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Wallowa Lake Tramway, Oregon - A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

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Have the vacation of a lifetime at the Wallowa Lake Tramway, Oregon, by knowing the Attractions to see - Best
times to visit - Places to stay, and more.

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A visit to Wallowa Lake Tramway in Oregon is an experience you will never forget. That's because the views are
incredible and the ascent is so amazing that you will always have this memory guarded in your mind's eye. In
1970 the gondola ride opened in Wallowa County and it became the attraction that was most popular. Since then
tourists who ride the tram up the 3700 feet to Mt. Howard's summit report back that it is an experience of
lifetime and one that will never be forgotten. In fact, many tourists come back time and time again to bring
family members and friends or to experience the wonder of this trip one more time.

If you are wondering what the Wallowa Lake Tramway is all about just imagine sliding into a gondola and have
it take you up 3700 feet to the summit of a mountain. Imagine the beautiful views you will encounter along
the and the joy you will experience from the bird's eye view.

Some of the things you will see as you are ascending to the summit include the blue waters of Wallowa Lake as
well as the rugged peaks that stick out from the Eagle Cap Wilderness area. The ride up is amazing, but when
you reach the summit you will have a new experience that won't be soon forgotten as well. At the summit you
will encounter temperatures that are a bit cooler not to mention beautiful plants and vegetation. Most of
plants and vegetation only grow in alpine areas so you may not be familiar with all the plants.

There are lots of trails you can walk along as well to learn a little bit more about the area. There are
signstell you the names of plants as well as any other important information you might need to know. So, as
you are walking all your questions will be answered and you will learn quite a lot about the area. If
you want to walk down a path then you might enjoy hanging out at the Summit Grill and Alpine patio. There
you can enjoy anything from a nice beverage to a full meal while basking in the beautiful views that will
literally take your breath away.

Once you see this kind of beauty you will always remember it and may even want to return for family reunions,
weddings, picnics, or any other outing.

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By Robert W. Benjamin

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