Can You Afford Not To Have Health Insurance by Nur.Faidah02x


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									Is good health important? Most everyone would agree, however you have to
wonder why many people don't follow practices that will keep them
healthy. These practices include watching their diets and visiting a
doctor regularly, especially for the yearly check ups. Perhaps a lack of
understanding the health insurance or medical coverage process is the
reasons why. With the many options and coverage types that are available
for any budget or need, it is easy to secure health insurance.

 Public health care is available for many people who are unemployed or
just cannot get their budget to agree on medical coverage. The elderly
and permanently disabled as well as the chronically ill generally enjoy
the benefits of medical coverage through Medicare. Though this seems
unfair, this segment of the population cannot get coverage through most
insurance companies, mostly because of the high frequency of doctor
visits and the associated costs. Medicaid is often referred to as the
insurance for the very poor.

 Many doctors not longer accept this type of insurance due to lower
reimburses rates for their services. Many states have health care
programs for low cost or free medical insurance for children. The program
known as CHIP is for parents who earn too much for Medicaid but cannot
afford private insurance. This program was set up to make sure all
children get proper immunizations and medical care.

 Back in the day and in many companies today employer's offer medical
insurance for their full time employees. When it is not completely free,
the employee will be ask to contribute a certain small percentage of
their pay to help cover medical premium costs. Included in this coverage
is usually dental and work accidents and the employee might have to pay a
co-pay on part of the doctor bill. Sadly many of the smaller business can
no longer afford the rising cost of health care for their employees and
have dropped insurance coverage. However, military members and the
federal government employees still enjoy coverage under federal health
care plans.

 In the companies that don't offer employee health care plans, it is up
to the individual to purchase their own health care insurance. They
should however first know their needs before they pick the coverage that
is best for them. The options make it possible to choose medical
insurance and no other options or add dental or some other option to the
policy they choose. This type of coverage on average is usually high as
well as the co pays and deductibles being high. Pre-existing conditions
are generally turned down for coverage and expect the cost to be based
more on age and overall health condition of the individual.

 Health insurance does not just cover medical expenses. Included under
health insurance are some non medical services. There is disability
income insurance which will pay benefits to people who are not able to
work due to a work accident or illness. It will also cover medical
expenses during this time. Log term care insurance will cover people for
loss of functioning due to age or illness. Insurance is necessary even
though it can be expensive. Many people are loosing insurance due to the
rising costs and that is a major problem that needs to be addressed.

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