Health Benefits Of Using Homemade Recipes For Baked Barbeque Chicken Breasts by pamungkas.budi02x


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									In the fast-paced world of today, meals are often taken on the go rather
than prepared from scratch with fresh ingredients. Yet there are some
easy, fast and tasty recipes that can be put together even after a tiring
day out. White meat is healthier than red. You will be giving yourself
some of the health benefits of using homemade recipes with some home
cooked chicken.

 How it is cooked makes all the difference. The less fat used in the
cooking process, the better. The healthiest options are baking or
barbequing. Only a small amount of oil is needed with these two methods.
This is advised for chicken breasts because they are one of the tenderest
parts and they cook quite fast. When combining the two methods, most
people will sear the meat on the grill until they see the grill marks,
then finish it in the oven.

 One recipe uses just chicken broth and barbeque sauce. Pour enough
chicken broth into a baking dish until the bottom is lightly covered.
Layer either a pound of skinned chicken breasts or halves, then brush the
meat lightly with some barbeque sauce. Bake in an oven set to 325 degrees
for one hour. When the chicken is ready, put another coat of barbeque
sauce on and your are good to go!

 Chicken breasts can also be baked at 350-degrees in the oven for 45
minutes. Combine half a cup of ketchup, a tablespoon each of mustard,
lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce, half a cup of brown sugar and a
quarter cup of water. Bring these to a low boil then cover the chicken
breasts with it and bake for 15 more minutes and then serve.

 One advantage of these recipes is that you can use the chicken to make
sandwiches, pies and other healthy snacks so that you keep enjoying the
health benefits of using homemade recipes. You avoid unhealthy, fast
foods and related lifestyle diseases. You get great cooking and add in
the health benefits for a true win/win situation.

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