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                                                                                           Bolin guilty
                                                                                         in ’86 slaying,                                           FRIDAY
                                                                                             gets life
                                                                                                Metro, Page 6

                                                                                         shape political
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10th DUI,10 years in prison
James Vernon
                                                                                      Defendant’s drunken                  area was handed his 10th drunk-        bar somewhere.”
Smith Jr. said                                                                                                             en-driving conviction Thursday in         Smith was arrested in August
prison won’t                                                                          driving record spans                 Hillsborough Circuit Court.            2011 and charged with driving
help his de-
pression and
                                                                                      30 years, three states                  He was sentenced to 10 years in
                                                                                                                           prison despite an emotional plea
                                                                                                                                                                  under the influence for the 10th
                                                                                                                                                                  time. He also was charged with
alcoholism. “I                                                                              BY KEITH MORELLI               by Smith, the father of two young      driving with a permanently re-
want to stop                                                                                 The Tampa Tribune             daughters. He said he was              voked driver’s license. He was
being a dan-                                                                                                               ashamed and sorry for his actions,     released on bail and within a
ger to myself                                                                          TAMPA — James Vernon Smith          and he cried and paused often          couple of weeks had been arrested
and everyone                                                                        Jr. says he’s not your typical         while reading a handwritten letter     on his 11th DUI charge. That case
around me,”                                                                         drunk.                                 in court.                              is scheduled for court next month.
he said.                                                                               And typical he is not.                 “I have often been handed the          Of all his DUI arrests, only two
                                                                                       The 48-year-old former under-       keys to the kingdom,” he told          involved wrecks, and they were
                                                                                    water welder who lives in Louisi-      Circuit Judge Kimberly Fernan-         minor. No one has ever been hurt,
                                                              JIM HOCKETT/STAFF     ana but has family in the Tampa        dez, “only to have left them on the                                DUI, Page 8

                                                 With a nod to history
  begs for                                          (and good taste),
 mercy in                                             Tampa’s original
 tax fraud                                         Cuban is the city’s
                                                  signature sandwich
 He used information
from police in scheme
   to steal refunds
         The Tampa Tribune

   TAMPA — A former police offi-
cer who used a law enforcement
database to help criminals steal
more than $1 million from U.S.
taxpayers begged a federal judge
for mercy Thursday, saying he
“did something stupid.”
   “I lost my head and I violated
everything I stood for,” Dana
Brown said.
   As Brown appeared in court,
legislators in Washington con-

               vened yet another
               hearing into the                                        AMPA — Bite this, Miami.
               explosion of iden-                                        Seriously, take a bite of Tampa’s
               tity theft and tax                                      pride and joy, the exalted and glori-
               refund fraud that                                       ous Cuban sandwich.
               has rocked Tam-                                           Take a good, long, soul-satisfying
               pa streets and                           taste.
               spread through-                             In the words of Tony Montana, say hello to
               out the country.                         my little friend.
Brown                                                      Let the combination of ham, mojo pork,
                  Authorities say
billions of dollars in taxpayer                                                   Genoa salami, Swiss
money are being stolen by crim-                                                   cheese, yellow mus-
inals who steal personal infor-                                                   tard and dill pickle
mation from innocent citizens                                                     slices dance all over
and use it to file tax forms with                                                 your taste buds. Close
phony income and deduction                                                        your eyes and listen to
amounts.                                                                          the satisfying crunch
   The forms are submitted to                              Jeff Houck             as your teeth bite                             Check
the government, which sends                               The Tampa Tribune       through the perfect                            out our
“refunds” to the thieves.                                                         crispy-but-not-too-
                                                        chewy crust of the Cuban bread.                              picks for the best
   Last year, the IRS says it                                                                                        Cuban sandwiches
stopped $6.5 billion in fraudu-                            And then, after you’ve swallowed that spec-
                                                        tacular avalanche of beautiful, authentic, sa-               in the Tampa area
lent tax refunds from being sent.
But the agency issued “signif-                          vory and sweet flavors, try to tell us with a                in TBO’s RNC
icantly greater” fraudulent re-                         straight face that your version of the sandwich              Visitors Guide.
funds than it stopped, said                             is better.                                                   Search: Visitors
J. Russell George, inspector gen-                          Good luck with that.                                      Guide
eral for tax administration, in                            We both know that any claim otherwise
testimony submitted Thursday                            would just be a lie.
to a House of Representatives                              Tampa tried to play nice. We tried to have a
subcommittee.                                                                                        CUBAN, Page 8

                       FRAUD, Page 5                                                                                                                                DAVID WILLIAMS/STAFF

The BP oil
spill is much
on the minds
                                                                                       BP oil spill suspect as Gulf yields sick fish
of Gulf fish-
ermen and
                                                                                      Two years later, there’s             sion that touched off the biggest
                                                                                                                           offshore oil spill in U.S. history,
                                                                                                                                                                  the picture isn’t as rosy as it might
                                                                                                                                                                  have seemed just a year ago.
researchers                                                                           evidence ‘something is               scientists, including researchers        The damage may extend well
who are
finding fish
                                                                                      still awry,’ expert says             from the University of South Flor-
                                                                                                                           ida, are beginning to suspect that
                                                                                                                                                                  beyond fish. In the past year,
                                                                                                                                                                  research has emerged showing
such as this                                                                                  BY CAIN BURDEAU              fish in the Gulf of Mexico are         deepwater coral, seaweed beds,
with lesions                                                                                 The Associated Press          suffering the effects of petroleum.    dolphins, mangroves and other
and infec-                                                                                                                    The evidence is nowhere near        species of plants and animals are
tions.                                                                                 BARATARIA BAY, La. — Open           conclusive, but if those suspi-        suffering.
                                                                                     sores.    Parasitic     infections.   cions are borne out, it could            “There is lots of circumstantial
                                                                                     Chewed-up-looking fins. Gashes.       mean that the environmental            evidence that something is still
                                                                                     Mysterious black streaks. Two         damage to the Gulf from the BP         awry,” said Christopher D’Elia,
                                                             THE ASSOCIATED PRESS    years after the drilling-rig explo-   disaster is still unfolding and that                        PETROLEUM, Page 8

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