Big B to fly to America for further treatment by benchua


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									Big B to fly to America
for further treatment

If the newest buzz is to be believed Amitabh
Bachchan who underwent a stomach
operation 8 weeks back could be flying to the
U.S. to regard his disease after he underwent a
CT scan recently. It’s being said that massive
B will move to La for treatment as he takes
his health severely. As a result of health
problems, Big B is not going to work till

Amitabh had a CT Scan a couple of weeks
ago in Mumbai. He decided to visit America
for treatment. It’s said that he’ll visit La in
May-June where he’ll undergo required treatment. As per sources, he suffered a significant abdominal
pain on April 9 after around 2 months he’d underwent stomach surgery. However, hospital
Superintendent said that Amitabh was here for schedule check-up.

Big B has canceled all his ventures till September. Big B, however has committed to shoot for Rohit
Shetty’s movie ‘Bol Bachchan’ before September.

Big B is saying a big no to all acting assignments that come his way before September this year. Reason
being that the actor will soon take off for Los Angeles for treatment. Our sources reveal that this decision
was taken after he underwent a CT scan at a city hospital last month.

Well-placed industry sources attribute the alarm to the pain that troubled Bachchan on April 9, two
months after he underwent abdominal surgery at another Mumbai-based hospital. "It was the first time
since the operation in February that Bachchan saab felt such severe pain and had to go for a CT scan soon
afterwards," said a source.

While the hospital's medical superintendent had reportedly said that it was a routine examination and was
related to previous health conditions, our source asserts that the 69-year-old actor isn't taking it lightly.

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