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					Marketing Strategist Lorrie Thomas Delivers Keynote Address at Missouri
State University’s Culture of Connectivity Conference

Lorrie Thomas Ross, aka The Marketing Therapist®, speaks on the future of
marketing at MSU’s conference addressing rising mass media consumption.

Santa Barbara, CA, May 02, 2012 -- Each year, Missouri State University
hosts a Public Affairs Conference, and during this year’s conference,
with the theme being the Culture of Connectivity, web marketing expert
Lorrie Thomas Ross, Web Marketing Therapy’s founder and CEO, delivered
one of five keynote speeches and participated in panel discussions during
the four-day event. Considering the conference’s history of inviting
participants with such a wide array of backgrounds to participate on
panels that initially may appear to be outside of their area of
expertise, Ross’ depth of knowledge and experience as a marketing
strategist, author, speaker, educator, and mother made her an ideal
candidate to address the conference as a whole on the topic of how
marketing with an educational twist (aka markEDing®) is today’s most
successful strategy, as well as to share her insights on panels that
addressed the effects of technology and mass media on democracy and
consumer choice.

“I’ve spoken at a number of conferences and participated on countless
panels, but there was definitely something special about MSU’s Public
Affairs Conference,” remarked Ross. “This year’s topic on the Culture of
Connectivity was so relevant. Being a plenary presenter to share my
perspective about marketing as well as being a panelist on topics outside
of my area of expertise really gave attendees a thought-provoking
perspective as we all approached topics from a totally unique angle.”

On the afternoon of Thursday, April 19, Ross presented her keynote
address, “MarkEDing: Marketing’s New Connective Success Strategy,” to an
attentive audience. In her presentation, Ross discussed what she has
dubbed the concept of “markEDing,” which is marketing with heavy emphasis
on educational content. She explained how people truly connect through
informative and educational content, and how this content has impacted
marketing, branding, social media, and a host of other mass media

“In this culture of connectivity, more effective marketing strategies
have been forced to evolve,” said Ross. “A company’s image is no longer
solely in the hands of the company or a big budget, as people (not just
businesses) now have the ability to manipulate a business’ brand through
mass media; however, the company can set the tone and fine-tune its image
by paying attention to the virtual venues that host the educational and
informative content, like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and others. MarkEDing
isn’t just more effective, it’s more ethical.”

In her plenary talk, Ross addressed how businesses can manage and monitor
the informational and educational content to maximize their brand and
their online presence. A similar subject also arose in the panel titled
“Yelp! My Soup Was Cold and I Need Everyone to Know,” in which panelists
discussed how mass media has given customers the power to share their
experiences immediately and without a filter, and how companies must now
pay attention to and manage this information in order to maintain some
semblance of control over their own reputation.

“Usually, I am pretty burned out after a week-long conference away from
home,” said Ross. “But this conference has me buzzing with new ideas and
opened communications with remarkable professionals I never would have
met at an industry event!”

About Lorrie Thomas Ross, MA:
Lorrie Thomas, M.A. is a speaker, trainer, marketing strategist, and CEO
of Web Marketing Therapy, a marketing agency and training company that
diagnoses, prescribes, and guides healthy marketing solutions. Her
expertise empowers organizations to create scalable web solutions that
brand, build, and boost business. She teaches workshops for corporations
and through UC Berkeley Extension. Ms. Thomas was on the founding team at
ValueClick Media. She speaks nationally on a number of marketing-related
topics and writes for several online publications. She authored The 36-
Hour Course to Online Marketing for McGraw-Hill.
http://www.tinyurl.com/onlinemarketingbook. Her lynda.com course Online
Marketing Fundamentals is a top-viewed business course. She has been
featured in the media as a web marketing expert by INC, Forbes, SUCCESS
Magazine, the Associated Press, eCommerce Times, Entrepreneur, DM News,
and Tech News World. www.lorriethomas.com

About Web Marketing Therapy:
Web Marketing Therapy is a full-service marketing agency that specializes
in strategic advisory, training, and marketing management. Their success-
backed approach to marketing includes diagnosing, prescribing, and
guiding healthy marketing solutions. They serve passionate professionals
who are ready to admit they need help, as that is the first step to
recovery. http://www.webmarketingtherapy.com/.

Darla Bea Smith
Web Marketing Therapy
Santa Barbara, CA

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Description: Lorrie Thomas Ross, aka The Marketing Therapist�, speaks on the future of marketing at MSU’s conference addressing rising mass media consumption.