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Chakra Balancing For Health And Happiness_


Two conclusions can be drawn from this action research project. First, there is a statistical link between certain company practices and the leadership behaviors of front-line managers, with employee stress, and absenteeism. Second, by focusing intervention initiatives on organizational issues which impact on employee wellness, absenteeism and one can achieve dramatic improvements in overall company performance.

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									A consequence of modern science has been the eradication from peoples
minds of the survival and significance of the spiritual being within the
physical being.

 The Hindu thinking of life, on the other hand, has kept the flame of
spiritual-healing burning amidst the growth in science and technology.

 Our body has seven primary Chakras and also many thousands of secondary
ones. Chakra, is a Sanskrit word which means Wheel of Light, and these
light wheels or Chakras, are in a stable state of rotation and vibration
in a healthy body.

 As a result, an imbalance in the vibration of these chakras results in a
corresponding imbalance of the healthy functioning of the body. So,
Chakra Balancing needs to be done to ensure a healthy body, mind, and

 Chakras are Entry Gates of the Aura and the centers of activity that
receives, assimilates and expresses life-force energy. Located along the
central line of the body from the base of the spine to the top of the
head the seven main Chakras absorb and transmit energies to and from the
universe, nature, celestial entities, and even from people.

 How can the balance of the Chakras become distorted?

 If one or more of the Chakras is blocked, the energy does not flow
smoothly through them and the end result will be an imbalance between the
Chakras that result in physical or emotional problems.

 There are many factors which can cause the distortion of the Chakras.
This includes health issues, stress, inappropriate diet, exposure to
poisons, lack of exercise, inability to express emotions, untrue beliefs,
being unconnected from your higher power, childhood traumas, cultural
conditioning, emotional problems etc.

 The Importance of Chakra balancing in Health and Happiness

 The natural harmonious functioning of Chakras is a utopian idea.
Therefore, human endeavor has always been to correct this distortion and
strike a fine balance between these Chakras. The concept of self-healing
is also loosely based on Chakra balancing.

 Chakras influence our body shape, glandular processes, chronic physical
ailments, thoughts, and behavior. Chakra balancing ensures that these
parameters all work towards the goal of a healthy body, mind, and soul.

 The advantages of Chakra Balancing are:

 * Complete happiness and peace in body

 * Personal health and energy

 * Consciousness and being in touch with ones body
 * Sexually content life without getting influenced by lust

 * Alertness of personal feelings at the ethereal level

 * Improved capacity to attract and express love in ones life

 * Increased spiritual growth and maturity

 * Spiritual healing along with efficient modes of understanding,
awareness, and recognition

 * A compassionate and loving heart

 * Wonderful confidence levels, but short of being over-confident

 * Realization of the True Self

 How do you achieve Chakra Balancing?

 Chakra Balancing in ones body can be achieved by employing different
techniques. Primarily, you can use one or more of the following
techniques in order to harmonize the Chakra functioning in your body:

 * Healing Therapies, such as Reiki

 * Yoga (with breathing exercises) and/or Meditation sessions

 * Physical exercise

 * Color & Light Therapy

 * Crystals and Gems

 * Balancing with Pendulums and Hands

 * Aromatherapy

 * Touch Therapy

 * Optimistic Thinking

 * Binaural Sound Frequencies

 * Hypnosis and Affirmations, etc.

 Our body is a store house of energy, in which the used energy is
disposed of by the body organs, and refilled, with a new supply of

 Chakra balancing ensures that this energy is gained and utilized by the
body optimally, and all vital organs and body cells get their fair share
of this energy.
 In this condition of optimization, inner peace, happiness and general
feeling of well being occurs. Chakra Balancing is merely bringing the
Chakras back to their normal state of vibration and frequency.

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