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									Title: Steps for ActiveX Installation
Date: 25.04.2012.
Student: Marina Novakovic
Subject: Information and Communications Technologies
If you browse the Web regularly, it won’t be long before you come across a site that requires
ActiveX. Use the following guide to learn how to install ActiveX.

Step 1

Look for the yellow bar at the top of the Web page. This means the site incorporates ActiveX
controls. This will usually pop up under the browser window. There might be a message on it
saying "This site might require software from ... Click here to install” or something similar.
To view all the contents of the page, ActiveX must be installed.

Step 2

Click the yellow bar. A security warning will pop up. It will state "Active X component was
installed by company X”. Two options will be shown, to install or not to install. Click Install.

Step 3

Click Install again. At this point, the options may vary depending on what Web browser you
are using. Usually though, a dialog box will appear. It will ask you if you want to install the
control. Click install again. If you don’t want to continue, click “Don’t install”.

Step 4

Click Refresh on the Web browser. Its location will vary among the browsers. After you
refresh the browser, the installation will be finished. Most of the time, the control will be
audio or video. If for some reason the video or audio is not available, press the F5 key to
refresh the page again. The control will be visible.


This procedure has to be repeated on other websites that need ActiveX. This is not a one-time
installation procedure. This is something that anyone studying how to install ActiveX should

Whenever a page asks for the controls, they must be installed. However, the process is the
same as the one described above.
Tips and Warnings

Press Ctrl + R to quickly refresh the page. If you don’t trust the ActiveX develop, do not
download the control. You will still be able to view the page except for the part that uses
ActiveX. Only download ActiveX components from reputable sites. Using controls from
suspicious looking websites could render your system vulnerable to hacking.

What is ActiveX?
ActiveX are programs that can function within the Windows environment. They are usually
designed for use with Web pages. These were created to ensure that different programs could
use the same functions.

One of the most useful is the spell checker. Rather than make one for each Microsoft Office
app, Microsoft created the ActiveX spell checker that could be used by all the Office

An ActiveX control is written in a computer programming language, usually Visual Basic or
C++. All the controls function within a Web browser, so learning how to install ActiveX is
not that difficult to understand.

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