Project Human Resource Management by 57rJXZb


									           For BBA-7
Chapter 9 of PMBOK
What is Project HR Management?
 It includes processes to organize, manage and lead a
  project team
 It assigns roles and responsibilities for completing
 It does resource leveling also
 The main responsibilities:
   Develop HR Plan
   Acquire Project Teams
   Develop Project Teams
   Manage Project Teams
Project Management Team
 It is a subset of Project Team
 It is responsible for Project Management and
  Leadership activities of all process groups
 It can also be called as a leadership team
 The Project Sponsor works with the Project
  Management Team
 It is responsible in influencing project teams &
  professional and ethical behaviors
Develop Human Resource Plan
 It is a process of identifying and documenting project
    roles, responsibilities and required skills.
   It prepares organizational chart
   It prepares staffing management plan (when to hire
    and when to discharge)
   It identifies training needs, team building strategies,
    compliance consideration, safety issues and impact of
    the plan to the organization.
   It also caters for scarce or limited human resources
   It has to find resources from inside or outside the
    organization performing projects
   By doing this, the project cost, schedule, risks, quality
    and other areas are greatly affected.
What should be the input for
 Project Management Plan

Other Helps for HR Plan
 OBS: Organizational Chart & Position Description
 Matrix Based Charts
 Networking with organizations, industry and
  professional environment
 Organization itself
What should an HR Plan have
 Role, responsibility & competency
 Project Organization Chart
    Graphic display of project team
 Staffing Management Plan
    Staff acquisition
       When, how, internal / external
   Resource Calendar & leveling
   Staff Release Plan
   Training Needs
   Recognition & rewards
     Criteria for rewards, to promote & reinforce desired behavior

   Compliance as per policy, rules & regulations
   Safety: can be a part of staff management plan and risk
Acquire Project Teams
 Pre-assignment
  Selected in advance
 Negotiation
   Functional Managers
   Other project management teams
   External organizations, vendors, suppliers, contractors
 Acquisition
   And their roles and responsibilities
 Virtual Teams
   And their roles and responsibilities
Develop Project teams
 At this point, staff has been acquired. So what to do:
    Develop Interpersonal skills (empathy)
    Training
    Team-building techniques (give suggestions)
    Ground rules (consider your project)
    Co-location
    Recognition & rewards

   Do a team performance assessment
Manage Project Team
 Now we get a performance report
   Observation and Conversation
   Project Performance Appraisal (roles & responsibilities)
   Conflict Management (Recall)
   Issue logs help monitor and manage staff

   Change Request
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