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					Over the past three years my husband has been putting in extremely long hours trying to get a home based
business off the ground. We have had very limited free time together and we have invested most of his earnings
as well as my salary back into the business. His hard work and our savings have greatly paid off. We are
making more money than we ever have in the past and we also have more free time. Due to this I will be able to
quit my job soon and become part of the home based business. I found out from my sister that my husband is
looking for a special gift for me to celebrate our success and to thank me for my support. I told her to
tellto get me a Las Vegas vacation. She laughed and said that was what she had already mentioned to him when
he asked her for ideas.

It has been three years since I have had a Las Vegas vacation. I love going there. I enjoy playing slot
machines and going to shows. Best of all is the people watching. I can spend half of my Las Vegas vacation
sitting and watching the people go by, or walking through the casinos and watching people gamble. When I am on
a Las Vegas vacation it is like being transported to a fantasy land. Money seems to lose its value and the
time of day does not matter. From the time I get off the plane until I get back on I feel like I have
left my
life behind me.

A Las Vegas vacation does not have to cost very much. Air faire and accommodations can be quite reasonable,
especially if you go during the week. The brunch and lunch buffets are usually quite reasonably priced, so we
eat a large meal in the middle of the day to take advantage of the reduced price, and then have a lighter
evening meal. We have also found reasonable afternoon shows or cancelled tickets on evening shows that are
sold for a reduced price. Another way to save a great deal of money on food, entertainment and souvenirs is by
using a player’s club card while gambling. The casinos give you complimentary points for each dollar you spend
gambling. The points can be used for meals, show tickets and at the casino gift shops. One friend of ours had
his accommodations pay for during his last Las Vegas vacation from the points that he had accumulated on his

My husband presented me with tickets for a Las Vegas vacation. He will stay home and take care of the business
while I go with a girlfriend. His special gift is going to be an Alaskan hunting trip. We will not be spending
time together, but we will both be doing something we enjoy.

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