DEED OF AGREEMENT FOR ALLOTMENT/ SALE
                    OF APARTMENT IN “EVEREST MAA”

This Deed of Agreement is made on the 3rd day of January Two Thousand Ten of the Christian


EVEREST HOLDINGS & TECHNOLOGIES LTD. a company registered under the companies
Act 1994 having registered officer at house # 775, Satmasjid Road Dhanmondi R/A, Police
Station- Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209. Being represented by its Chairman. Abu Borhan Siddique
Chowdhury & Managing Director A.H.M. Baha Uddin. hereinafter referred to the "Builder"
(which expression shall he deeded to include al all times hereafter all persons being the share-
holders of the FIRST PARTY.


Md. Billal Hossain, S/O. Md. Oman Ali, Preset Address : G-25/5, T&T Colony, Motijheel.
Dhaka-1000. By faith Muslim, by profession Business, by nationally Bangladeshi, hereinafter
referred lo the purchaser (which expression, shall be deemed lo include of all lime hereafter his
heirs and assigns) of the SECOND PARTY.

WHEREAS THE “BUILDER” is empowered lo and entrusted with the construction of apartment
Building by virtue of an agreement between the Everest Holding & Technologies Ltd. and Mrs.
Farida Reza Chowdhury wife of Late Mohammad Reza Chowdhury, Plot # 35/A, East Haji Para,
Rampura, Dhaka. Dated 05/04/2006 followed by an irrevocable Power of Attorney excuted and
entered into between them on the same date as stated above.

AND WHERAS THE “BUILDER” has proposed to sell the proposed apartments to the
intending buyers and whereas the purchaser has agreed lo purchase an apartment on the
following terms and condition.

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Now the “BUILDER” and the PURCHASER mutually agreed and declare as follows:

   1.    The BUILDER has undertaken to construct apartments project as per sanctioned plan
         of RAJUK and specifications of apartments with other facilities and amenities and
         the Purchaser being acknowledged about the plan and specification and accepted the
         BUILDER’S plan and specification etc.
   2.    That the price of the proportionate share of undemocratic & undivided land of
         schedule-A along with the price of the apartment as described in schedule-B is fixed
         and settled at Tk. 30,00,000/- (Thirty three Lac) only. (Break down of the total
         amount for unit price is as under the cost of the flat is Tk. 30,26,100/- utility cost is
         Tk. 73,900/- & one car parking cost is Tk. 2,00,000/- The PURCHASER shall make
         payment to the BUILDER in the following manner:
   a)    The PURCHASER has paid to the Builder as booking & down payment amount of
         Tk. 12,00,00/- Twelve Lac) only on 03/01/2011 in cash & pay order-7048035, Money
         Receipt no. 1901.
   b)    The balance of Tk. 21,00,000/- (Twenty One Lac) only shall be paid in as follows:

               Installment           Amount in Taka       Due Date
               1 Installment         Tk. 1,00,000/-       One or before 05/02/2011
               2 Installment         Tk. 1,00,000/-       One or before 05/03/2011
               3 Installment         Tk. 1,00,000/-       One or before 05/04/2011
               4 Installment         Tk. 1,00,000/-       One or before 05/05/2011
               5th Installment       Tk. 1,00,000/-       One or before 05/06/2011
               6 Installment         Tk. 1,00,000/-       One or before 05/07/2011
                      Total           Tk. 21,00,000/-        Twenty One Lac Only

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c)   Any delay in payment installment as stated above the Purchaser shall be liable to
     pay compensation at the rate of 3% per 45 days on the amount of payment
     delayed. If the payment is delayed beyond '90 days the Guilder may exercise its
     right to cancel the booking, hi such an event the money so paid at the lime of
     Booking shall be entertained. However, the allotted will gel round the rest of the
     amount deposited only after resale of the apartment m question.
3.   Delay charges shall be payable by the Purchaser to the Builder just after the
     expiry of the due date of the specific installment.
4.   The Purchaser shall not. without the prior written consent of the Builder can sell,
     transfer, convey, mortgage, change or in any way encumber, deal with or dispose
     of the rights and benefits under this agreement till the price fully paid-up to the
5.   The Builder shall have the right/discretion to revise the plan and modify and
     amend the design and specifications for the best advantage and best interest of the
     project causing no inconvenience/disadvantage to the Purchaser,
6.   The Builder shall employ his own workmanship and use standard materials of all
     kinds in the construction works, fixture, fittings etc.
7.   The construction of the project shall be completed by Deccmber-2011 and a grace
     period of 06 months shall always remain to lace any eventualities. The lime limit
     so fixed shall, however be extendable if it becomes necessary on account of non-
     availability of required building materials, natural calamity, strike, civil
     commotion or for reasons beyond the control of the Developer.
8.   If the builder fails to complete the construction work and hand over possession of
     the apartment in question within the stipulated period, as mentioned in the elause-
     7 ol this deed of agreement the Builder shall pay full of the monthly rent
     harmonious to the locality to the purchaser until handing over possession ol the
9.   The cost of construction of the apartment in question includes amongst other
     things the proportionate cost of development of site of the project (building) and
     also proportionate cost of internal roads, passages, space, pavements, foundation,
     structure, staircases, drains,

