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									   Characteristics of Gifted and Talented Students
        From The Best Practices Manual for Gifted and Talented Programs in Idaho

Gifted and talented students may demonstrate many, but not all, of the following

            Advanced vocabulary for chronological age
            Ability to retain a great deal of information; outstanding memory
            Longer attention span, persistence and intense concentration
            Highly developed curiosity and a limitless supply of questions
            Great imagination; frequent daydreamer
            May be able to “track’ two or more things simultaneously (example: their daydreams
             and your words)
            Wide range of interests
            Strongly motivated to do things that interest them, may be unwilling to work on other
            Prefer complex and challenging tasks to “basic” work
            Ability to learn basic skills more quickly and with less practice
            Resists challenging work for fear that the struggle will be seen by others (“If my teacher
             and peers see me struggle, they will conclude I’m not so smart.”)
            Procrastinates to the point that work never even gets started
            May be reluctant to move from one subject area to another
            May cry easily in frustration that their wok at school can never be perfect
            May prefer the company of older students or adults
            Sensitivity, advanced sense of justice and fairness, and global awareness
            Sophisticated sense of humor; may be “class clown”
            Operates in higher levels of thinking than their age peers; is comfortable with abstract
            Interest in experimenting and doing things differently
            Transfers concepts and learning to new situations
            Sees connections between apparently unconnected ideas and activities
            Brilliant thinker, but absentminded about details or where their work might be found
            Catches on quickly, then resists doing work, or works in a sloppy, careless manner
            Asks for lots of help and reassurance from the teacher (”Is this all right?” Is this what you
             want? Please repeat the directions.”)
            May prefer to work alone; resists cooperative learning
            May be “street smart” while not doing well on school tasks
            Standardized test scores may be significantly better than class performance

Adapted from:                            Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom by Susan Winebrenner
                                         Guiding the Gifted Child by James Webb

Characteristics of Gifted and Talented Students 2010
Needs Noted in the Regular Classroom
   The student has excessive amount of free time as compared to the average for the class.
   The student raises questions related to the classroom assignments that require research
      and guidance.
   The student has peer association problems that are a result of exceptional abilities or
      special interests that are not shared by the other students:
      a. Student avoids peer discussion of special interests.
      b. Teacher has noted a decline in student participation in peer activities.
      c. Student dominates peer discussion and causes irritation.
      d. Student lacks opportunity to interact with children who are also gifted, talented, or
   The student has demonstrated acting out behavior that appears related to boredom or
      lack of interest in schoolwork.
   The student demonstrates marked discrepancy between ability and the performance level
      of assigned work (underachievement).
   The student is just getting by in class assignments, only doing the minimum to maintain a
   The student demonstrates exceptional ability in a specific area that cannot be expanded
      or challenged by the regular teacher.
   The student has excessive amount of free time as compared to the average for the class
      and the teacher has little time to assist the student, but the student organizes his own
      time and fills it with activities of his own selection.

Characteristics of Gifted and Talented Students 2010

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