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Payment cards in Italy available through


Bharatbook from its exhaustive collection has come out with a report " Payment cards in Italy " which gives an overview,�Demand, Supply Trends and industry analysis reports.

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									Payment cards in Italy available through

Bharatbook from its exhaustive collection has come out with a report " Payment cards in
Italy " which gives an overview, Demand, Supply Trends and industry analysis reports.

This report supplies information on the Payment cards Italian market and its competitors:
market trends, SWOT and key success factors analysis, major companies performance
indicators (total turnover, sector specific turnover, market shares and export quotas),
business prospects and trends.

This report provides an analysis of the payment card market.
- Product: payment cards are an electronic payment instrument used as a replacement for
- Function: their main function is payment. Financing is also an important feature and is
possible thanks to revolving credit cards.

- Clients: cards are used by retail clients, mainly comprised of families and small
businesses, and corporate clients.
- Market to Market

- Debit cards: classic debit cards which allow the holder to withdraw cash and make
payments on national and international networks;

- Prepaid cards: rechargeable or disposable prepaid debit cards;

- Charge cards: allow the holder to defer repayments, generally made at the end of each
- Revolving/option credit cards: credit cards that allow for repayments to be made in
monthly instalments (revolving credit cards) or a choice between lump sum and revolving
repayments (option credit cards).

The following is also analysed:

- card issuing: credit card issuing and related transactions;

- card acquiring: merchant agreements to manage payment authorisation for credit card
use at POS.

In addition to credit card issuers, international payment networks are also
Amongst the payment networks, Visa, Mastercard and China Unionpay
operate under a 4 party system, in which issuing and acquiring are not performed by the
network company but by independent and generally separate parties; acquiring involves
management of the POS, whereas issuing varies according to the card used by the holder
for the individual purchase.

Diners and American Express, on the other hand, operate under a 3 party system in which
the network company also performs issuing and acquiring activities (the other two parties
are the cardholder and the merchant).

The analysis does not include cards issued directly by producers of goods and/or services
that may be purchased directly via the card itself, referring to a single item or the limited
sum of goods and services sold to the issuing company.

In order to draw up the Competitors report, the Databank method foresees the screening
of the main realities of the sectors and various one-to-one interviews with the selected
players. All this is then completed via:
- the gathering of information questionnaires that are filled out by the main companies on
an annual basis;
- the checking of the gathered information by a sector expert, using a verification system
that guarantees maximum reliability and consistency;
- the processing of information belonging to the Cerved Group about Italian economic

The strategies and performances of the largest players in each sector are looked at in dept
in the Competitors report. In all the cases in which a specific source is not indicated, the
information published in the report must be intended as extracted and processed from the
Cerved Group's proprietary information. Each sector addressed in the Competitors
products may be the subject of a dedicated presentation in the company or developed
during a training course on the same subject.

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