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                  My country name is Pakistan it is situated in the south asia region.It got independence
on the 14th of august 1947.Quad-e-azam muhammad Ali jinnah was the founder of Pakistan.Pakistan
name was suggested by choudhary rehmath ali.Quad-e-azam muhammad Ali jinnah was the first
governor general of Pakistan.Pakistan when came into being were in very bad condition and there were
no such industries etc and also no foreighn investment but Pakistan try to come over it and start
developing with a good speed.

Pakitan has four Provinces they are Punjab,Sindh,kyber Pukhtunkhwa and balouchistan.Among which
balouchistan is the largest according to area.Besides that azad kashmir and Gilgit baltistan are also its
territorises and kashmir is the disputed one between india and Pakistan.The northeren areas and kpk
province of Pakistan is very beautifull and attractive for the tourisms all around the world.These areas
include beautifull forests and have very good climate during summers.Amon these the Swat
valley,murree,dir,chitral and gilgit are very beautifull places.

Pakistan national game is hockey but cricket is most popular and plaing game of Pakistan.Pakistab has
won four world cups in hockey and one in cricket.Pakistan has produce legendary players in squash
,cricket and hockey.Pakistan has also performed extremely well in the olympics.

Pakistan is an agricultural country and the chief occupation of pakistani people is agriculture.Pakistan soil
is very fertile.Pakistan has all the seasons available.Pakistan soil is fit for every type of crops.

Hence Pakistan is a beautifull country ,its people are very hospitable and i love my country.

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