; How to wear a Ascot
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How to wear a Ascot


How to wear a Ascot in a correct way. Step by step guid for easy undestanding

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									How to wear a Ascot

Ascots are really beautiful if you wear it on the correct way.
Now I am going to show you step by step simple way to do it by your own.

Step 1 : Place the ascot loosely around your neck. Don’t forget to select a
colour of the ascot to your dress.

Step 2 : Now take hold of the right end and place it over the left end.

Step 3 : Now pull the right end up and through the loop thus formed
Step 4: Place what started out as the right end of the ascot precisely over
what started out as the left end.

Step 5: now stuff the ascot under the shirt leaving the top button undone.
Balance the both ends of the ascot.

Your done !! look at the final results

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