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Empower Network Blogging System
The Empower Network Blogging System is something to really look in to and discover if
this is just another load of crap or if it is TRULY something that deserves close attention.
Never before in the history of the network marketing niche has there been such a claim
made. The claim is that it IS possible to eliminate all technical aspects of marketing AND
earn 100% commissions while your at it. If these claims are accurate, then you have found
a cash cow.
Empower Network Blogging System At A Glance

The Empower Network Blogging System is not much to look at. As a matter of fact, it’s
nothing to look at, at all. When you decide to purchase this new system, there is no
physical material product that you can get your hands on. You will get exactly what you
paid for. You will get a blog. The good news is that there it’s no ordinary blog.
If you yourself were to start your very own blog, there is a TON of things you must

   What Domain Name You Will Choose AND Buy
   What Web Hosting You Will Choose AND Buy
   What Theme You Will Choose After YOU Setup Your Blog
   What Auto-Responder You Will Use For Your Blog
   What Capture Page You Will Use
   What Sales Page You Will Use
   How Will You Collect The Money From Your Sales
   How Will You Rank In The Search Engines
These are just some of the technical things that you MUST know in order to make some
serious money online. So what can the Empower Network Blogging System offer you? Well,
it can offer you ALL of the things mentioned above that you would have to buy and setup
yourself. The Empower Network Blogging System comes with your own domain
name,(http://www.empowernetwork.com/YOURuserNAME). Your web hosting is already
included. There is a attention-grasping theme already chosen for you that you can freely
customize. The system has a built-in auto-responder to capture all of your leads from the
pre-done capture page. It also includes a sales page that you don’t have to do ANY selling
on. The selling is all done for you and you get to keep ALL of the commissions from the
sales being directly deposited to your very own merchant account. And the best part of all.
You will be blogging on a High Ranked Authority Domain which simply means that it is
already highly indexed in Google and all other search engines.
Not a bad deal. But that’s just the system in a nut shell. But lets crack that shell open and
feed from the inner mechanisms of why you would even consider purchasing this empower
network blogging system.

Empower Network Blogging System Cracked Open

The empower network blogging system mentioned above does sound great. But anything
that’s valuable is typically worth something. I mean, do you really expect this system to be
completely free? I will honestly tell you that setting up what is already being offered to you
above can easily cost you $3,000 or more. Here is why. The domain name and the web
hosting may only cost you $25 to get started and maybe $10 per month to host your blog.
But after you get your blog, you are going to need to promote it to get ranked in the search
engines. This alone is a massive full time job. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, it
can turn into late nights, constant frustration, and headaches. Trust me, I know. Before I
began to use this blogging system, frustration and headaches were very common for me.
And if you want to avoid spending money on all of this AND additional money on training
and resources to get the rest of the mentioned above items, you need to REALLY try this
After mentioning how much money you can EASILY spend trying to get ALL of that setup,
you’re probably wondering how much this blogging system will really cost. Well, it’s not as
expensive as you man think. But there are two parts to this system. You can freely
purchase the empower network blogging system for as little as $25 per month. This
package will get you what we mentioned above. BUT, if you want to make 100%
commissions reselling it and get the commissions directly deposited to your own merchant
account, it will cost you an additional $19.95 per month. Even so, the VALUE that you will
obtain from this system is unmatched it the industry. Think of it as an investment in your
education. Except, this is hardly an investment as you can easily spend this money in ONE
night out or more.
Empower Network Blogging System Compensation Plan

Although you will have to pay $44.95 per month to maintain resell rights to your blogging
system, you can easily make that back by referring three people to the system. Think
about it. If you get three people, you will be able to pay for your own fees. As an affiliate,
always remember this. Just like you pay for this system per month, any body you refer will
pay YOU on a per-month basis. Now, how does that sound. And remember, I’m assuming
you only refer three people. What would happen if you would refer 20, 30, 50 or 100
people? These would be paying you EVERY month.
Is there a catch? Yes! You must work hard. Success does not come by chance. You MUST
make it happen. The great news is that you will have ALL the tools and training necessary to
be able to earn money with the empower network blogging system. But before
you JOIN, watch this video about the Compensation Plan. It will be explained by the
founders of the Empower Network company.
Listen, I know what you’re thinking right now. “If I join this program, will I really make
money here?” That can ONLY depend on you. You see, this system is made for those how
want more out of life. If you can build this system successfully, you can make enough
money to get rid of your debt, live in the present, and save for the future. You can
ultimately become financially independent. I know that sounds like a load of crap. But if
there are other people doing it, WHY NOT YOU? Decide to take ACTION and at minimum
give this a shot. There worst that can happen is that you’ll learn something new. But the
best that can happen, is that you can potentially achieve financial freedom by just

P.S. If you wan’t to talk about it before you join, which I recommend, you can give me a call
or contact me on my information below. But be aware. I will only talk to those are really
serious about making this thing work. Obviosly, I don’t know where your mind set is right
now. But I will give to options. Either JOIN and start this journey of online success, or give
me a call to talk it over.
Jose Diaz
E-Mail: jdiazempower@gmail.com
Phone: 267-439-1535


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