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      water supply, sewerage line, installation of gas, underground and overhead water
      reservoirs, water lifting pumps, generators, as well as the costs of construction
      of the apartment according to the sanctioned plan of RA.IUK and Builder's
      standard specifications.
10.   The Purchaser shall have the liberty to slightly modify or alter his/her apartment
      as per his/her choice causing no change in structure or no harm to other
      purchasers. In this connection the purchaser shall within 30 (thirty) days from
      signing of this Agreement will inform m writing his choice to the Developer and
      agree to pay additional cost for the items of their choice and additional work.
11.   That the purchaser shall not make any structural alteration raise any construction
      of neither any kind as an addition or modification of the demise Apartment nor he
      construct any structure on ground floor of the project.
12.   That the purchaser shall not display or stockpile any materials in the space for
      common use.
13.   That the purchaser shall not display any business signboard, advertisement board
      or designs in any part of the design Apartment or without the written consent of
      the Owners of other Apartment of the Building.
14.   The Builder shall be liable to pay the costs of installation of gas water, electricity,
      sewerage etc. in respect of the apartment in question on actual cost basis as
      determined by the concerned authorities.
15.   After completion of the construction of the project the Builder shall notify the
      purchaser to lake possession of the apartment purchased and the purchaser
      shall take delivery of possession on payment of balance dues including all. to the
      Builder within .30 days on receipt of the said notice. The purchaser will gel (he
      Deed of sale executed and registered at the cost his/her own.
16.   That After completion of construction of the demised Apartment the Vendor shall
      inform the Purchaser in writing to take vacant possession of the demised
      Apartment within .30 (thirty) thus from the date of dispatch of the notice. In case
      the purchaser fail to lake possession of the demised Apartment within the said
      lime limit, he will pay Tk.20/- (Taka two hundred) only per day to Vendor up to a
      period of 60 (sixty) days towards charges for guarding and

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      caretaking of the demised Apartment. After the expiry of said date the Developer
      shall have no responsibility as to protecting, guarding, and caretaking of the
      demised Apartment.
17.   Under no circumstances possession of the apartment in question shall be given
      unless all the payments required to be made against the apartment so purchased
      have been made in full to the Builder.
18.   That the registration cost VAT Taxes. Duties or share transfers Fee and any other
      legal fees for the transfer of ownership will he paid by the Purchaser. Subject to
      the actual assessment by concerned authorities in due course of time.
19.   If any post completion rectifications are required from the Builder that may be
      carried out by the builder's schedule of work, keeping the interest of purchaser
20.   The roof of the building shall be under the control of the Builder until all the
      apartments are sold and handed over to the purchaser.
21.   The purchaser of the apartments shall form and constitute an owner co-operative
      society of their own for the management and maintenance of the apartment
      building and shall make rules and regulations for the society.
22.   The purchasers shall jointly use and enjoy its common corridors, lobbies, stairs,
      entrances and exits of (he building and other common fixtures and fittings thereto
      and shall bear his/her proportionate share of maintenance costs.
22.   No purchaser shall do any acts, deeds, and things causing trouble, disturbance,
      and annoyance to the Builder or other purchasers in any manner whatsoever. In
      such case, the builder has the right to cancel his her residential space and pay back
      the amount he/she paid lo purchase it. alter curtail o! dues to the builder.
24.   The purchaser shall pay all kinds of taxes, rates etc. jointly or separately as the
      case may be proportionate to their share.
25.   The purchaser shall use his apartment for residential purpose only.
26.   That the purchaser shall not keep any domestic animals, such as dog, cow. goat or
      domestic bird like hen; duck etc. in Apartment or within the premise.

