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					Ceiling fan energy efficiency

Ceiling fans can be a great way to increase the energy savings in your home while providing a comfortable
living environment. Offering more features and functionality than a standard light, many ceiling fans can
easily be installed in the same location as and replace your light fixture. Ceiling fan energy efficiency can
vary greatly between ceiling fans and the accessories added to them such as light kits.

Without a typical light kit ceiling fan energy efficiency is at an optimal level. However, installing a standard
ceiling fan light kit will draw more energy than a ceiling fan motor says Heating and Air Knoxville TN.
Adding an Energy Star rated lighting kit to your ceiling fan will cut the energy used in half compared to that
of a standard light kit. Additional energy savings can be made by purchasing a ceiling fan with an Energy
Star rating which can move the air up to 20% more efficiently than a standard fan. Many leading
manufacturers offer both ceiling fans and light kits with the Energy Star rating and prominently display it.

Additional energy savings can be had by simply turning the ceiling fan and lights off when you leave the
room. Using the lights and fan in a reasonable manner, constantly adjusting the speed of the blades and
turning the lights on and off repeatedly will use more energy than letting the fan run at a constant level.

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