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					       Highlights of NetBeans IDE 7.0 Keyboard Shortcuts & Code Templates
                                                   ⌃⇧ ↑ / ↓          Copy Selection Up / Down           ⌘ F8                 Toggle Breakpoint
Finding, Searching, and Replacing                  ⌘ F12             Inspect Members / Hierarchy        ⇧ ⌘ F8               New Breakpoint
⌃⌥G              Search Word at Insert Point       ⌘/                Add / Remove Comment Lines         ⇧ ⌘ F7               New Watch
⌘G               Find Next / Previous in File      ⌘E                Delete Current Line
⌘R               Find and Replace in File          Coding in C/C++
⌃ F7             Find Usages
                                                   ⌃⇧ G
                                                     ⇧               Go to Declaration                  Notes:
⇧⌘F/H            Find / Replace in Projects
⌃⇧ U             Find Usages Results               ⌘ F9              Evaluate Expression                     • ⌃ represents ctrl
⌃⇧ H             Toggle Search Result Highlights   Compiling, Testing, and Running                           • Press fn to use function keys (e.g., F5, F6, F8)
⌃R               Rename
⌘ U, then U      Convert Selection to Uppercase    ⇧⌘U               Create JUnit Test
⌘ U, then L      Convert Selection to Lowercase    ⇧⌘T               Go to JUnit Test
⌘ U, then S      Toggle Case of Selection          ⌃ F6 / ⌘ F6       Run JUnit Test on Project / File   Java Editor Code Templates
⇧⌘V              Paste Formatted                   F6 / ⇧ F6         Run Main Project / File            When typing in the Source Editor, generate the text in
⌘I               Jump to Quick Search Field        ⇧ ⌘ F6            Debug Test File                    the right-column below by typing the abbreviation that is
                                                   Opening and Toggling between Views                   listed in the left-column and then pressing Tab.
Navigating through Source Code
                                                   ⌘`                Go to Previous Document            En          Enumeration
⌘O/⌃⇧O           Go to Type / File
                                                                                                        Ex          Exception
⇧⌘T              Go to JUnit Test                  ⇧ Esc             Maximize / Minimize Window
                                                                                                        Ob          Object
⇧⌘B              Go to Source                                        (Toggle)                           Psf         public static final
⌘B               Go to Declaration                 ⌘W                Close Currently Selected           Psfb        public static final boolean
⌃G               Go to Line                                          Window                             Psfi        public static final int
⇧⌘M              Toggle Bookmark                   ⇧ ⌘ F4            Close all Windows                  Psfs        public static final String
⇧⌘./,            Next / Previous Bookmark           ⇧
                                                   ⌃⇧ D              Undock / Redock Window             St          String
                                                                     (Toggle)                           ab          abstract
⇧⌘1/2            Select in Projects / Files
                                                                                                        as          assert true;
⌘[               Move Caret to Matching Bracket    Debugging                                            bcom        /**/
⌃Q               Go To Last Edit Location                                                               bo          boolean
                                                   ⇧ ⌘ F5         Debug Selected File                   br          break;
Coding in Java                                     ⇧ ⌘ F6         Debug Test File (JUnit)               ca          catch (
                                                   F5             Continue Debugger Session             cl          class
⌃I               Generate Code
                                                   ⇧ F5           Finish Debugger Session               cn          continue
⇧⌘I              Fix Imports                                                                            db          double
                                                   F4             Run to Cursor Location in File
⌃⇧ I             Fix Import for Selected Class     F7 / F8        Step Into / Over                      df          default:
⌃⇧ F             Format Selection                  ⌘ F7           Step Out                              dowhile     do {
⌃⇧ ← / → /
  ⇧              Select Left / Right / Up / Down   ⌃↑/↓           Go to Called / Calling Method                     } while (condition);
↑/↓                                                                                                     eq          equals
                                                   ⌘ F7           Evaluate Expression
         Highlights of NetBeans IDE 7.0 Keyboard Shortcuts & Code Templates
ex       extends                                        pu         public                                      JSP Editor Code Templates
fa       false                                          re         return
fcom     // <editor-fold></editor-fold>                 runn       Runnable runnable = new Runnable() {        ag      application.getAttribute("|")
fi       final                                                      public void run() {}};                     ap      application.putAttribute("|",)
fl       float                                          serr       System.err.println ("|");                   ar      application.removeAttribute("|")
         for (Iterator it = collection.iterator();      sh         short                                       cfgi    config.getInitParameter("|")
forc                                                                                                           jspf    <jsp:forward page="|"/>
             it.hasNext();) {                           sout       System.out.println ("|");
             Object elem = (Object);          soutv      System.out.println("Object = " + Object);           <jsp:getProperty name="|"
         }                                              st         static                                               property="" />
fore     for (Object elem : iterable) {                 su         super                                       jspi    <jsp:include page="|"/>
         }                                              sw         switch (var) { case val: break;                     <jsp:plugin type="|" code=""
fori     for (int i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {}                     default: throw new AssertionError();}              codebase=""></jsp:plugin>
forl     for (int i = 0; i < lst.size(); i++) {         sy         synchronized                                jsps    <jsp:setProperty name="|" property=""/>
           Object object = lst.get(i); }                tds        Thread.dumpStack();                         jspu    <jsp:useBean id="I" type=""/>
forst    for (StringTokenizer st = new                  th         throws                                      oup     out.print("|")
          StringTokenizer(""); st.hasMoreTokens();) }   tr         transient                                   oupl    out.println("|")
forv     for (int i = 0; i < vct.size(); i++) {         trycatch   try {}                                      pcg     pageContext.getAttribute("|")
          Object object = vct.elementAt(i);}                        catch (Exception e) {}                     pcgn    pageContext.getAttributeNamesInScope("|")
fy       finally{ |}                                    tw         throw                                       pcgs    pageContext.getAttributesScope("|")
ie       interface                                      twn        throw new                                   pcr     pageContext.removeAttribute("|")
ifelse   if (condition){}else {                         vo         volatile                                    pcs     pageContext.setAttribute("|",)
         }                                              wh         while (                                     pg      <%@page |%>
iff      if (exp) {}                                    whileit    while (it.hasNext()) {                      pga     <%@page autoFlush="false"%>
im       implements                                                  Object elem = (Object);}        pgb     <%@page buffer="|kb"%>
inst     if (exp instanceof Object) {                                                                          pgc     <%@page contentType="|"%>
           Object obj = (Object) exp;                              while (en.hasMoreElements()) {              pgerr   <%@page errorPage="|"%>
                                                        whilen                                                 pgex    <%@page extends="|"%>
iof      instanceof                                                 Object elem = (Object)
 ir      import                                                    en.nextElement();}                          pgie    <%@page isErrorPage="true"%>
 le      length                                                                                                pgim    <%@page import="|"%>
na       native                                         whilexp    while (exp) {}                              pgin    <%@page info="|"%>
newo     Object name = new Object(args);                                                                       pgit    <%@page isThreadSafe="false"%>
pe       protected                                                                                             pgl     <%@page language="java"%>
pr       private                                                                                               pgs     <%@page session="false"%>
psf      private static final                                                                                  rg      request.getParameter("|")
psfb     private static final boolean                                                                          sg      session.getAttribute("|")
psfi     private static final int                                                                              sp      session.setAttribute("|", )
psfs     private static final String                                                                           sr      session.removeAttribute("|")
pst      printStackTrace();                                                                                    tglb    <%@taglib uri="|"%>
psvm     public static void main(String[] args){

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