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									Under Eye Cream: Top 4 Side Effects Everyone Should Know

Lots of people are getting stressed with their dark circles under eyes, whether these are the result of
insufficient sleep or more serious grounds. Under eye dark circles can make you look weary, preventing
you from achieving the finest look. An under eye cream can reduce the effects of these ugly dark circles,
yet you cannot expect that there will be no side effects. Generally speaking, under eye cream’s side
effects will still depend on the product’s most essential ingredient.

First Side Effect: Vitamin K Allergic Reaction

One of the primary components of most under eye cream options is vitamin K, known to be effective in
restoring blood vessels that cause dark pigmentation. It is found out, however, that specialists are
having second thoughts on the efficiency of the vitamin when it is ingested and when it is topically
applied. In those highly unusual situations, some individuals experienced allergic reactions to injection
or supplement and more unusual on topical treatments.

Second Side Effect: Skin Vulnerability

An under eye cream is commonly combined with eye wrinkle creams and there are instances when
these include various gentle acid types that can prompt a blazing feeling, especially on the eye’s
vulnerable skin region. It is a must that you read the directions and ingredients cited by the
manufacturer since gentle burning can indicate the function of the product. It is suggested that if an
anti-wrinkle under eye cream will not include any acid yet burning or tingling still happens, stop using
the product.

Third Side Effect: Discoloration of Skin Caused by Hydroquinone

Hydroquinone is one bleaching means used in the skin bleaches for the purpose of lessening the
appearance of age spots, freckles, acne spots as well as dark circles under eyes. It has been observed
that once this is not properly used based on the advice or suggestion of the expert, the chemical can
cause hypo- and hyper-pigmentation. These skin stains are almost enduring, which is why it is advised
that skin treated with hydroquinone should have sunscreen before it is exposed.

Fourth Side Effect: Irritation Caused by Retinol

A vitamin A derivative, retinol is being used in numerous anti-aging products, including under eye cream
for dark circles. It has been accounted that retinol can cause some inflammation from skin creams, even
if the skin might fiddle with the cure that can discontinue the inflammation. Several users opt to use it
ever other night so that inflammation can be avoided.

Knowing these side effects of under eye cream will let you identify the product that will best help you
with your issues.

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