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					         Men’s Club Minutes Cinco de Mayo. Ole!
Attendee’s: M. Counts, D. Ross, S. Wilkins, T. Furlong, Gerald?, A. Mains, R. Bryce, D.
Miller, K. Johnson, M. Anderson, and J. Fields

April minutes were eventually read and approved.

Correspondence: A letter inviting the Men’s Club to serve drinks during Community
Days was declined.

Finances: Tim reported that the account balance was $277.33. We have five new
members for the year, and Doug Miller generously donated his membership fee to the
Club after he found out he had previously paid.

New Business: Motion seconded and approved for an annual $10 fee to be charged for
hole-in-one insurance. New 2011 members will not have to pay this fee for the 2011
year. Insurance is defined as: A hole-in-one at GCC at any time will result in drinks
being paid for all of those on the course at the time of the hole-in-one. If the hole-in-one
happens during the Men’s night activity (Hopefully an Uglies format), the golfer wins
$100 (unlimited times) and drinks being paid for all of those on the course at the time of
the hole-in-one.

No new news from Arlington about the dates for the Match Play Cup?

Bar for Luau approved and workers volunteered.

Match Play begins May 18th. We will run a BBQ meal before every league night. Need
volunteer cooks to prepare the meals. See Dave for calendar.

Dave has extra players available for subbing on Match Play Night.

Goldex points will be awarded for number of players in the flights for all tournaments.
Matt will bring new language in to clarify.

Raffle Ticket prices for the golf cart will be $1 each or 6 for $5, 15 for $10, and 30 for

Motion seconded and approved to put golf cart on Craig’s List/E-bay for a minimum of

Next meeting planned for June 2nd.

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