Combining Travel Safety Tips With Travel Health Insurance by Nur.Faidah02x


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									It's one thing to invest in a travel health insurance policy in order to
provide healthcare and emergency medical treatment benefits while you
travel abroad. It's another thing to take the necessary steps to reduce
your chance of needing to use those benefits. While you never want to
tempt fate and travel without protective coverage, you also want to avoid
the hassle and pain of actually having a health issue during your stay
abroad, which means you want to utilize the following tips.

Get a Checkup

Before you go on any trip, make sure you get a checkup. When you do, let
the physician know where you are going and what you plan to do while
you're there. That way, you can get any vaccinations you might need and
get yourself medically cleared to participate in many different
activities, including walking for hours, swimming and diving.

Don't Sacrifice Safety for Fashion

Wearing the right shoes, accessories and clothes while travelling abroad
is less about what's in style and more about what's safe. Choose bags
that disperse weight evenly across your shoulders, shoes with heels and
nonslip soles, and clothes that aren't too tight or uncomfortable and are
temperate for the climate.

Bring Your Prescriptions

If you have a prescription medication that you take regularly, make sure
you bring a little bit more than you actually need for the trip. That
way, if your travel home is delayed, you still have some medication on
hand to help get you through.

Also, if you like certain over-the-counter allergy or pain relief
medicines, you may want to bring them with you rather than hope you can
find them when you are overseas, especially if the wrong over-the-counter
medication might not mix well with your prescriptions.

Pick Travel Health Insurance Benefits Strategically

Don't choose benefits simply to comply with a visa requirement. Instead,
look at all the benefits available to you in the policies and choose the
plan that has the best wide-ranging coverage options. Also, make sure you
choose a deductible you can afford and limits that seem reasonable.

A travel health insurance policy can be your best recourse against
unexpected medical, evacuation and emergency surgery bills obtained while
abroad. It can even help your heirs by providing delivery of mortal
remains and other benefits. Don't skimp on this important coverage.

By combining safe travel steps with a travel health insurance policy, you
create the perfect combination of risk reduction and accident protection-
and that's one of the best ways to help guarantee overall trip

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