker and the other uses
      the red marker.
   o Players take turns choosing a square and solving the
      problems. If that answer is on any of the other two
      tic tac toe boards, the player puts an X through all of
      the squares with the same answer
   o The first player to get three X’s in a row on one tic
      tac toe board wins the entire sheet and gets one point.
   o Continue as many games as desired.
   o The winner of the game is the player who earns the
      most points in the time given.

Multiplication: Ones
      9x1              8x1   7x1
      1x4              5x1   1x6
      1x7              9x1   1x3

      1x4              7x1   1x9
      9x1              6x1   4x1
      1x8              3x1   1x1

      9x1              8x1   1x5
      1x7              1x8   1x3
      2x1              1x4   6x1
Multiplication: Ones

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