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All piece and parcel of land measuring 05 (Five) katha approximately at the Holding no.- Plot #
35/A, Fast Haji Para, Rampura, Dhaka, under the joint Sub-Register office Sabujbag, C.S
Khatian No. 342. C.S. Dag No.77. S.A. Khalian No. 134. S. A. Dag No. 384, R.S. Khatian
No.565, R.S. Dag-33. D.P. Khatian No.1657. D.P. Dag.314. Muted khalian No. 1342/2. Muted
Dag No.384, Mouza-Shuhar Khilgaon, Dhaka, .JL. No.287, Touzi No.6019, which is described
in Schedule 'A' of This agreement and hereinafter referred to as the Schedule '.A' land of this
agreement and herein after referred lo as the Schedule 'A' land .


One apartment of Kvercst Ma a measuring approx. 917 sft. located at 4n floor being apartment
No. A-4 including common area of the "Everest Maa" Project and one car parking to the
constructed over schedules "A" property along with proportionate share of un-demarcated and
undivided land of the schedule-A property.

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IN WITNESSES WHERE OF the parties hereto have put their respective signatures unto this
deed to agreement the date month and year above written.

N.B. This deed of agreement is made in two copies original, one for the Builder & another for
the purchaser.


1.                                                                Signature of the Builder


3.                                                                Signature of the Purchaser

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    The: building will be a framed structure with share walls.
    Structure will be designed as per Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) as
      well as latest international seismic design provisions.
    Lime terracing on roof.
    All walls will be of 5" thick solid brick.
    Internal paint will be distemper.
    External paint will be of Duroccm / Weather coal paint.
    Fu-Wang/ R.A.K/CBC/Local best quality tiles in all floor/ white mosaic
    Safety grills.
    Aluminum window with tinted glass.

Construction Material
    Stone/Good quality Bricks Chips will be: used in columns and
      foundations, and First class brick chips will be used for other structural members.
    First class bricks will be used in the walls.
    0/40 grade deformed bar will be used in all structural members except slabs.
    Good quality Portland cement will be used. electrical Works
    Standard concealed wiring in PVC conduit for electrical points.
    Plug point for Air conditioner in master bed and living room.
    Provision for electrical geyser in kitchen and toilets.
    Good quality electrical switches, circuit breakers and others fittings (ABB
    Socket provision for Refrigerators, Music Centers.
    Concealed intercom and telephone line, wiring for cable connection.

Kitchen Features
    Double' burner as point over concrete platform.

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      Provision for connection of gas oven.
       RAK/Fu-Wang/equivalent tiles on walls up-Lo 7'-0".
      RAK/Fu-Wang/equivalent floor tiles.
      Standard quality single bowl stainless steel sink with sink cock.
      Opening and plug point for exhaust fan.
      Concrete platform with KAK/Ku Wang/equivalent lop at 2'-•(>" height from floor
Toilet Features
    Concealed water and waste water lines.
    Good quality local best made fittings i.e. Towel rails, Toilet paper holder, Soap case etc.
       in toilets.
    Wall tiles [RAK/Fu-Wang/equivalent) up to 7' height in all toilets.
    RAK/Fu-Wang/equivalent floor tiles.
    Local commode, low-down and basin will be used in master and second toilets and
       oriental pan and lowdown will be used in other toilets.
    Concealed hot and cold water lines in M. Toilet.
    Mirrors (20"X24") in Toilets with overhead lamps.
    Spot light in ceiling.
Wood Works
    All door frames made of seasoned wood (Shil Karai or equivalent).
    Solid door (Shilkrai/Chapalish/Teak Chamblc or equivalent) at main entrance with good
       quality lock.
    Security chain and check viewer at entry door.
    Veneered flush internal doors.
    Mash door/PVC door in toilets and verandahs apply Lack paint.
    Painted with Synthetic enamel paint on appropriate sides of toilet and
    Cat's door al storage space over toilets.
Other toilets
    Bell push/Calling bell
    DKSA power supply
    Electrical emergency substation approved by proper authority.
    Properly earthen power lines.
    Lobby and Reception area with impressive tiles.
    R.A.K/Fu-Wang/equivalent tiles in stairs.
    Stand by generator with manual change over switch for supplying power in case of power
       failure for
                    (2) Water pin
                    (3) Lighting in common space: and
                    (4) One light and fan point in master bed and Drawing Room in each flat.
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