Best Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Reviews

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Best Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum
Cleaner Review

I know this dyson dc41 animal bagless vacuum cleaner will be long, so I will present this in pro's
& con's, a summary of my background a little, a summery of my experiences, and then a more
detailed follow up on some of those pro's/con's.

All in all, my wife and I are really happy with it. It's only been the first week, so time will tell.

Some of the pro's and con's might appear to be double listed, as some are a plus and a minus.

* Sucks - pulls dirt out of somewhere where my last vacuum couldn't find it.
* a bit quieter than any vacuum I have had...lower
pitch as well. My wife and I can actually talk at
reasonable levels when the vacuum is running.
* Vacuum head self adjust to floor, so no bending
down to turn the @!#$ switch on most vacuums.
* Attachments lock into place, so they don't come off
when using them
* Dirt canister removes as one unit (no dirt on the
floor), dumps out of bottom over a trash can - some
dust may come up, but small
* Beaters/rollers (rolling brush that hits the carpet)
stops rotating when the vacuum is in park, which also
diverts the airflow to the hose.
* Beaters have a switch to turn them off - for hard
* Pulling on hose to clean with does not cause the
vacuum to fall over
* Hose does not fight you to keep it extended, but does spring back when needed...not sure how
they pulled this one off - looks weird.
* Feels lighter
* Wand is one piece, so you don't have to assemble it to use it
* Lots of attachment options
* Filters are all washable, it says once every 3 months - after 2 wks, there was only the finest, and
almost no dust...washed it just to see.
* LONG elec cord - 30+
* no wasted space, so the design looks cleaner (i.e. hose tucks into frame/handle)


* easy to unclog (see very end - 1.5 month update)

* Wand is a bit awkward, length is a solid 3ft, and has to be removed to use tools with the hose
* Ball takes a little getting used to.
* Elec cord is not a self wind up
* Canister dumps out the bottom - not all the dirt comes out, but most. way too much dog hair
while using hair attachment will require fishing it out by hand, though not difficult.
* Most attachments are extra, meaning extra money.
* Smaller canister than most vacuums, but not bad either.

I decided to go with frustration free in the title, rather than the typical "this vacuum sucks". I'm a
guy, I think I'm typical in that I'm not a fan of vacuuming. I do it to keep the filth wife
can see dirt better than I, either it's in the genes, or men are better at ignoring things they don't
want to know about, cuz then we would have to do something about it.

At any rate, I'm always frustrated when vacuuming. Getting it out, moving it around, the endless
back and forth. This is before you start dealing with attachments and emptying/maintaining the
thing. I've been using bagless since they came out.

We have pets, 1 cat, 2 dogs, and others (but they don't leave hair or dirt around). These 3 pets
are also allowed to come and go as they please, so for the most part, vacuuming is needed to
keep the hair down, and the dirt as well. As such, pet hair kills vacuums. Which is why the last
few I have purchased have been Bissels. Especially the pet one. I had a Eureka once that killed
itself in less than a year on dog hair (gets in the rollers, and burns the bearings up. I've liked the
Bissels (last two vacuums), but decided with a Dyson for a number of reasons based on reviews,
plus I would rather buy one good machine, than a lot of mediocre ones.

I've had the Dyson for a whole week, so keep in mind, mileage may vary. I'm actually rather
impressed. We tend to vacuum weekly, though more would be better (white long haired dog,
means you see hair the day after you vacuum on dark colored rugs). Our Bissel needed replacing,
so I'm told by my wife, but it seemed to do a pretty good I thought.

On opening up the box, I'm a guy, no need for instructions, the vacuum went together pretty
nicely. No tools required. Snapped together like an expensive lego set. Though rather straight
forward, they include cheat sheets on the vacuum for those that didn't open the instruction book.
I didn't time myself, but it took longer to get the parts out of all the packing material, than it did
to assemble it....not that there was too much packing material.

On first use, a bit of dirt (and hair of course) came up. A bit more than I would have expected. I
was impressed on that alone. I then vacuumed the next few nights. I was amazed at how much
dirt came out of the carpet (same each time). I know dirt packs into the carpet, but geez.


