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Health Care Reform-what It Means For Americans


Many individuals receive health care coverage through their employer. For some individuals, this coverage can continue after retirement through a pension plan. However, most elderly Americans are faced with the decision of either relying solely on Medicaid and Medicare benefits or supplementing those benefits with additional insurance. Many carriers offer such supplemental health insurance for the elderly, but not all plans are created equal.

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									Over and over again we hear about health care reform and yet there are
very few people who understand what this means. That is probably because
the name is misleading, it is indicative of a much needed change in the
U.S. healthcare system. Actually however, the only thing that is being
reformed is who is paying for it and who is covered.

 Health care reform, as it is being called, will be a welcome relief for
those who can't afford health insurance for whatever the reason. Two of
the most common reasons are available financial resources or pre-existing
health matters. This reform, they reason will give everyone, regardless
of status, health care coverage.

 This new plan will not deny health care coverage to anyone, including
those who have pre-existing conditions or life threatening illnesses;
everyone will be covered. Every American citizen, regardless of personal
status, will be equally eligibility and no one will be turned down or
turned away for health care.

 There are concerns about this new plan however, it is important to
realize that by adding all these additional people into the health care
system this will raise the cost especially when you will now be including
people who have serious health issues and those who have not been
receiving regular health care. This in theory will be balanced by all
those who are healthier and will supposedly balance out, but many
individuals who are currently insured and employed are seriously
concerned about how this will all work out and how much extra it will
wind up costing them.

 Using a misleading term or name such as The Health Care Reform to
describe what it really is: a Nationalized Health Plan and will bring
with it, its own unique set of problems. It is very misleading, no matter
how you look at it. Other nations who have adapted this type of health
care, have experienced a hugh imbalance between care that is needed and
the ability of the health care professional to keep up with the demand.
Long waits to see specialists and a less than adequate number of doctors
to see patients seems to be a uniform problem with this type of health
care. Why U.S. law makers cannot see the trend of other nations who are
moving away from a nationalized health care system, because of the
inefficiencies it creates and caters to, is beyond belief to many voting
citizens. Why would an advanced nation such as the United States be
taking a step backwards concerning health care?

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