Tibetan Opera Ar by adolzeon


									                             Tibetan Opera Art

Tibetan opera is a surpassingly beautiful flower of art. In Tibetan legend, there was a bridge expert
called Tangdongjiebu, who saw wild torrential water on the wide snow land causing people
trouble in transport and made a good wish to build bridges over the rivers for the people's
convenience. In order to raise money for the bridges, he made full use of his talents, for he was
also a versatile poet. He converted local dances, folk songs and slang singing into operas in full
plots. Then Tibetan opera came into being, which helped the poet raise enough fund for the
bridges. And the opera has been growing sturdily ever since.
The traditional Tibetan Opera performance attracted lots of citizens and people travel to Tibet
during the May Day holidays. With the development of the Tibet travel and the increasing of the
Tibet tours numbers. If you wanna try different opera in China, why not choose Tibet as your
destination, and there you will found different interesting tours just like Everest Base Camp Tour,
Lhasa tour, and so on.

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