Most vacuums it seems a chore to vacuum, in that you have to move back and forth while
rotating the vacuum to move it across the floor. Basically I can move it around with almost no
effort. The head is a little lower in height, so I can actually get into places I couldn't before. One
thing to note, most vacuums have many of those brushes on the beater/roller, where the Dyson
has half as many - spaced further apart.

MORE DETAILS (than you probably needed)
So most reviews talk about how much the thing sucks (meaning less back and forth), I mentioned
my results above. What is amazing is that it is noticeably quieter. It's not like you can vacuum
while someone sleeps, but it is quieter. The lower pitch also seems to make the noise less

The Canister: it's nice in that you don't have to open up the container over the floor to take it
over to empty it. With dog hair, on other machines I usually end up pulling some hair out of other
places and getting dirt on the floor, as well as the vacuum. Basically, I have to re-vacuum the area
I stopped to empty the vacuum. As nice as it is to just pull of the whole canister, hold it part way
into the trash can, and push a button to empty the whole thing - not all the dirt comes out, and
you do have to close it by hand....I've been giving it a little jiggle before closing it, causing the
usual dust cloud at the trash can...will have to see if I work out a better method of use.

Vacuum hose wrestle mania 2000 is closed for business on this machine. Typically, on other
vacuums I have had, the hose has a strong pull which i have to hold on to, and also make sure i
don't pull the vacuum over....or onto me if I'm close by. This is in part that vacuums tend to have
the hose high up on the vacuum, making them tilt easy. Dyson is very low on the vacuum. Also,
I'm not sure how they do this, the hose will spring back together for putting it up, but when you
pull on the hose to use it, it takes little effort to maintain the extended kinda pulls itself
back together when you are done.

I have not actually weighed the Dyson and my old vacuum. And while I would swear the Dyson
was lighter while using it, they kinda feel like the same weight if you just lift them up....I'm
guessing this is a result of a lower center of gravity.

Attachment heaven - have you ever had the attachments fall off while using them. I have. not all
the time, but enough to be annoying, or you push them on really hard, but then have to work to
get them off. Dyson attachments all lock into place. Rather simply done, and easy to use. Though,
the way they go on, they can't be rotated...not sure if this is a bad thing.

And lastly; the ball. It does maneuver better than a regular vacuum, and I think it is the big plus
to significantly reducing the frustration in vacuuming. It's actually rather maneuverable. Though
it takes a little getting used to, in getting into tight spots.

1.5 Month update
We both still love this thing. I won't go over what I have before. I recently decided to clean the car.


Not that it was filthy, but with the dogs and use, it needed to be cleaned. It worked like a champ,
but one aspect I wanted to point out was that I found I missed an unused Starbucks napkin under
the seat. The vacuum pulled that thing in so fast, I couldn't even react. A few points from this
event. I believe the vacuum has a bypass when the unit is clogged to save the motor. I could hear
something as it kicked in and out. Also, to unclog the unit, since the napkin was way in there. If
you turn it off, and move the handle down like you were to vacuum the floor...there is a tube that
I had not noticed before that switches from the hose to the floor. When it does this, that is where
my vacuum was clogged. i.e. you don't need to try and push it through like on other vacuums, or
figure out how to get the napkin out....though it did take a few minutes to figure this out...quite
by accident.

Approx 6 month update
Not be repetitive, but we both still love this thing. The ball, and its operation, is much easier now.
I've been getting pretty good at rotating my wrist to get the vacuum to move around some pretty
tight spots or around obstacles.

Not sure if this is a bad or good thing, but the throat of the vacuum in floor mode is not very
large. I still have to pick up the occasional item that I would think would be small enough when
compared to my older vacuums, but the Dyson will not pick it up. i.e. having to either pick it off
the floor, or tip over the vacuum to pull it out (not difficult, just annoying.) Of course, come to
thing of it, it was usually one of these objects that clogged the vacuum. Aside from not picking
something up, and the one car incident, I have not really experienced any clogging with the
Dyson in the 6mo we have had it.


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